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Dragon Ball Surge (AR) Chapter 13Last time on Dragon Ball Surge (AR), Asuka had a fun day out with Kohl at the arcade, but Kohl notices that Asuka is different from the rest of the kids in school. Will he find out that Asuka is a Saiyan? Find out now. The Next day Roni calls the whole crew for a mission briefing. Roni: “Alright listen up folks, we have a lot of work to catch up on and I want you all to give your maximum effort. Grandpa, Agel, I want you two to go to the downtown district to do some pickpocketing. Mac, Jade, and Asuka, I want you three to head to the grocery store again. This time please stay together or there’s going to be trouble. The rest of you go rob the corner stores, is that clear?” All: “Yes Roni!” Asuka: “ Do I have to go with them?” Roni: “Yes right when you come out of school.” Asuka: “ *Sigh* ok.” Roni: “ If there’s any problems I want you to call me ok?” Asuka: “ Whatever Roni” *the young saiyan pouts, getting on the bus angry sitting next to Kohl*.” Kohl: “ Hey Asuka you ok.” Asuka: “ Not really.” Kohl: “ You wanna talk about it?” Asuka: “ Well it’s just that after Volley ball match , I was thinking about joining the volleyball team, but someone in my family doesn’t want me to join because they think that it’s dumb. I was thinking that maybe one day I could be a famous Volleyball player.” Kohl: “I really think they should reconsider because you're like the best player on the team.” Asuka: “ Thanks Kohl, that really cheered me up and sorry for letting all my issues out on you.” Kohl: “ Hey I don’t mind listening, that's what friends are for. Asuka: “You know what, I'm gonna join the team anyway.” Kohl: “ How would you do that without your family finding out?” Asuka: “Don’t worry I’ll make up a lie to cover myself.” Kohl: “Ok, I’m just letting you know that lying always makes things worse.” Asuka: “What are you, my father?” She jokes. Kohl: “ Well that would be technically impossible, but maybe if I wear a tie and read an old newspaper then I might pass for one.” Asuka: “ Haha quit joking around.” Kohl: “ Hahaha it was a cheesy joke, but at least you're happy again.” Asuka: “ Yeah I am, I hope that we are partners in science class.” Kohl: “ Yeah Me too I hope that class goes fast.” Asuka and Kohl headed to the science class for the first time and they sat in the front of the room seeing the teacher walk in. Ms. Mustard : “Alright class My name is Ms. Mustard.” Asuka: “First it was ham, then snickers and now mustard? What type of crazy families these teachers come from.” Kohl: “ I know it’s like all these teachers are named after food.” Ms .Mustard:” Ok class, today we will be working on..building…..Volcanoes…….*SNOOORE*.“ Kohl : “ Did She seriously just fall asleep?” , Asuka: “ Yeah I think so, but how do you fall asleep standing up like that.?” Tomo: “ I know right, let’s wake her up!” Asuka: “ Alright, give me that empty bottle.” Tomo: “Sure” Asuka takes an empty plastic bottle and throws it at Ms. Mustard’s head. Ms. Mustard: “OH PICKLES AND TOENAILS WHAT WAS THAT?! Tomo: “ A BLAST FROM THE PAST!” Asuka: “ Hahahahahahahaha!” Ms. Mustard: “Ok today we will be working on building volca-“ Asuka: “Miss you said that already!” Ms. Mustard: “I said that? What day is this?” Korn: “ Come on lady, wake up to reality!” *He shouts snapping his fingers*. Tomo: “ Look Ms. Mustard!, it’s Superman flying outside. Ms. Mustard: “WHERE IS HE?” She says running excitedly to the window. Kohl: “ I’m mad she actually believed that. What type of teacher is this?” Ms. Mustard: “Ok class today we are going to work on building volcanoes” Asuka: “ We know that already, how many times are you gonna say it!. We are already halfway into the class.” Ms. Mustard: “Oh right , now work with a partner and start.” Tomo: “ Yo mustard, how can we start if there’s no directions?” Ms. Mustard: “ Oh right, ok class today we're going to work on building Volcanoes.