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Chapter 1

I walked from my private parlor back to my room. Mey-rin is there with several of my bags on the bed gently folding my clothes and placing them into the bags. “Are we taking my whole wardrobe?” “No my Lady we will be shopping after the interview. Your mother wants you to have all the latest Japanese fashion.” “Uhg.” I walked over and helped Mey-rin pick out what little from my summer clothes we were taking with us for the rest of the summer. “Your mother says you will be wearing a uniform to school.” “What? I have to wear a tacky school uniform? Do you know the name of this school?” “Yes my Lady, it Ouran Private Academy.” “Well at least I won’t be surrounded by commoners.” “But my Lady I am a commoner.” “No Mey-rin you are my nurse maid. You are very special to me. Any other commoner is just well common.” “Yes my Lady.” Once we finished packing my bags, Mey-rin helped me get dressed for dinner, and then she took my bags to the car that was leaving to have them ready for us to leave first thing in the morning.

Dinner was boring as usual. My whole life was boring, every day the same thing. Get up, get ready, sit pretty for the tutors, after that spend time with my friends Elena, and Claire, once they leave get ready for dinner, wash up for bed, sleep, repeat. Maybe Japan will be a change of pace, something different in our normal routine. Maybe going to school as opposed to having tutors come to us will be eventful. Anyways the food was good as always. I love our cook. Actually I like all of our servants. I hope they are coming with us. I know Mey-rin is, and mother’s maid, and Jeffery’s butler, and father’s as well. However I have no idea about the others, probably so, father only pays them because he has to and he pays them the bare minimum he can get away with. My brother is older than me by three years. He should be courting or at the very least considering someone. He will inherit the family company and title when father dies. He will be the Duke of York, and I will still be Lady Kayleigh. What I wouldn’t give to be Duchess Kayleigh instead. Alas that can never be, the second born only inherits unless the oldest dies, and I do not wish my brother to die. He and Mey-rin take better care of me than mother and father. Jeffery has always been there; him being only three when I was born. We did everything together when we were kids. We don’t get to see much of each other now days since he is being trained to take fathers place one day. Once dinner is finished I asked to be excused from the table, and head for my room. Mey-rin I there getting things ready for me to retire to bed. I look over at her, “well Japan be exciting?” “I believe so my Lady.” She handed me my dressing gown. I laid it on the bed and she came over to help me remove my dinner clothes, the over dress placed on the bed; next the corset; then the underdress, then my bloomers, then my panties. I pick the dressing gown up and slip it over my head, and let it fall down my body. Mey-rin tied the ribbon in the back. This dressing gown was the simple white one with a pink ribbon at the collar. I hated this one and I told Mey-rin to leave it here, so we didn’t pack it.

The next morning I was woke up by Mey-rin, “time to get ready my Lady.” I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom connected to my room. Mey-rin untied the ribbon, and I slipped the dressing gown off and stepped into the hot bath water, I sat down and Mey-rin began to bathe me. When that was finished, I got out and dried my body, and hair with a towel. We walked back into my room, and Mey-rin gathered my traveling clothes, first clean panties; then bloomer; then my underdress; corset; overdress, which was a soft blue, with simple flowers embroidered on the skirt; then my tall white socks and simple soft blue heels; and finally my traveling cloak. I walked downstairs, to wait for mother, Jeffery, Mey-rin, Marilynn, and Conner. Once they were all gathered in the entry way, we said goodbyes to the other servants and father; he would be joining us in a few days. Mother and father had gone to Japan a week ago to find us somewhere to stay while we are there. We would be heading there from the airport.

