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  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
What you have:
[X] You own over 10 bottles of nail polish.
[X] You own a designer purse
[] You own perfume that cost over $60.
[X] You had/have fake nails.
[] You have more hair products and body products than you can use.
[] Your pet is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier/Siamese/Shih Tzu/ mini anything.
[] you have clothes/shoes/accessories for your pet. (Seriously, it's not me. It's my mom buys the dang sweaters for my Chihuahua! :ohnoes:)
[] You have enough clothes to cover an entire refugee camp
[] You have enough pictures to create your own wallpaper. (For one wall.)
[] A pink comforter, carpeting, walls or sheets.
Total: 3

Do you:
[] Spend more time at the mall than you do at home/work
[X] Have had a hair color that is not natural
[X] Have "blonde moments" at least once a day
[] Buy stuff because it's awesome and then never wear/use it.
[] Constantly keep your phone at your side. (Well who wouldn't?)
[X] Dance around in your room when nobody else is home
[] Have a name for your car.
[] Know what celebrity is dating who and who broke up this week.
[] Refuse to go out in public without makeup.
[] Prefer to be called "princess".
Total So Far: 6

Do you love:
[] Makeup
[X] Glitter
[] The color Pink. It's not bad.
[X] Jewelry
[] Mirrors. SHINNY! :eager:
[] Chick flicks. (They're alright)
[X] Shoes. (Shoes are a necessity)
[X] Rainbows (Only because I am Bi-sexual)
[] Unicorns
[X] Disney Movies.
[X] Flowers.
[X] Stuffed Animals
[] Purses
Total So Far: 13

Do you shop at:
[] Coach
[] Forever 21
[] Victoria's Secret
[] Guess
[X] Claire's
[] Express
[] Delia's
[] Hollister
[] American Eagle
[] Abercrombie Fitch
[] Aeropostale.
Total So Far: 14

Do you say:
[X] Whatever
[x] Oh my Goddess
[X] Hun
[] Fugly
[X] That's hot
[] Dunzo
[] Darling
[X] Bff/Bestie
[] Cutie
[] Hottie
[X] Skank(y)
[] Totally
[] For Sure
[] Fabulous
Total So Far: 20

Do you read:
[] Cosmopolitan
[] Glamour
[] Marie Claire
[] Elle Girl
[] Teen Vogue
[] People
[] Us Weekly
[] Star.
[] Self
[] Seventeen
[] Pink Is The New
Total So Far: 20

Do you love these:
[X] Legally Blonde
[ ] Elizabethtown
[X] Mean Girls
[X] Now & Then
[] The Notebook
[] A Walk to Remember
[] Sweet Home Alabama
[] Where the Heart is
[] Just my luck
[] John Tucker Must Die
[] Center stage
[X] Bring it On
[X] How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[] Mona Lisa Smile
[] My Girl
[] Wedding Date
[X] 10 Things I Hate About You
Total So Far: 26

Do you really enjoy:
[] America's Next Top Model.
[] Project Runway
[] Desperate Housewives.
[] The Simple Life
[] 8th & Ocean
[X] Sex & the City
[] Grey's Anatomy
[] The O.C.
[] The City
[] Nip/Tuck
[] Gilmore Girls
[X] Degrassi (Old School)
Total: 28


Now take your result and multiply it by 2.

I am 56% girly
  • Listening to: nothing
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  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Guy: "Can we have sex now?"

Girl: "Can we do what?"

Guy: "You know, can I be your first, finally?"

Girl: ""

Guy: "Why?"

Girl: "Because you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend......."

Guy: "So, if you don't tell, I won't tell."

Girl: "Besides that, I'm waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first."

Guy: "I'm not special to you?"

Girl: "You're my friend. That's all."

Guy: looks forward and keeps driving.

5 minutes pass.......

Guy: starts to run his hand up the girl's thigh.

Girl: moves his hand, "Don't touch me.".

Guy: tries to kiss her.

Girl: screams, "Would you stop!"

Guy: continues trying.

Girl: moves to the back seat

Guy: parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss her.

Girl: pushes him off and scoots over, "Please, don't do this."

Guy: "Don't do what? I know you want it, I can see it in your eyes." Moves over to her and starts to unbutton her pants.

Girl: pushes him harder and says, "No, don't."

Guy: getting aggravated, punches her and tells her to stop "playing hard to get".

Girl: crying, continues to fight.

Guy: punches her harder, pulls her pants off, and holds her down.

Girl: screams as he penetrates her, "NO, please don't do this to me!"

Guy: puts his hand over her mouth.

An hour passes.........

Guy: pulls back and wipes himself off.

Girl: sits on the corner of the seat, crying.

Guy: looks at her and says, "You better not tell anybody about this. If you're really my friend, you won't tell anybody about this. You know I love you." He reaches out his hand to touch her cheek.

Girl: pulls back, "Just take me home, now."

Guy: says, "Alright." Gets in the front seat and drives her home.

2 months later.........

Girl: "Doctor, what's wrong with me? I haven't had my time of the month in 2 months."

Doctor: looks at her, "You haven't been having your "time" for a reason."

Girl: looks at him and says, "Why?" dreading the answer that she was sure to receive.

Doctor: "You are pregnant."

Girl: faints.

The story gets out that she is pregnant, and people start looking to the Guy. He claims that it isn't his because she was sleeping with every guy in the school(which was a lie). He goes to her and tells her, "I'm telling you, if you lie to people and say that I raped you, I'll kill you."

