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So, I can finally talk about it:

The dance studio where I have taught for the last few years was going to close, but I purchased the equipment and took over the lease. 
I've been working on getting my Articles of Incorporation and turning it into a certified Non Profit School of dance and performance arts. It's a lot of legal paperwork to set up, but this way, it will be run by a board of directors, and no matter who comes or goes, it will keep going on as long as there is interest in the community. 
I'm opening it up to other performance and theatre arts classes and workshops, and hoping to grow the program. We'll also be offering family classes, classes for special needs children, and children with sensory issues with lower lights, softer music and play filled creative movement time.
I'm really excited to do this. I've had a few people wonder why I'm devoting so much energy and time into a project that isn't going to pay me, and all I can think of is that it is something the community needs, and if giving up a year or two of my time to build it until it stands on its own, I will be happy to. 
If your interested in the school or in the area and have a skill you'd like to teach a workshop on, or just plain curious, the website is
We are going to be looking for sponsors for our competition team and for our season's performances. There are tons of benefits to sponsoring our team, and we advertise for you on our team jackets, performance signs and in our programs.

I'll still be working on my novels in my non teaching days, so that won't stop.

What is new with all of you?
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I got so hung up on crazy projects last year that I literally only hopped onto DA 3x over the entire year. 

I have so many things to update and show you what I've been working on.

(If anyone is still out there. Helllooooooooooooooo.)

Also, I think I'm embarking on my craziest project yet, but I can't talk about it for a few more months... 

I'll definitely be back on more often again this year. I have lots of updates to share and I have dozens of commissions to order. I hope everything has been going well for you all and that you've continued to grow artistically in the last 12 months. I look forward to catching up on the massive backlog of submissions in my inbox. XD
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I've been super busy with all of my personal projects and feel bad because I've kind of neglected DA.
How are you guys? Anything new?

I'm working away trying to get Book 2 of Guilt ready for printing. I made the mistake of writing the whole thing out longhand, so now I have to type it all up before formatting. It wouldn't be much of a problem, but my eyes haven't been focusing correctly, and typing for long periods of time is difficult. I end up getting bad double vision.

My pointe book is on hold until I can hire a few dancers for photoshoots. My original dancers/models backed out due to being too busy. It makes me sad, but it also gives me time to try to get more personal stories from people about their personal experiences with pointe.

I've been working on a couple more shows, and still don't have my images from Beauty and the Beast. Hopefully soon.

Trying to fix up our house and make functional workspaces for me and :iconcoreylandis: it's a project, but it needs to get done.

Other than that, same shit, different day. :P
Will upload more art soon.
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Heads up:
I will be auctioning off all of the cool stuff I’ve built for art tributes over the last couple of years in January.

Starting with these:

WindWaker Puppet Gannon by dragonariaes

Crow by dragonariaes

Madderpillar Plushie by dragonariaes

After that, I'll start posting other things as I reorganize. I have to clear out old art to make room for new art and for the money to make new art. Many of my beaded pendants in my jewelry folder are still for sale.
I need to start putting money back because I'd like to go back to school in the Spring and take more language courses to brush up and gain skill in my Japanese studies. I really want to get to be fluent. Several jobs I want to apply for require it.

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Been a while since I gave you all an update.
Beauty and the Beast was phenomenal. I have lots of pictures to post (hopefully soon) of all of the costumes and craziness I was responsible for. That show was probably one of the biggest I've ever been responsible for and I loved it, but definitely glad to have some time to myself again.

Still working hard at the dance studio. Have a holiday performance this weekend. It's a quick one. One month and up. One performance and done. So not too much stress.

Went back down to Cincinnati and drug :iconcoreylandis: along and made him go to the aquarium with me. I know, I'm a dork.

Working on finishing up Book 2 in my Warrior series. Want to have it printed in April again. Also trying to decide what kind of awesome promotion stuff I should do this time around. Last time I launched with and art book, pins and bookmarks. Any requests for round 2?

Also still working on the "preparing for pointe" book I started in August, but I'm getting lackluster response from people I wanted to include in it. I wanted to have ballet dancers from different schools of ballet offer personal stories, questions they had when they started, advice, or their favorite exercises for pre-pointe work. I posted requests in a dozen places and didn't receive a single response. I don't know whether to post again, or move on without that section. Bums me out a bit. Boo. At least the rest of the book is good.