“ Asuka: “This lady is glitching out, MISS, CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE US THE DIRECTIONS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!.” Ms. Mustard: “ Oh yeah, first you need to go gather some vinegar, food coloring, and baking soda at the corner store and make sure you look both ways crossing the street. Today we’re going to work on building volcanoes. Kohl: “Ms. Mustard, Why do we have to get the supplies at the corner store? Shouldn’t you have it here for us?” Ms. Mustard: “ ohhhhhhh ……..I forgot the supplies….” Ms. Mustard stares at the ceiling for five minutes straight leaving the class in confusion. Asuka throws another empty plastic bottle at Ms. Mustard’s head to help her snap out of it.” Ms. Mustard: OH WAIT, I’M LATE FOR MY BEAUTY PAGEANT! “She quickly runs out of the room.” Asuka: “ What the heck?” Tomo: “ What type of teacher just runs out of the room?.” Asuka: “ Well I guess class is over.” Later on Asuka and the others head to lunch. Kohl: “I can’t believe this happened today.” Asuka: “I know right? I seriously think that teacher was drunk or something.” Kohl: “ I know, I don’t even understand how she got hired. At least we didn’t have any homework though.” Tomo: “ Yeah I’m bored, Oh I know let’s have a food fight. Korn: “ Leave that to me Tomo.” Korn takes a handful of mashed potatoes and throws it at Jessie and Sam. Jessie: “ KORN WHAT’S YOUR DEAL!” Korn: “ What’s your deal?” Jessie: “That’s it you're on!” The whole lunch begins to have a food fight for the whole lunch period. When the end of the day came, Asuka said goodbye to her friends to meet up with Mac and Jade. Jade: “Come on, let's go get the groceries.” Asuka: “You better not pull that stunt again or there’s gonna be trouble.” Mac : “ Oh I’m so scared haha.” Asuka: “Let's just get a move on.” After they steal the groceries from the store successfully, Roni, Asuka and Mac encounter two dangerous bandits. Bandit 1: “Hey give us your food you jerks!” Jade: “When Horses fly.” Bandit 2: “Shut your mouth little girl.” Mac: “ Hey! you don’t talk to my sister like that!” Bandit 1: “ SHUT UP!” he slaps his face. Jade and Asuka begin to fight off the first bandit, while Mac handles the other one for a while. These bandits are very strong and the three young saiyans found it laborious to take them down. Mac And Jade were severely beaten up after the match, so Asuka was the last one barely standing. Bandit 1: “Ha you might as well give up kid.” Asuka: “ *huff* *huff* No way I’ll let you get away with hurting my family!” Bandit 2: “ Don’t try to be a hero little girl, just sit and take the punch.” Asuka: “ I’ll never give up!” Asuka charges Ki blast at the both of them which knocks both the bandits out temporarily . However, as she does this, Kohl came out of a corner store and saw her shoot the ki blast with her tail loose. Kohl: “ A-Asuka what happened.” Asuka: “JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME KOHL!” Kohl: “ But you're hurt and I want to help you.” Asuka: “ I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP JUST LEAVE ME AlONE!” Asuka Carries both Mac and Jade back home along with the heavy groceries. When she reaches the door she passes out from exhaustion. Roni , Joel and Agel comes to the kids aid to help them get patched up. Roni: Mac, Jade, what happened ? Jade: “ *Cough* We were jumped by bandits.” Mac: “They we’re really tough too mom, but thanks to Asuka we got the groceries Roni:“ I don’t care about the groceries, I’m just glad you all came back alive.” She says hugging both of them. Jade: “ Sorry we made you worry mom.” Roni: “ No need to apologize, I’ll be back. I'm going to check on Asuka for a bit . Joel and Agel was able to successfully patch Asuka up and Roni Entered the room to see how she was doing. She then sits down on the side of the bed on the side where Asuka was laying. Roni: “How are you feeling Asuka?” Asuka: “I’ve been worse, but I’m ok.” Roni: “ Why didn’t you call for backup? I could have come to help you kids!” Asuka: “ Because I wanted to make a stand on my own for once! If you always come to save me, how will I grow?” Roni: “ I understand Asuka, but in this situation you ,Mac and Jade could have been killed.” Asuka: “ Well if I died then it would be one less pain in the neck.” Roni: “ WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ASUKA ,WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT?!” Asuka: “ JUST LEAVE ME ALONE RONI! .” Roni: “ YOU KNOW WHAT, FINE BE THAT WAY!” She yells slamming the door, and sitting at the table putting her hand on her head in frustration. Joel: “ What happened Roni” Roni: “ I don’t want to talk about it.” Joel: “ Come on Roni quit holding in your problems. Let me in so I can help you.” Roni: “ I said I don’t want to talk about it.”