The Girl is completely devastated. First, he took her virginity and got her pregnant....then he lied about it. So completely depressed......the girl commits suicide by drug overdose.......

Girls, if this story touched you, put this in your journal as "No means no!"

Guys, if this story pisses you off, put in your journal as "I'll kill any idiot who would do this to my girl!"
  • Listening to: nothing
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  • Watching: nothing
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  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Hey every body go check out Kirita-Windwalker, she  is awesome, and has some awesome art.
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To all the everyone who watches me, I would like to request something. I have a character in d&d and would like a picture drawn of her. She is a Dwarfen blacksmith, turned slayer. She is attractive for a dwarf maidain, but has no hair, this is because of the world we are on. For those of you who play it is a Dark Sun game. She is 23, 4'5" , 180lbs, medium size dwarf. She has magic scale armor, Mordenkrad, which is a two handed weapon, you can Google images for it. She also has a dagger at her waist. If you don't want to post the picture on here you can email it to me, at
  • Listening to: the sounds of our fan
  • Reading: vampire knight
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: sims 3
  • Eating: choclate
  • Drinking: cream soda
hey everyone I am going to have a baby. YAY I am going to be a mommy!!!!!
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  • Playing: star wars
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  • Drinking: full throttle
I sit here wondering why it is that I fear talking.

As I sit he walks over and sits not far away

I sit and wonder does he even notice me like I notice him

It's one thing to be alone and to feel alone

He makes me feel like nothing could go wrong

He makes me feel like the only one

If I could just get up the off this seat

Walk over and say 'hi my names is Rena'

Then the world and his green eyes would be mine
Walking under a moon so bright with you by my side

Though I feel we're falling apart

I love you but it hurts

I dream of you but it makes me cry

I feel as though we will never be the same

Like we've ripped our world apart

And we have to get along alone

With only half the love we shared left

I need you but I don't
If you lead me down a road, I will follow.

If you tell me you love me, I will believe you.

If you break my heart, I will hurt.

If you stay true, I will always love you.

If you stay by my side, I will stay by yours.

If you want me, I will always be yours
In a dream world,

Everyone would

Be happy and in love

In a dream world

I wouldn't be

Afraid to tell you

How I feel

In a dream world

But that's only in

A dream world

Because in reality

I am terrified

And not everyone

Is happy or in love

Because that's ONLY

In a dream world!
Falling away from my fantasy

Hearing the voices in my head drift away

I feel the sanity coming back

I've been in that world of make believe for too long

Oh wonderful freedom

Beautiful is reality

I've come back to my home and the place where I belong

Love is such a cruel thing

I feel safe at home

Instead of lost in the cruelness of that make believe world!
She walks through the valley

Of the shadow of the dead

Yet Fears no evil

She walks down the lonely street

At night, but not afraid of the dark

She walks on the wings of love,

And yet loves no one

She is not apart of the living

Yet she is not dead

The only thing that makes

Her different cannot be

Explained just by words
I'm wondering why my life feels so empty

The pain I feel is so strong it's too much for me

I wanna be where all my thoughts capture

They're own light and escape me

Falling in my footsteps the tears I cry

The pain I feel is weakling I can hardly

Feel my heart beat as I lay down

To sleep at night

The pain echo's thought my dreams

The tears I cry in painful sorrow hurts

Me deep inside

If only I could live in reality

Walking thought the woods

At night trying to clear my head
It sits in my hand beautiful and gentle.

The color of blood yet so pure.

I feel connected to this once living thing,

But now it is cold and dead.

One day someday I will understand the life of beauty.

As it sits in my hand I wonder

How life ends and begins so quickly

Wondering why it is that just a simple thing

Like a rose could mean so much.

How do you know when it's given to you?

What it means,

If all you know is that

No one cares enough to give it to you!
I don't know why I try

Cuz even though I do

I still fail

I want to be

Rid of this

Pain so that

I can move

On and be

Myself again!
You'll never know the way the wind

Blows, untill you go out into it.

You'll never know what its like to be in

Love, untill you try.

You'll never understand the way a song

Comes together, untill you do it.

If it came down to choosing who or what I

Wanted, I would choose to be with you.

If the world just stopped moving,

If the sea stopped flowing,

If the sun stopped shining,

The person that I would want to be with would still be you.

There are so many places I want to go, there are so many things I want to do,

And I want to do them and see them all with you.

It's because of you,

The way you are,

The way you talk,

The way your eyes shine in the light,

It's the way I want it for life.
You were always there

To make me smile

You made me understand

Right from wrong

You were there when I cried

You were there to tell me

'Everything's going to be alright'

And even though you're not with

Me anymore I still and always will

Do what you said
I thought that love was only

In fairy tales

But then I thought I found it

Instead it was all an illusion

Just a dream I was in

Now I've found my way back

I need to heal my broken heart

And open wounds

Someday I will fill this empty void

That lies where my heart used to be

Someday may never come
Maybe I should run back to him

Maybe I should not listen to my head for once

And listen to my aching, bleeding, heart

Maybe I should give up and end it

Maybe I should get rid of all the pain

And just be normal

Maybe I should…….

But what happened to never saying maybe

And never thinking what if……..
Now in darkness

Between the two worlds

The one I once knew

And the one with new found adventures

I know not weather I wish to return

To the world I left behind

Or go to the world that lies before me

If I knew less of my past

Or more of my future

That would be the deciding point

Maybe I will stay here in the in-between