Anything new going on with you guys?
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Had a great time in Cincinnati. I was surprised with how much I like the area down there (and the aquarium was a BLAST!)
They let me pet sharks.
There was a leopard shark that loved the attention and he kept swimming up to me to get pet. It felt like velvet. <3

Fall musicals are underway and dance has started again.

You guys will be proud of me. I turned down TWO shows and a couple of commissions  this week. I actually said NO! I am determined to set a schedule for myself and stick to it from now on, including setting a work load limit so I'm not pulling all nighter 4/5 nights a week or supposed to be in 3 places at once. Hopefully, this will mean I'll have more time to work on gifts and personal projects, like my writing.

Anything new with you all?
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Tons of new stuff with me. Just finished up a crap ton of old odd work (rebuilds, fixes, etc.) and gifts and mailed them out over the weekend. Have one more stack of packages to go out this week. 

Took on a few odd jobs on the side to help pay for an amazing birthday trip toooooo

Yeah, I know, not very exciting, except for the fact that two of my best friends are both in Ohio 30 minutes away from each other. So the day before my birthday I'm going to drive 4 1/2 hours to where one of them currently lives and spend a few days with her, and then go see the other who is performing in a dinner theatre in Springboro. I'll get to see her do the role she was born for (Ursula from the Little Mermaid) and then spend some a few days with her before she has to fly back to NYC.

Then, if all goes well, I might be taking a few days to go out to Chicago and visit some friends before the craziness of the school year starts again.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is done and will never be spoken of again. The cast rocked it, but... The car never quite worked and during the final night of the show, the front tire fell off during the finale. Little things like that added up to a less than desired outcome.

Already started on the Fall show, "Beauty and the Beast". I'm crazy because I agreed to take on costumes and choreograph this one. I don't know what I was thinking, but when I get back from my trips I'm going to have to dive head first into it.

Work on my books is going well. I have another one in the works simply because I had already written it for the dancers I teach. I'm doing photographs and illustrations and going to put it out for other ballet students. It is a guide on pointe work, strengthening and care and maintenance of pointe shoes. Book 2 of a Warrior's Guilt is coming along well. I should be able to keep to my publication deadlines.

Lastly, I got to get back in shape. Seriously. Getting old ain't fun, and it's less fun when you're out of shape. Any suggestions that work for you guys? I know what I need to do for myself, but I know I'll hit those plateaus and that's when suggestions will help.

So what's new in your lives?
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on DA lately. I've looked at stuff on my phone, but haven't had much of a chance to submit or comment from it. (Super old phone, so the app doesn't really work.)

What's everybody doing?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is winding down 2 weeks until opening. The local robotics team helped build us a functional Chitty car that has an inflatable raft underneath it and folding wings and propellers. It also has hydraulic lifts so it can 'fly' just above the stage. It's crazy but really cool.

I'm going to take the month break between Chitty and the next show to hopefully clean and get a functional workspace set up out of the reach of our cats. They have been terrors and I can't lose anymore thread, lace or machine parts to them.
I love them anyway.

I still have a handful of gifts and such to get out to people. A few more still to finish and ship.

I'm also choreographing for competition team this year, so that's super fun. I usually teach them, but not choreograph. So time for me to step up and show I can do this on a competitive pro level. :3
I got dis.
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Just noticing how quiet it is on the DA front lately. Is everybody super busy?

I've been pretty busy myself. Working on two new shows: 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Working on Book 2 of my series, and EPUB setups of the first two books. I've decided to give in and publish everything electronically. It just isn't financially feasible to solely physically publish. 
I still have some gifts and one kiriban to finish up.

What are you guys busy doing? I miss all of my DA peeps. :)
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I've always had super vivid dreams and tend to remember them, but for the last week, my dreams have had something weird in them.
There's someone in them. A man that I recognize, but not someone I know.
And we have pretty much the same conversation in every dream.
It's starting to feel, well, uncomfortable.

