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Hello, everyone! So, I wanted to bring a lot more attention to this fan work I found online a long, LONG while ago. It’s titled “Dragon Ball: Reborn”, and it is essentially a ground-up reboot of the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole. Now, I probably know what some of you are saying or thinking when reading this: “But isn’t Dragon Ball essentially perfect just the way it is?” Don’t worry. The author of the work explains it all in his “mission statement” for the work, and he does it in a way that is clear and succinct and respectful to anyone who may say or think that. And trust me when I say that this fan work is most definitely one of the best I have ever read and that you will read. In my opinion, it’s perfect. It is well-written. The characters are already well-developed. The world-building is amazing. Oh, and here’s the kicker! EVERYTHING from the wider DB fandom will be up for grabs in this retelling and reimagining of the epic franchise. That means it’s going to be incorporating the best elements from many of its adaptations, off-shoots, and spin-offs. And yes, that also means that the movies are going to be adapted in some form or fashion into this work's continuity. I just really wanted to post this, because I wanted to bring much more attention to this awesome fan work. There are only seven chapters that the author has uploaded of it so far. You will understand why once you read his disclaimer at the beginning of the seventh chapter of the work. Here are links to the sites where you can read it. Trust me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed if and when you do. Oh, and the author goes by the username Jedabura on both sites, just in case whoever reads this needs help being put in the right direction. Alright, until next time! See ya!