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I had to do this when I discovered I kept trying to circle dead trees in real life to make them bloom... ^^b

This was a fun project for me. I love working in fabrics and I thought screenprinting would suit the character designs very well.

So this is a 4 color screen print made traditionally with 4 separate color screens. My signature (digital) and yellow ink was added afterward. If you look closely you can see the fabric weave through the inks. I used fabric inks instead of paints which makes them run a bit, but it's more transparent.

Characters and design are from Clover Studios (Capcom) Okami.
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Cool!:D What`d you use for the drawing?
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It's ink. I took a piece of silk screening, and painted over it with a type of diluted glue, then covered the entire piece with a chemical that doesn't adhere to the glue.

Waited until it dried, then peeled away the glue, set the screen over my fabric and used black fabric paint for the initial outline and then fabric inks on the screens for the colors. There is a different screen for each of the colors (excluding the yellow which I painted on afterward.)
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This is an great piece of fan art for this series tbh, it fits the stylized art of the games, and even the effect they where going for
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Thank you. It was a lot of fun to do in messy inks. ^^
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What a lovely piece of Okami art, I think it's great! :)
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wow this is great. u replicated the game's art style perfectly. i gotta fave it.
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Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do this in dye work. I'm glad it looks like the game style.
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I still try to use to use Bloom. xD
Lovely print. owo
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haha. Yep. I do too. Thanks.
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wonderful pic yo, you definitely got the feel of Okami.
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Thanks. It's seriously my favorite game.
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I can imagine. Everybody loves okami right?
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I know I play it too much when I try to circle dead trees in real life and can't figure out why it doesn't work. lol.
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