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MikomiSakura here!

I want to apologize on behalf of all the Admins here, as we're all really busy so there are a lot of exeptional submissions that expire. I will, from now on, do my best to log in every day, as I've finally gotten my laptop back. We're really really sorry. There is nothing wrong with your artwork or fanfiction if it isn't uploaded, we're just busy so keep submitting until we see it and accept it with open arms!

All of you are doing great and I see you're always careful on submitting to the right folders :) keep it up, guys!

We are honored to have so many brilliant artists and writers submitting to this Group.

Andraste be with you!!
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DA RULES + Folders

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!

1. Be respectful. No hate comments, notes, ect. will be tolerated.

2. WE ACCEPT ALL LOVERS OF DA. Therefore, there may be some people who are not very far into the game. PLEASE, try not to spoil the game for them. I have blogs where certain topics that occur later in the game can be discussed.

3. This might go under being respectful but remember: I accept all DA art, whether it contains nudity or blood, yaoi or yuri, if its visible and it has to do with DA I will accept it. Considering I am probably younger than many of you here, If I can handle it you guys should be able to too.

4. Have a good time! We want this to be a fun place to get up to date with everthing Dragon Age, post your DA artwork, and discuss the facinating world that we've fallen in love with! So lets make this a happeh place! XD



PLEASE put your artwork into the proper folder! I will still accept it if you don't but It would make my life easier if you did. Also,if your picture goes into multiple folders, that is something I will be more then happy to take care of for you :) Heres a breakdown of the folders :)

Featured I choose what goes in here. Most the time its really neat work or something really funny that I put in here.

Stamps Im pretty sure what you can guess goes here XDD

Characters Any work including NPCs from the game goes here.

PCs This is where you put thr PCs (Player Characters) obviously XD (This includes Hawke)

Other All Memes, photographs, Motovational Posters, ect goes here. Pretty much what doesn't fit the other Folders

FanFics Again, pretty obvious lol

Comics This folder is for comics of any kind, one time things or series

Group Info

DragonAge: Origins....only one of THE most addicting games on earth!!!!!! X33 Come join, and talk, post, discuss anything about DragonAge!

Also, up to date on whats new with Dragon Age! :D
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DA2 : Fugitive Fenris by Y-n-Y DA2 : Fugitive Fenris :icony-n-y:Y-n-Y 592 24 Dragon Age Origins: Meeting Morrigan by xNovemberdayx Dragon Age Origins: Meeting Morrigan :iconxnovemberdayx:xNovemberdayx 2 0 Hawke by kira90kk Hawke :iconkira90kk:kira90kk 1 0 Strong Female Pose - Dragon Age by Ddriana Strong Female Pose - Dragon Age :iconddriana:Ddriana 872 274 The Mighty Sten by Fuelreaver The Mighty Sten :iconfuelreaver:Fuelreaver 52 9 DAO: A mage diary (LXIII) by crisurdiales DAO: A mage diary (LXIII) :iconcrisurdiales:crisurdiales 4 2 DAO: A mage diary (LXII) by crisurdiales DAO: A mage diary (LXII) :iconcrisurdiales:crisurdiales 4 6 DAO: A mage diary (LXI) by crisurdiales DAO: A mage diary (LXI) :iconcrisurdiales:crisurdiales 4 2 11. Lost and found by Intrecciafoglie 11. Lost and found :iconintrecciafoglie:Intrecciafoglie 19 51 DA3 Qunari Inquisition stamp by Sandy87 DA3 Qunari Inquisition stamp :iconsandy87:Sandy87 14 3 CM: Your Royal Highnesses by Lurockia CM: Your Royal Highnesses :iconlurockia:Lurockia 740 108 Commission - Vesuvia by MegziePegzie Commission - Vesuvia :iconmegziepegzie:MegziePegzie 42 14 Spindrift, chapter1 page31 (no txt version) by ElsaKroese Spindrift, chapter1 page31 (no txt version) :iconelsakroese:ElsaKroese 83 40 Lucia and Alistair by misshatterness Lucia and Alistair :iconmisshatterness:misshatterness 62 21 Hawke Siblings: Brotherly Love by awolflikeyou Hawke Siblings: Brotherly Love :iconawolflikeyou:awolflikeyou 68 29



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Don't think this group it active anymore. I haven't had any of my works accepted since joining. Nothing.
Mizuki-Anya Featured By Owner Edited Sep 4, 2019  Professional General Artist
Is this group still active? I just wanna know if I should bother submitting anymore.
SamanthaWolfox Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
are we     aloud to post OCs here Just wondering ? and if so which folder
Japani69Katti Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! It would be great if you could either get new admins or try to be active since many still want to submit things to this group c:
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Is this group still active?
RainbowRenders Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016   Digital Artist
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I am in need of assistance from fellow DA:I fans, in regards to writing characters from the game. You see I'm writing a fanfiction about my Inquisitor's child, the story beginning on her 16th birthday. My predicament is on what would each individual member of the Inquisition gift to her? I already have at least six characters' gifts down but am in need of help in regards to...


  If it helps I will list the gifts I already figured out for the others, in case anyone thinks of gifts already thought of.

Iron Bull: Mabari Puppy
Dorian: Fireworks Show & Ellana's Staff
Varric: Book (that's important to the plot)
Vivien: Ballgown
Leliana: Shoes (what else?) 
Blackwall: Wooden Statue of a Griffon (that he carved)
mandykat Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If anyone wants to join our group on facebook please click on this link. I don't think this group is active so try our fb group…
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Is this group still active?
Aventisz Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016   Digital Artist
Hey! So, I've been trying to submit to this group but all my submissions have expired. I read that it didn't happen just with me, so I dare leave the link to my last piece. If you guys could take a look or add it to the group gallery or reply at all I'd be glad and thankful.

Have a nice day! :)
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