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Unkindness (ART TRADE)

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Yay! Another art trade! This time with :iconsilentartist137:

Check out SilentArtist137's part -> Feel that Summer Breeze (TRADE) by SilentArtist137

This pony here is my Nightmare version of Raven, a SilentArtist137's OC! -> Pony!Raven Reference Card V.1 by SilentArtist137

His name is Unkindness (wich also is the name of a group of ravens! I love the wordplay SilentArtist137 made here xD) and well, I couldn't help myself! I had to add magical ravens somewhere hahahaha So yeah, his clothes turn into smoke and spectral ravens that he can command :evillaugh:

Hope you like it!!

Raven belongs to :iconsilentartist137:
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How do you do those lighting effects?
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Lights in traditional art (and using colour pencils specially) are always a bit tricky. I always spend a couple of minutes thinking about where the light sources are and how will they illuminate the figure.
The places where is going to be light, I colour them very softly. For the effect on the hair and on the wings I use my eraser after applying colour ^^ 
FireBuddyNight's avatar
Ok, thanks for the tips. :)
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
You are welcome ^^
RainbowShimmers's avatar
Love the coat tails! Great job!!
SwanLullaby's avatar
Un trabajo impecable, mejoras tu estilo por momentos!
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Muchas gracias por tus palabras, Swan ^^
Grellbird's avatar
awesome work X3
Grellbird's avatar
Aurora-Chiaro's avatar
She looks very lovely:heart:
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Hahahahaha yeah! Glad you like it!

PS: Although is a he xD
SilentArtist137's avatar
I keep needing to come back to this to stare at it some more. It's still 100% brilliant XD.
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Glad you still think so!

I'm really satisfied with the concept hahahaha
SilentArtist137's avatar
I would also like to point out that ravens start cawing outside my window whenever I look at this picture XD. It's happened at least five times now.

EDIT: This must be why they call them swallow-tailed coats. Or, in this case, raven tailed! *BA-DUM TIS*
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
WHAT? That sounds cool and scary at the same time!
Maybe you are a true "raven master" or something like that xD

PS: Omg, good one hahahahaha
SilentArtist137's avatar
Yes, I am the RAVEN MASTER! Bow to me, minions!!! (No, Raven, don't look at me like that...)

PS: Haha, thank you~ Unfortunately, someone beat me to this one:…
SilentArtist137's avatar
RollsRocker's avatar
Looks really epic ^_^
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Yeah! I want to summon magical ravens too...
RollsRocker's avatar
Hehehe, well...alright XD Sure you can handle it ? ;) 
DialLiyon's avatar
Las versiones Nightmares se te dan muy bien. :-)
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