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Dragon - Anarchy

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Dragon - Anarchy AVS Collection

Taking AVS to new Psychadelic heights, with new funky colourful AVS packages. In Dragon's Latest Collection he explores the heights of the Dynamic, The Flashy and the colourful. In his past collections Dragon Fused Simplicity with Style. But now Dragon shows that complexity can boost lfe into any AVS! With Stunning New AVs, from the psuedo mechanical 'Infinitron' to the Dark and Hypnotic 'Shadowcaster'. From the Crystaline 'Electrical Impulses' to the transe like 'Bane', Dragon has also included in this collection two Tribute remix AVs of his two favourite AV Artists, Duo and El-Vis, The collection contains 16 Energetic Trance injected AVs. Hope you Enjoy.... Anarchy.
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That's cool.
My german is kind of fuzzy too.
'Mine deutsch ist schon nichts' hehe.
The songs are by "Cradle of Filth' and 'Death' respectively.
Keep waiting for the new pack, i'll post a preview soon ;)
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cyberbitch1000Hobbyist General Artist
:wave: and I see we have something in common I like DUO and adore Frank Nagel aka El-Vis
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cyberbitch1000Hobbyist General Artist
I downloaded the zip 5 minutes ago, I use winamp 5.03 ambulance, I had no probs. with dragon force but with the anarchy zip......hmmm....I'm not nifty enough in this walk :cries::frustrated:
I'll try it again
sooner or later I find the right way to include it to my mess here

Cradle of Filth - Her ghost in the Fog
Death - Spirit Crusher

from which band are this songs ? I think it must be something hard cause you like slayer

sorry for my crappy english, it's not my native language

I come back later to comment, seeya around :hug: