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Serenity by dragonarya7 Serenity :icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 11 1
Paper frail, it lies in binds.
Ink now splattered on the lines.
As the words all fade away,
Message reaches, there to stay.
Through the gates, the sands of time,
Touch the cover, always mine.
Memory of what was done,
When it hits, the morning gun.
Fragile pieces on the floor,
Has been broken, words no more.
When the brain fails to suffice,
Chance of fate to roll the dice.
Not my memories to keep,
Still they linger in the deep.
Beacon used to find the light,
No hope it will stop the fight.
Syllables come to transpire,
No more strings to heart’s desire,
Years are slowly dripping down,
Hesitance puts on a frown.
Remembrance in poetry,
Words not for the world to see.
Thoughts of old, laid down to rest,
Shall sleep tight within the nest.
For my hands and eyes to calm,
Little words put there as balm.
For the world does seem to know,
Perspective e’er helps to grow.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 2 0
Elements torn
Silent envy takes its place,
Rotten to the core.
Opposites shall not embrace,
For there is e’er scorn.
Silent longing, hear its call,
Warmth and chills collide
One another, they befall,
Hues of passion fly.
Silent whisper in the wind,
Words now stretching hands.
Water his mischievous glint,
Fire’s shine to mend.
Silent ember flies to shore,
Hoping to reach end.
Light now bruised, cannot take more,
Droplet’s touch still yearns.
Silent wish is to unite,
Meddling takes its toll.
Destined as they are to fight,
Dimmed by lovers torn.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 2 0
Depths of the soul
Voice of reason lost the mind,
Searching words it shall not find.
For refuge is what they seek,
Hiding past the mirrors deep.
No reflection, answers still.
Hit with air, it takes the thrill.
As vibrations seize the sounds,
Shallow surface numbs the grounds.
Cobblestones which no toes touch,
Smooth and cold, the earth they clutch.
Guide of words which seek a place,
Into building’s sweet embrace.
Restless spirits walk the halls,
Morning comes as darkness falls.
Desperation seeks the souls,
Lost as fragile ancient scrolls.
Footprints lead to empty rooms,
Smell of musky cheap perfumes.
Locking doors behind the back,
Unheard, careful written track.
Captured chaos comes to halt,
Bittersweet and fierce as salt.
Lips are moving, none is heard,
As the mirrors, not a word.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 2 0
The guardian
Behind the peaks of widow's hold,
where dead man's gorge lies vast.
There time stops, 'twas foretold;
as truthfulness lies in the past.
To tread on plains which shadow guards,
Master and will must clash.
Lies equal houses of cards,
Crumbling down with every bash.
Omens drift from venue to time,
Lead him from hearth to frost.
Legend’s voice used to chime,
Not all those who wander are lost.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 1 0
The Carousel
Darkened wood;
Spirals down to destiny
Merged with tiles of unbound stone.
Gentle moan cast wearily.
Regal curve;
Steps caressed by zealous touch
Lead to place of secret love,
From above the fingers clutch.
Carvings deep;
Graceful turn as winding down,
Descending shadows to light.
For its might reveals the crown.
Stairway proud;
Carvings deep of craftsman good,
As that unknown sudden swerve:
Regal curve in darkened wood.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 0 0
Perfect little Wonderland
As Slumber gently strokes the mind,
Withholding confirmed truth --
The satin Sheets caress the soul;
Creating finest mood:
For Pillow leads life of its own,
Its whispers soft and smooth.
Now Lullaby raises his voice --
Cacophony of sounds;
As Chaos swirls around my head,
Allowing me to doubt:
The end is nigh; it mumbles smooth,
Promising words to flaunt.
As Mattress lays me down to rest,
The sounds now seem to bend;
For harsher noise transforms to white;
Mind takes its final stand:
The warm embrace of Blanket’s touch --
Pull me to Wonderland.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 1 0
The lost chapters
I am raw with jagged edges
A figment of chaos amidst the creek
Strewn across the twisted meadows
Where the bold wither against the meek.
I am cut with strings of solace
A piece of calmness amidst the storm
Bent in shapes of twisted glasswork
The whole a framework about to form.
I am lost with inked out pathways
Naught but wander amidst the found
Scared to open twisted doorframes
Where the memory has lost its ground.
I am small amongst the giants
A child without a childhood spent
Pushed into a glass container
Bruised and most severely bent.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 4 1
Letter to the broken soul
Dear dad,
You once told me not to cry,
Said that it would be alright.
You never mentioned all the pain,
Nor the heartache that it gave.
I once told you I was scared,
Said that things were just so bad.
I mentioned that I had no hope,
There was no way for me to cope.
You once told me I'd be safe,
Said that I would be okay.
You never mentioned darkened skies,
Nor the lakes I'd have to cry.
I once told you I was proud,
Said I never had a doubt.
I mentioned that I was prepared,
To see the person you were bared.
You once lied about your mind,
Told me it would be just fine.
Lied about your lowly state,
And the scars that it had made.
I once lied about the hurt,
Told you my heart wasn't burned.
Lied about what's in my head,
And the nightmares the wounds bled.
You once lied about the pain,
Told me you could start again.
Lied about the aftermath,
And the drops that still were left.
I once lied about the signs,
Told you that I didn't mind.
Lied about the big effects,
And the fear to which it led.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 1 0
Crevasse of Aperture
The corners of the room weep
For the shards scattered around
The broken pieces of humanity
The crystallized tears of despair
For her spirit has been shattered
The cracks in the walls open
For the wisps of understanding
The smoke of dwindled hope
The last remnants of kindness
For her soft heart has now faded
The floors of stone are canvas
For the paintings made of sorrow
The blackness spilled from fractures
The reflection of all that is lost
For once broken
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 3 0
Paint the man, cute the lines
Cut the rope then jump the line,
Reverse the words, the end of time.
For if the soul floats away,
Silent echo, remains to stay.
Music held by fragile scales,
Court of words, when silence prevails.
As the weight counts down to one,
What has been said, can’t be undone.
Shadow haunts the silent halls,
Gliding fog, soft caress of walls.
Seeping under narrow cracks,
Devouring all bright moonbeam specs.
Guilt like stricken, heart of fire,
Cage of words, syllables aspire.
Break the walls, set back the flame,
Let sorrow be gone, like the name.
Heavy words upon the heart,
No pushing back to pass the start.
His breath away, seconds nine,
Betrayed by words, how thin the line.
Silver streaks, full of regret,
By certain lies the lips have said.
Fault was missing in the deed,
Just cut the rope, the silent plead.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 2 0
Between the fold
In the fields of widows peak,
where land clashes with sky.
Frozen water flows at bay,
the flames, they seek to cry.
Hues of blue, they taint the air,
allowing none to pass.
Sand of time blends into shape,
Slips through the looking glass.
World between the near and far,
the place where angels weep.
Compassion filled with desire,
no feelings there to keep.
Feather white and silky scales,
leaves painted of pure light.
Soft pink glow illuminates,
near sugary delight.
Auburn coal brings shadow dust,
corrupting streaks of blood.
Through the vines, life pushes through,
like liquid fills the flood.
Ashes swirling on the clouds,
brightly transform to pale.
Dwindling down upon the earth,
Painting the blades so frail.
Souls and lovers have no place,
this Eden to behold.
Guardian which sees to tunes,
of land between the fold.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 1 0
Child of light
Fragile hands stain the glass,
Cup the tainted soul.
Child of moon keeps the wake,
Cleansing past the whole.
Bright specs of Moon’s desire,
Captured in the jars.
Hues of blue, flecks of green,
Fell from cheeks of stars.
Gypsy child guards the tears,
Skin as moonbeam bright.
Silver grey beckons thee,
Stare too tough to fight.
White fabric swallows through,
Hollow in its grave.
Dusts tarnish, smears it out,
Light shines through the crave.
Child of light cups desire,
Fragile in its hands.
To the mother ne’er known,
Moon her cradle mends.
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 1 0
[Com] Athaya
"Only the sea shall bring salvation."
There was only darkness when her eyes first opened. Caverns of danger that refused to let the light in. She was alone, scared, lost. Until they appeared. It started as faint whispers in her mind, soft and delicate, guiding her way. Making sure she survived, changing her from prey to predator. She grew accustomed to the darkness and found the underwater caverns soothing. A faint glow of crystals could now often be found lighting her way, but her instincts could guide her even when the light was absent. The whispers grew stronger, telling her stories. Who she was, what happened before she opened her eyes, why she was there. Why they were there. She hadn't known before that and the place where her memories should have been stored was just an empty box. The whispers told her that she had been abandoned by her family, her kinfolk, because they could not handle what she was meant to be. Couldn't handle her greatness. Where she had
:icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 2 3
Rainbow is my favorite drink by dragonarya7 Rainbow is my favorite drink :icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 4 0 The first rays by dragonarya7 The first rays :icondragonarya7:dragonarya7 6 1



