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Blizzard Chapter 5 by Runic-Healer, literature

Amuletum: Prologue-Risen by tankgirly, literature

Chapter One: Nahyl by MikomiSakura, literature

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Don't think this group it active anymore. I haven't had any of my works accepted since joining. Nothing.
Is this group still active? I just wanna know if I should bother submitting anymore.
are we     aloud to post OCs here Just wondering ? and if so which folder
Hello! It would be great if you could either get new admins or try to be active since many still want to submit things to this group c:
Is this group still active?
I am in need of assistance from fellow DA:I fans, in regards to writing characters from the game. You see I'm writing a fanfiction about my Inquisitor's child, the story beginning on her 16th birthday. My predicament is on what would each individual member of the Inquisition gift to her? I already have at least six characters' gifts down but am in need of help in regards to...


  If it helps I will list the gifts I already figured out for the others, in case anyone thinks of gifts already thought of.

Iron Bull: Mabari Puppy
Dorian: Fireworks Show & Ellana's Staff
Varric: Book (that's important to the plot)
Vivien: Ballgown
Leliana: Shoes (what else?) 
Blackwall: Wooden Statue of a Griffon (that he carved)