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Current Activities:

Nothing going on at the moment.

Past Events:

:star: Valentine's/Friend's Day mini-contest!

:bulletred: Theme

The theme is friendship between your chosen characters of Dragon Ball (-, Z, GT), meaning all characters must be canon. There is no upper limit between characters, but due to the contest's nature, there has to be at least two.

:bulletgreen: Media

There is no media limit! Meaning, traditional or digital art, animation, writing, crafts, anything goes!

:bulletred: Deadline

Deadline is on Tuesday, February 24th (11:59 pm PST), which is two weeks from now!

:star:CONTEST RULES::star:

:bulletblue: All members + Contributors can enter with as many submissions as they like!
:bulletorange: Any entry must be made by you
:bulletblue: No media limit (art, animation, writing, crafts, anything goes!)
:bulletorange: All entries must be submitted in the "Contest entires" folder. Misplaced art won't be able to enter, even if we try our best in spotting them to prevent it from happening.
:bulletblue: Any entry submitted at February 25th (00:00 PST) or later will be disqualified.
:bulletorange: Any artpiece that is not already posted in our group can enter, even if it was older (as long as it was made by you!)
:bulletblue: No bases or tracing
:bulletorange: Also, preferably, mention somehow in the description it is an entry to the contest.


:bulletgreen: The winner will be chosen by the Founder and Co-Founders.

:bulletred: The winner will get A FEATURE on our group for A MONTH + A FREE colored COMMISSION with ONE (1) character of your choosing from :iconconceptcat:.

Good luck for all in the contest! :D

:note: Special Thanks to NamekianKAI for creating our group's current avatar and Group ID :heart:

Featured Artists

Artists that have won a Feature in a contest will be presented here.



:spotlight-left: Visit our friends and partner groups :spotlight-right:

And remember, there are more in the next pages ;)


Commission Artists

:star: Find here an artist to commission. Support our members.

High Quality Digital Art, Professional Level
:bulletgreen:     :iconconceptcat:                Prices & info here:  => 

Digital Art                                                           
:bulletred:     :iconvegetafanman:                Status & info here:
:bulletgreen:     :iconketsuotategami:                Samples and prices: here
:bulletred:     :iconhirokada:                Prices, info, and samples: here


:police: This list will be on constant update. Please let the administrators know when you are closed/open for commissions. And remember, if you are doing commissions and want to be here, send us a note :note:.

Free Art Requests

:star: In addition to the list of members open for commissions, we also decided to create one for artists doing free requests. Support them too.


:police: This list will be on constant update. Please let the administrators know when you you are close/open for commissions. And remember, if you are doing commissions and want to be here, send us a note :note:.
We wish to apologize for the expired art and membership submissions. We are aware of the problems in the group and we are working on solving these issues. Meanwhile, we ask that you will please resubmit any expired artwork or membership applications.

Long story short, most of us admins aren't active on deviantart anymore, and we need help in administering the group.

One option we have is to put everything on automation, but unless the Founder Carapau gives her blessing, I'm not sure we can just remove the votes needed for new members and art submissions. It wouldn't be very advised either--considering there are bot accounts that spam the groups and we don't want to deal with that.

So, unfortunately I have to ask again if there are any active members or Contributors who would be willing to be promoted to Contributor or Co-Founder to help us keep the group going? If we don't get any volunteers, I'm afraid the group's problems will keep being a thing and getting worse, since only the few remaining active admins will have all the work to themselves and not a single one person can be expected to do that. What I'm saying is that the more ACTIVE and COMMITTED admins we have, the less work for each, and the smoother the user experience on site will be.

We are looking for people who are polite, reliable and dependable, who are willing to log in at least on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help vote in art submissions and new members. It's a simple press on the vote button, and that's it. Of course, if we receive comments or notes, polite replies are always appreciated, but as of recent times, there haven't been that many of those so there's really no need to worry about it too much. If you could also try fix or at least note the Founder or me on anything else that you find funky regarding the group, that would be super, but that type of things aren't very common occurrences either.

The perks we have to offer is a bit higher global submission limit, a chance to get your voice heard in terms of the future of the group and the direction where to go with it if you're into that kind of thing, and bragging rights for being an authority figure here and something to put in your CV as volunteer work.

So, if you would like to see this group stay afloat, please comment or send the group a note and we shall discuss more! Please don't send any notes to me to my own account, because I might miss them.

Can't wait to hear from you! :aww:
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AQ-DB Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry for all the people, which deviations arent get accepted on the spot. Especially featured (4), comics and fanfictions can took a while for now. 
GineReboot Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I greet you group and invite you to see this story of Gine that you might not know, and as her participation changed the story of dragon ball I hope you like it

00 Dragon Ball Reboot Comic English by GineReboot
(1 Reply)
AshleighER-art Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2019  Professional General Artist
Vegeta Knits by AshleighER-art ...Bam! 
(1 Reply)
Tonesko Featured By Owner Edited Jul 1, 2019
Not sure what is happening with this group but my drawings are pending review for 4-5 days now. I see people's deviations accepted 2 hours after they have been uploaded into DeviantArt. I also asked here and within the submission review correspondence but no one seems to give me a direct answer. A lot of people let me know that the group is still alive though...

I don't plan on staying in the backlog so I have removed all my previous deviations from this group (I have also withdrawn my submission reviews) and am leaving the group for good.

I see a lot of similar inquiries from other members on this page still without a definitive answer.

I wish you all the best and hope that the administration of this group starts handing the page better. It would not have been a problem if I at least received some feedback.
Tonesko Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2019
Is this group still alive?
(3 Replies)
SpinningSanity Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I want to submit my latest piece to this group and I was wondering if I should submit it to fanfiction (since it's art based on a fanfiction) or Misc (Since it's of an AU)
vvv Here's the picture vvv
Vampire Frit... Again. by SpinningSanity
(Please don't hate on me I worked really freaking hard on this lol)

Thank you in advance! :)
(2 Replies)
FaithHowler Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want to join please <3

Thank you!
(1 Reply)
HayatoFSeiei Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Broly - Smartphone Wallpaper by HayatoFSeiei  
TOA316XDNUI-OFFICIAL Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
Madarao123 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2019  Hobbyist Photographer
Neymisson456 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2018   Digital Artist
ask some of my drawings are not in the group yet because?
(2 Replies)
Neymisson456 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018   Digital Artist
I want to join the group, please.
(2 Replies)
NanoPhoenix364 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um... hi, I can I join? I have a Krillin I'd like to submit hot off the presses.
(1 Reply)
RageVX Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am pretty disappointed in this group, no feedback no comment meanwhile letting my submission to a gallery hang forever waiting for approvals and accepting others.
(1 Reply)
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