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Music Jukebox by dragonaur Music Jukebox by dragonaur
Sorry for the down time. I was with family in Las Vegas. The bad news, is I lost 20 bucks. The good news, is I made some sweeping changes in my embedding architecture and for the first time, I have my entire music collection (on my lappie here) available in one click!

I won't boor you with the details. In short, by changing the way I access global services in the app I drastically reduced the amount of custom support a document needs to support parsing and music playing. Both require extensive support from the shell. I was doing a bad job of this before. It's a balance of keeping independent features independent and integration of all those independent features. But that's over!

There will be more color after I write a grammar for the M3U files list. That will be easy since it's very similar to the contents of an M3U file (MP3 files) and I can make a few other cosmetic changes.

Once I do that, I need to make it so you can que up more than one album at a time. And add controls for editing the play list which at the moment is read only. Given the a fore mentioned changes, it should be fairly easy.

So it was a good week. I hope yours was good too!

.edit 10/1/2018 : Now I can highlight the playing song in the outline and removed the file extension from the album list. 
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September 30, 2018
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