The apartment was huge, I had a whole floor to myself, and so did Jeffery, mother and father shared, and the servants would share; the living room; kitchen; dining hall; family room; and entry hall where all on the same floor. Mother said to freshen up, and the come back down in order for us to go shopping, so that I look presentable for tomorrows interview. We went to the shopping district and went into several different stores, buying all kinds of different dresses, hats, and other accessories to go with them. I was a debutant; I always had to look my best. What mother and father didn’t know was that I had a wardrobe that they didn’t know I had. It was full of mini-skirt, trendy corsets, and a whole lot of other things they wouldn’t approve of. Mey-rin knew about them and kept them well hidden for me. She was not much older than I was, she was my hand maid, mother called her my nurse maid, but it was Mey-rin’s mother who took care of me when I was little, Mey-rin, Jeffery and I grew up together. Mey-rin is a year older than my brother. Mey-rin’s mother was my mother’s maid from grandfather’s house. She was the only thing grandfather allowed mother to take. Emily was three weeks pregnant with Mey-rin when mother and father got married. Emily was raped by one of grandfather’s close friends, when she accused him grandfather turned her out for lying, but mother knew the Emily never lied. She was happy to take Emily with her. Grandfather and mother never got along and he was pleased when father proposed. He resented mother because he told her all he life that she had killed her mother, when it was simply childbirth that killed her. He wasn’t to upset since he did still have an heir, Uncle Trancy, who died a few years ago, giving the title to mother. She is the Earless Phantomhive, because of that we have the manor of Phantomhive, as well as the manor of York. By rights once mother dies that title falls to me, I will be the Earless Phantomhive. That title comes with one perk the manor, and money of the Funtom Company, which is a very old toy company. I could be good with that, but I don’t want to marry some stuffy old Englishman. I want adventure, and fun. Maybe I can find that in Japan. Mother, Jeffery, and I had dinner, and went to bed tomorrow was going to be an adventure, hopefully.

Mey-rin woke me and helped me get ready for the interview. Mother wanted me to look my best, so she got the best. We took the beautiful Asian dress mother had bought yesterday, tucked me into a corset, and the dress, with silk slippers. No bloomers, no underdress, not pinchy heels. My hair was up in decorative chop-sticks. I walked down the stairs; mother and Jeffery were waiting for me. Mother being a boring old English woman couldn’t go anywhere without a male escort. We got into our car and headed to the school. I was sitting in the main office waiting while mother and the principal, to talk. When they called me in it was simply to hand me the school handbook, my uniform, yuck, the thing was ugly, class schedule, and map of the school. I was then told to go explore the school. I left the room, thinking ‘how am I supposed to explore the school by myself? Oh my god I am thinking just like mother.’ So I pulled my headphones out of my clutch and turned on my mp3 player and started listening to music while I walked around the school.

At some point I think I took a wrong turn because I ended outside of an abandoned looking music room, I pulled my earbuds out turned off the mp3 player and opened the door. The moment it was open red rose petals flew out of the room, and I was greeted “hello young miss. Welcome to Ouran Highschool Host Club.” And there standing before me was seven very attractive boys, all looking at me. The tall blonde one walked up to me, took my hand and said, “my princess, please allow me to welcome you, I am Tamaki Suoh.” And he kissed my hand. I blushed of course; I am a deb after all. He stood and walked me further inside. “This is Kyoya Ohtori;” pointing at the tall black haired one with glasses, “This is Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin;” pointing at the twins, “This is Takashi Morinozuka;” pointing at the other black haired boy, “This is Mitsukuni Haninizuka;” pointing at the small blonde boy I just wanted to hug. “And this is our newest member Haruhi Fujioka.” “Well, hello to you all. I am Lady Kayleigh Erin Holt.” “Holt as in Holt Incorporated, as in Duke Jacob Holt.” “Yes he is my father.” They all stared except the Fujioka kid. “What?” they all rushed up to me, one of the twins took my hand and said “Lady Holt, please let me be you host.” The other twin looked mad about that. They all seemed to love being near me. I looked over at the Fujioka kid, “Hey, whats wrong?” I pushed my way out of the boys and walked over to him. “Hello I am talking to you?” he looked at me and I saw he was no he, this was a girl dressed like a boy. “Umm… Miss Fujioka, will you please talk to me?” she looked startled and said “How did you know?” “Please I am an English Debutant, I can tell boys from girls, besides your eyes girl you away, and if that didn’t you didn’t flock to me like the other boys. Or could that be because you don’t know who I am?” “No I don’t.” Tamaki walked over, “Haruhi is a commoner.” “Oh well that is completely fine with me you don’t seem like the others I have known. Now will someone please tell me what this Host Club is all about?” Kyoya said “well you see Lady Kayleigh; we are simple boy with too much time on our hands here to entertain other Ladies with too much time on their hands.” “Oh and what is Haruhi doing here?” “Paying off a debt she owes us.” “Oh. So do all of you server different girls or can I be greedy and have you all to myself.” “Well seeing as the club isn’t officially open yet, I guess we could all serve you.” “Wonderful.” I walked over and sat on one of the sofas. “now I would just love to have you all gather around me and by all means try your best to do whatever it is you do to the other girls.” They all came over even little Haruhi.

