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Hello to all of the lovely people reading this ♥
I made a journal just yesterday asking If anyone wanted this group to be active with contests...... a LOT of you said yes !
So for our first contest We'll start with something easy, But with a bit of a twist !

The theme for our first contest is Saiyans ( you can also draw half breeds ), And the twist is you have to draw The good guys being evil, And the bad guys being good !

I was gonna just make it where you draw saiyans doing whatever, But I feel like that wouldn't be that interesting !
This way it will be interesting, And i get to see what your lovely little minds can come up with ♥

The "Villains" you can pick from are:
Goku/ Kakarrot
Cabba/cabe/Kyabe ( idk about you but a evil him would be interesting to see becasue i'm not sure how you would pull that off  X"D )
( If i missed a kind saiyan let me know and I'll add them )

The "Hero " you can pick from are:
Goku black ( i wasn't gonna add him, But it is a saiyan body so it kinda counts )
( if i missed a evil saiyan let me know and I'll add them )

Rules :
No Oc's ( sorry but that's for another contest later)

The art MUST  BE yours.

No stealing please !

Please post your picture into the "saiyan warrior" folder in our group or we will not accept the picture.

Only one picture per person, BUT if you made another picture that you feel would do better, Talk to me and We'll work something out.

Don't be rude to other people playing, These contest are for fun and to test your art skills !

You have to pick a character in the listed characters, And draw them in the way that fits the theme, If you fail to do so then the picture you have made will be removed.

You HAVE TO be a member of the group !

If you are entering, Please say it in the comments ! Comment "hope" if you saw all of the rules and your entering

The Contest will start now 1/17/2017 And Will end at 2/17/2017

This group is growing quickly and this way If your new you'll still have time to enter, And i know many of you have jobs/ School and this will also give you time to make a picture ♥

( we'll be starting kinda small since this is our first contest, Each contest we start the prizes will go up )

First place: 400 points, Put on the front of the group as the winner, Will get a watch, Everything Favorited, a  llama ( if i haven't given you a llama already  )

Second place: 200 Points, a watch, Everything Favorited and a llama

Third place: 50 points, Half of Favorited, a llama And a heads up / Helping hand for the next contest

At the end of the contest members and I, Will vote who the winner will be.

If you wanna get more votes here's what you can do -
Make a journal for this contest so we can get more people to enter, Plus it will help the group    + 1 vote

Tag your Dragon ball friends to join as well + 2 votes    

Helping out with Prizes   + 4 votes

Contest Starts now

I hope you have fun♥
Take care my friends, Have a wonderful day or night And god bless ♥

( and sorry that my spelling is awful, I'm not the best at it but i am trying to get better ;o; )
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