! Joel: “ROLLINIA! WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?!.” Roni: “QUIT YELLING AT ME OLD MAN AND I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME BY MY FULL NAME!.” Joel: “ Well if you tell me what happened then won’t use your full name.” Roni: * “sigh* Asuka is mad at me and I don’t know why.” Joel: “ I’ll talk to her, just calm down.” Roni: “ Fine whatever.” Joel walks into Asuka’s room with a concerned expression on his face and he sits on the side of the bed. Joel: “ Tell me what’s wrong Asuka.” Asuka: “ Well it’s just that yesterday when I told Roni that I wanted to join the Volleyball team , she didn’t let me and said it was dumb. It’s something that I love doing so I don’t know why she would say something like that.” Joel: “ You know Roni, she can be very difficult.” Asuka: “Yeah I’m aware of that grandpa, but it still hurts.” Joel: “ I know it does, but Roni does love you Asuka.” Asuka: “ Yeah like I’d ever hear her say it.” Joel: “ But you know I’ll Always love you Asuka.” Asuka: “ I love you too grandpa “ she smiles hugging him tightly, but then she frowns again. Joel: “ I have a feeling that that’s not all that’s bothering you, Come on you can tell me. “ Asuka: “ It’s just that when I was fighting those bandits today, my friend Kohl accidentally saw my tail and saw me shoot ki blasts. I bet he thinks I’m a huge freak now.” Joel: “ Well Asuka, if he's your friend he would like you for who you are. “ Asuka: “ But what if he doesn’t?” Joel: “ I have a strong feeling he will, You are a charming girl.” Asuka: “ Thanks grandpa, I feel a lot better now.” Joel: “ Good, now go relax and dinner will be done in a second. I’m making your favorite chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and garlic rolls. “ Asuka: “ OH BOY I CAN’T WAIT!” Joel smiles at Asuka as he leaves the room. Meanwhile Jade comes into Asuka’s room hesitantly. Asuka: “ What is Jade? Are you here to pick on me?” Jade: “ No, but I do have some questions for you.” Asuka: “ Really like what?” Jade: “ For starters why didn’t you tell mom what we did to you? and why did you save us? What’s your plan?” Asuka: “ There is no plan Jade, I’m just not a snitch.” Jade: “ I don’t believe that.” Asuka: “ Believe what you want, but what will I possibly gain from telling? We’re supposed to be a family even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.” Jade felt an immense amount of guilt from her devious actions. Jade: “ Um…I just want to say thanks for saving us. We would have been dead from those bandits. I’m sorry for ratting you out to the police like that.” Asuka: “You're welcome and it’s fine. Do you wanna watch some TV with me?.” Jade: “ Really?, you wanna watch tv with me after what I did to you? “ Asuka: “ Yeah I’m bored, what do you wanna see?” Jade: “How about Spongebob?” Asuka: “ That’s my Second favorite show!” Jade: “Heh, which episode is your favorite?” Asuka: “ I like the one when Spongebob and Patrick were selling chocolate ,and the one where squidward suddenly became “handsome” after his face was slammed by a metal door” Jade: Haha classics, I like the one when squid ward ate all those Krabby patties and his thighs exploded. Asuka: “HAHAHAHAHA I loved that one. Jade: I couldn’t stop laughing for a whole week after seeing that. As the two girls laugh talking about Spongebob , Mac walks in the room feeling ashamed about what he did. Mac: “ Can I join you both?” Asuka: “Why can you bully me?” Mac: “ No, I just wanted to say I’m sorry For everything ,and thanks for saving our skins.” Asuka: “It’s ok Mac, come and watch Spongebob with us.” Joel: “ Time to eat kids” he says as he brings the food in the room so they can eat.” Mac, Jade, And Asuka: THANKS GRANDPA!”, Joel: “I’m glad to see you three getting along.” Jade: “For now I guess.” Asuka: Yeah, for now.” Surprisingly Asuka forgave Mac and Jade for ratting her out, but will she believe that Kohl will still be her friend after accidentally revealing her saiyan heritage to him? . Find out next time on Dragon ball surge (AR).
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