They all did their little acts. Tamaki was the princely type, he called me princess and held my hand kissed it and all these other sweet things, but they had not much of an effect, the boys in England did that all the time. Kyoya was very polite and sweet, but not much different that the English boys as well. Honey was simply adorable, but there was something about the relationship between him and Mori that was just too much like the older and younger English boys. Haruhi tired with the natural act but I was not convinced maybe because I knew she was a girl. The twins however caught my attention with their brotherly love, they acted and I sat intently watching, my heart hammering away in my chest. The others saw it too and knew I would become one of their regulars. I on the other hand was always watching one more than the other. Hikaru was just so passionate. Kaoru was sweet, but didn’t have the hidden desire that I could see in Hikaru’s eyes.

The boys all stopped and said they had to change because the club was about to open. “We will be back my Lady.” The way Hikaru said it made my flesh crawl; I wanted him to call me that forever. I wanted more I wanted to be with the club; I wanted to spend my every available minuet with them. How could I do this, what could I do to convince them to let me in? I could be a Hostess, I would be good at that, wonderful in fact. Being a debutant I have been taught things, being a secret party goer I have learned other things, now how to brooch it with them. It was obvious that Kyoya ran the club, how do I get him to let me in. he is smart and probably just as cunning as I am. There has to be a way. Once the boys walk back out ready for the club to open, Hikaru and Kaoru walk back over to me. “If you don’t mind me asking what debt does Haruhi have?” they look at each other, “he broke a vase, that was 8 million yen, and being a commoner this was the only way he could pay us back.” “Oh” well that is too boring and used. I will have to come up with something. “Have you ever considered having a Hostess, I mean I am sure there are just as many boy with too much time on their hands as there is girls. I could be great for this club, what better way than having someone who knows how to host.” “You know that’s a good point, Kaoru we should talk to Kyoya.” “Oh I can do that.” I smile got up and walked to Kyoya, “hello.” “Hello Lady Kayleigh.” “I was just wondering if you have ever considering having a Hostess? I could do it, what do you say?” “I will have to talk it over with Tamaki.” “Can you do it soon please?” bats eyelashes and pouts lips at him. “Very well please wait a moment Lady.” He walked over to Tamaki and spoke quietly with him, Tamaki screamed, “that would be a lovely idea.” Walked over to me and said “attention ladies, please tell all your gentleman friends that starting tomorrow we will have our first Hostess. Lady Kayleigh Holt.” Some girls rushed up to me, “lady Kayleigh, the Lady Kayleigh.” Oi all these childish debs act like they have never seen a real lady.

The club closed and all the foolish debs left more fake girls that want to be my friend because of my status. The host boys came over to me. Tamaki asked, “Lady Kayleigh,” “oh please god just call me Kay, I hate being called Lady all the time.” “Ok Kay, how did you enjoy the club today?” “It was nice better than my normal life back in England.” “Whats it like over there?” Honey asked. “Boring, there isn’t a thing to do and I have to sneak out just to have fun.” “Wow” they all seen surprised by this. “What?” “What about court isn’t that fun, and the parties?” “No they are all full of stuffy old people and the gossip circle that does nothing but try to ruin people’s lives. The few friends I did have were fake as well; they were only friends with me because of my status. I decided when we left England I only want friends who like me because I am a person, not for my title as Lady of York and daughter of Earless Phantomhive.” Shocked looked on their faces, except Kyoya’s, he knew. “What now?” “You’re the daughter of Earless Phantomhive?” the twins said. “Yes and no the Phantomhive Manor is not haunted by the ghost of the Earl Ciel Phantomhive. I have summered there since I was little and never once have I seen or heard a ghost.” Honey said, “That’s awesome, maybe we can go there, during a school break or something.” “Uh sure I will have to ask my mother.” There was a knock on the door and Mey-rin opened it, “uh. Hello I am looking for Lady… Oh my Lady, here you are, the car is waiting out front for you. I didn’t know you had made friends already.” “Oh Mey-rin come here please,” she walked over and I handed her all of the crap the school had given me, “Mey-rin this is the host club of this school. This is Tamaki; and Kyoya; and Honey; and Mori; and Hikaru and Kaoru; and Haruhi.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” She said looking down at the floor. “Mey-rin what have I told you about that, you have to have more confidence in yourself if you are ever going to get Jeffery to actually see you beauty.” “Yes ma’am.” The boys looked at me confused. “What is it this time?” “Jeffery your brother?” Tamaki said, “uh yeah my brother. They both like each other, and now days in England its ok to marry anyone, but nobles will be nobles. We grew up with Mey-rin, she is not just my hand maid, she is my brothers’ love but they’re both to shy. I am trying to get Mey-rin confidence up to get them together.” “I will meet you in the car my lady.” “Yes Mey-rin. I will be there soon. So, who wants to walk me to my car?” they all ran to take the chance, but Hikaru got to my hand first. I was hoping he would. He stuck his arm out and I tucked my hand in the nook and we walked out of the room, “see you tomorrow boys.”

