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Lady Ariella (GIFT)

Nnnngggghhh I was going to wait a bit before posting this BUT I CAN'T

I freaking love how this turned out  :'D

I'm trying to learn how to do digital paintings properly so I'm practicing with some equines. And this one here is an equine I've been wanting to draw for so long.

Lady Ariella, a gorgeous girl owned by :iconrascal4488:

Hope you like it!
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This is Beautiful!! i really love how you executed her hair, and her eyes are so beautiful. a wonderful rendition of a wonderful OC, made from the best DA friend someone could have ^_^ i love how she pops out from the dark misty shadows. now i totally want to commission you @_@!!!
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Thank you very much! I'm very glad you like this drawing ^^
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i do and it is also one of the characters of hers i love, besides the friendship one i commissioned from her, i love that one the most. do you have a commissions page?
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Oh yes, I love Ariella too! Her design is so beautiful ^^

And yes I have! Feel free to check it -> Commission price list
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Hola! Te escribo para decirte que tu dibujo ha salido en SH:…
(Esto es debido a que lo pusiste en el grupo de MyLittlePonySpain, si hubiera algún problema con haberlo publicado comentalo en la entrada)

Un saludo!
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Muchas gracias!

Y sin problema ;D
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From the darkness lol 
Very cool 
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Hehehehehehe thanks :3
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this is extremely gorgeous. woah!
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Thank you very much :'3
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¡Se ve casi real!
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
Me alegra oír eso :hug:
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Te lo ganaste, hiciste un buen trabajo :clap:
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Oh Wow!! Now it's my turn to freak out over art x,D !!!
Holy smokes she looks so amazing, I'm a bit lost for words! :heart:

I love everything about it, I think I really love the colours for shading, like the bits of pink/blueish colours on the wings and just everything. XD
Thank you so much for this random gift ;A; !
DragonaDeMetal's avatar
ahsgdahsdahsd Im so happy you like it!

I've been wanting to make a drawing of her since the first time I saw her and now I've fulfilled that need! :iconlawooplz:
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I love it! She looks gorgeous x3

Yaaayyy lol
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Well, she IS gorgeous xD
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Muy bueno!
Yo quisiera también aprender a pintar digitalmente, pero es que tengo poca paciencia y poco tiempo.
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Las condenadas se resisten y no te miento al decir que esta me ha llevado bastantes quebraderos de cabeza xD

Siempre puedes empezarlas y continuarlas cuando puedas o quieras, no se van a mover de ahí! :3
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