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... but I think this group might be dead. I truly, truly appreciate everyone who's been here since the beginning, and everyone who has submitted art to each challenge. You are all so amazing and sweet :heart:

I could've just ignored this forever, but I wanted to give all of you - and myself - some closure.

So a couple orders of business:

   1) If there's someone out there who wants to take over this group and thinks they can keep this group alive, I'm totally willing to relinquish this duty to you. Just let me know!

   2) There was one challenge (Feb 2013, goodness) where five people participated, but no voting was ever held. Therefore, I want to offer a 1-month premium membership to these five people, if they want them. These lovelies are:
       So if any of you five would like a 1-month membership, note me, and it shall be done!!

Anyways... I love you all. Thank you for everything :huggle:
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This group is all about challenging yourself.
At the first of every month, a new challenge/prompt will be posted that anyone can choose to do. The prompts can be completed in both art and literature.
Three weeks after the prompt is posted, voting will begin until the last day of the month. Then, on the first, the cycle starts all over again!
PLease submit challenge art ONLY.
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Art Creation

205 Members
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Sending <3 <3
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love challanges love dragon age nothing could be bette
by the way i have a riddle i want to submit from the sacred ashes quest, is that ok?:pwease: 
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This is probably a dumb question but do we submit "The Unromanceables" entries in the Feb 2013 folder or will it have its own folder?
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It has its own folder now:)
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Yep you got the right folder there! February 2013! ^^ ~X~
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Why haven't I seen this group before? Ahhh! I love challenges!
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hey im doing a competition ^^ do you guys do advertising for that sort of thing? the more the merrier <3
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What is this month's challenge?
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umm quick question. When will the next Challege/Promt be annonced? I kinda found this group a little to late to do the last one.
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