Dream 1: Having a dream about a zombie attack, and I'm dealing with it pretty well, until all the zombies just up and disappear and this guy is standing in an open doorway,
Man: So, did you figure it out yet?
Me: It? No.
Man: You should. It will help.
Me: What is it?
Man: What you need.
*wakes up*

Dream 2: Having a dream about traveling abroad somewhere. I have a bag on one arm and have just left the building. I realize it was a comic convention that I just left and I'm exhausted by the awesome stuff that I saw. Walk past the guy (who is now cosplaying very badly as Xellos from Slayers.)
Man: Hey. Did you get it yet?
Me: It? No.
Man: Why not?
Me: I don't even know what it is.
Man: *Grabs my face to make me look at him and pay attention* It is right in front of you. All you have to do is reach out and grab it. It will make you happy. But you are just too focused on finding the story in everything to see it.
Me: It?
Man: Stop looking around. Look in front of you.
*wakes up*

Dream 3: Having a dream about being on a pirate ship. I'm a pretty badass pirate. We are loading up boxes and treasures to take off the ship. I'm holding a baseball bat and a treasure chest for some reason. Guy pops up in black pants and shirt and a full length wizard robe.
Man: Is it in there?
Me: Here? *raises chest* no.
Man: Are you not listening to me?
Me: I don't understand.
Man: *puts on glasses* Is this better?
Me: I really don't understand.
Man: Get it. Just get it.
Me: I don't get it.
Man: Of course not, your covered in glitter. You can't get it right now.
*Wakes up*

Dream 4: Dreaming about the girls at the dance studio getting ready for a parade. Guy is there dressed up as a gold sparkly dragon.
Man: Did you get it yet?
Me: No! I don't even know what it is. *getting irritated now*
Man: *laughs* All you have to do is reach out and grab it. You know you deserve it. Just take it.
Me: Take what?
Man: It.
*wakes up*

So I have no idea what 'it' is and I've been thinking about it for four days now. :/ We'll see if he invades my dreams again tonight.
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On my writing projects:
Got 90% of the orders shipped out. I have a handful of artbooks left to ship out this week. 
I have the final printer's proof of 'Sacrifice' in hand today, so once I give it a good once over, I'll be able to put the full run into print. 
Anyone waiting on a copy of 'Sacrifice' will be getting it towards the end of the month.
Anyone who wants to order any of my books can do so through DA Note, or through my website. 

On gift projects and kiribans:
My list continues to get shorter, but I've still got a good number of gifts to finish for people. I haven't forgotten anyone, just not as much time as I would like to work on them. Have a handful to post/ship out this weekend.

On theatre projects:
Just finished 'School House Rocks Jr.' for the second time. 'Much Ado About Nothing' is going up next month, and I am gearing up to choreograph 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' this summer. Also signed up to do Shakespeare in the Park in town during their summer festival and possibly a skit fundraiser show. 

On personal projects:
Started a short one shot comic just for kicks. Spent a day doing page layouts, roughs and scripting. Now to focus on the artwork. Don't know if it will turn out the way it is in my head. We shall see.

On family projects:
My sister is getting married again in June, so I need to make another wedding dress. She told me she wants me to sing while they walk down the aisle. I asked what song she wanted. She told me they don't care, so I bust out singing "Sexual healing". I told them if they don't pick a song, that's what they are getting. 
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First off, I just want to say thank you all for the amazing support!

Got the first shipment from the printer in. Set up all the boxes and preprinted the shipping labels. Once the next shipment comes in, I can divide the orders and start sending them out.

Art books won't be here for another week and a half, so those orders will go out in another round of shipments as soon as they arrive. 

If you ordered the full package, I may send it in two shipments depending on what the printer's estimate to get 'Sacrifice' printed is. You may get one box with your book, art book, bookmarks, and bonuses, (later this month) and another box with just 'Sacrifice' (in early April).

I'm really happy with the quality of the books. The paper is thicker than the initial proof, and is clean and easy to read. The adjustments I did when switching sizes and formats really paid off. I learn quite a few things from this initial book, and I'm hoping the next one will come together easily with this new knowledge. 

If you missed the preorder session, I set up a website for you to purchase the books directly through me. After working with the printer to get the lowest price possible, I can continue to sell the books for $20 (+ sales tax in MI, +shipping Internationally) which is the best price. I literally make NO money on the sale. If you purchase the books through Amazon, it will cost $27 for you (+shipping) and I make .17 cents. So, obviously, this isn't about the money for me. If you don't want to order through the website, you can also just note me here, and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.

All of the non pre-order books will begin shipping in April.
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I've been teaching way more classes at the dance studio now since the woman who owns and runs it is on her maternity leave. (She had another cute little baby boy. XD )
I have a rule for myself that I have to be able to do at least half of what I give my (much younger) students, and these last few weeks have been no exception.
I am sore, but I've pretty much got my splits again.