Chubbanimals Calendar by trenchmaker Chubbanimals Calendar :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 2,464 305 melonpan by trenchmaker melonpan :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 5,824 391 t e c h n i c o l o r by Charlie-Bowater t e c h n i c o l o r :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 5,200 411 another bass by tobiee another bass :icontobiee:tobiee 9,690 1,165 .: B.r.e.a.k.A.w.a.y :. by Charlie-Bowater .: B.r.e.a.k.A.w.a.y :. :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 6,291 402 .: Noir :. by Charlie-Bowater .: Noir :. :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 5,746 465


Hey everyone!

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I needed to relieve some stress, so I did some abstract painting. First time in years I have actually picked up some paints and attempted art.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
"Just when we think we've figured things out, the universe throws us a curve ball. So we have to improvise, we find happiness in unexpected places, we find our way back to the things that matter the most. The universe is funny that way, sometimes it just has a way of making sure we wind up exactly where we belong."


My name is Samantha and I am just a weird little potato. Also a loveable goofball, sometimes. Maybe.
Hey everyone!

Check out this raffle from an amazing artist:


Or at least check out their art, it's awesome ^^
  • Listening to: Scream - BoA
  • Reading: Market
  • Watching: Oprah
  • Playing: with elastics
  • Eating: black stuff.
  • Drinking: Icetea



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