Need to really kick myself in gear and get back in shape. It's hard when I spend so much time in front of the computer writing. The rest of the time I'm either in dance classes or in rehearsal, so you would think I wouldn't be too out of shape. Phew. Oh well, I really want to get back into weight training. Time to figure out a routine.
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Waiting for the final printer proof with the new cover and all of the additional pages. (Legal stuff, dedications, title pages)
In the time since I started to publish it to the time I submitted the final files, the printing company changed their distribution rules, and forced me to reformat up one size, from a 5.5 x 8.5 to a 6 x 9. This doesn't sound like a lot, but it is a HUGE difference. It cost me a week of non stop work to reformat the book. It lowered the page count since that was several extra inches of space per page, but I was able to up the font pointe by 1, making it easier to read. All of the graphics(including simple chapter break symbols and the map) had to be changed. The cover had to be completely rebuilt since the change in size now included a change in spine width.

I'm hoping readers can see how much work and love I've put into this. I hope it prints beautifully.  I hope it gets here soon!!!!

Also have the order out for some of the neat preorder stuff, buttons and bookmarks, but I'm not worried about those.

Still waiting on the last few artist pieces for the art book before that can be printed. Planning to have it out to the printer by the end of the week.
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I woke up this morning feeling hammered. I think all of the drastic temperature changes have messed with my sinuses. I crawled back into bed and got up at lunch time. 

Thinking I'm going to crawl back into bed and not come out until dinner too.
Hope I didn't catch something from my dance students. :P
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to pre-order my book or get any of the limited pre-order bonuses.
16 hours left here: or you can order directly through me through a note.
to pre-order my book, 'A Warrior's Guilt'.

This is the only time you can get a copy of the exclusive artbook that goes alongside it. 
There will be NO MORE printed after this run.
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to preorder my book here!

I'm really hoping to have enough pre-orders to cover a full print run at the publishers. That will allow me to afford copies to put in libraries for circulation and to order enough at print cost to continue to sell at cost+shipping. I know the cost is a little higher than a normal mass market paperback, but the books are oversized digest at 6x9 with over 600 pages, so you really aren't buying a small book. 

Mid-level pre-orders also include a side story 'Sacrifice', which is a full length (300+ pages) story that takes place in the same world and can be connected to the main story line. These books are also the same print size.

High level pre-orders come with a limited edition amazing artbook that I've been working hard on with MANY really awesome artists. Some of the pieces and pinups in this book are by artists I absolutely love and admire. There's all sorts of neat stuff in that book from the mishaps during the cover photoshoots, the finished cover art and unused arts, character references by :iconcoreylandis:, older drawings and commissions of the characters as I worked on solidifying their appearances. This book is really kind of a personal celebration of this series and I've commissioned A LOT of artwork for it. 

If you don't want to purchase through indiegogo, message me and you can put an order directly through paypal. Take a look at the indiegogo page and select from the same perk options.

Your support for this book really helps me focus on working getting the second book ready for publication.
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No really, I did it. I set up the page for pre-orders and they will be open for 30 days for you to grab the first print run of my first (available to the public) book. 

I am in the process of setting up an art book with all of the assets I've created for the covers, the visual development of the characters, and the amazing reference pictures :iconcoreylandis: has done up for me over the last couple of months. I will be commissioning a few pieces to round out the book. 

I'm proud of myself for actually getting the nerve to put it out there. I'm also excited to see it all come together and also terrified of what the reaction to the story will be. It's a story and characters I love pretty deeply. I've sunk a lot of time into working on this series and really hope people love it as much as I do. 

Check it out, pre-order a copy if you need a good read, or just spread the link around and let people know about it.
I know I've been absent for a little while. I've been working double time to get my books ready for publication. The covers are finished. Working on color corrections this weekend, then going to get set for a final proofing print run this month.

I've set up the Facebook pages for the series here
Tumblr page is here (My computer isn't working well with Tumblr right now, so it won't be updated much until I get a newer OS.)

I'm really excited to be setting up for preorders. I plan on having a 30 day window for preorders starting January 1st, that way I can start shipping out the first print run in February. I will link to the preorder page on the first. Please spread it around to anyone that might be interested in reading my books. 
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