We walked silently towards the car, at first, “Kay, you are lovely.” “Thank you Hikaru, I don’t think your brother liked you leaving with me.” “Oh well he can get over it.” I giggled, “Hikaru family is important. Well at least siblings are.” “You don’t like the rest of your family?” “Just my great grandfather Ciel, but he is dead, so that doesn’t matter. I have my brother, and Mey-rin. My mother is too busy running Funtom, and father is too busy with his work, they have never had time for us. So do you wanna show me a good time tonight Hikaru?” “Umm. Sure.” “Good I will meet you out front of the school, at 6.” I got in the car and we drove away. It was just Mey-rin and I in the car, like mother would actually be here and Jeffery would be with her. “I am going out tonight with one of my new friends,” “yes my lady.” “Tell mother I am having dinner with Haruhi Fujioka, she is my new friend.” “Yes my lady, but there weren’t any girls there.” “Yes there were, she is pretending to be a boy.” “Oh very good my lady. Will you be changing?” “Of course Mey-rin.” We got to the apartment and no one was home, we change me quickly and I left, wearing an over dress just in case. I walked all the way to the school. Took of the stuffy old woman dress, and hid it under a bush. I stood there waiting for Hikaru to show up.

I saw a shadow creep up at first I thought I was him, but then some guy pinned me to the wall by the front gate. “Don’t move princess and you won’t get hurt.” He had his hand around my throat, choking me, “let… me… go… please…” I was crying I could feel the tears running down my face. I felt his hand run up my leg and I knew this was a stupid idea. “Didn’t you hear the Lady? She said let her go.” The guy turned his head without loosening his grip, “back off kid this has nothing to do with you.” “Actually that’s where you are wrong; you see she is my date.” And he punched the guy hard in the face; grabbed my arm and we ran. When we were far enough away we stopped. “Are you ok?” “Yeah” “what were you thinking wearing that?” “What this is normal for me.” He looked shocked. “You could have gotten hurt, what if I had been any later?” I fell to the ground crying, I felt foolish crying in front of him. “I am sorry; I don’t have this problem in England.” “Well its ok now, just next time wait till I get there to take off the other dress, ok?” he had wrapped his arms around me to comfort me. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” “It’s not you Hikaru, it everything. I can be so stupid. I didn’t even think about the fact I was a different place. That this is not home.” He held me until I stopped crying, then he helped me up wiped the tears from my face and said “let’s go get something to eat. Ok?” “ok.” We walked together hand in hand. His skin was so soft. Then it hit me, I could have stopped the guy myself. I am a Phantomhive after all. Great Grandfather is a demon, which makes me half, I could have saved myself like back then when he almost… NO! I won’t go back there, it’s the past, mother doesn’t even know about that.

We had dinner at a small little restaurant, they know Hikaru there, “Hello Mr. Hitachiin, who is you little friend?” “Kay Holt. She goes to Ouran.” “Ah, very good sir.” He took us to a table in the back. “He didn’t even seem to notice who I was.” “That’s why I came here. I love this place, it’s nice and quiet.” “Is there anywhere to go dance here?” “I don’t know.” I look around the restaurant, and see a girl dressed similarly to me, I get up and walk over, “excuse me, I just was noticing your clothes and wanted to know if you knew anywhere good to go dance, I am new to the area.” She looked at me smiled and slid me a piece of paper. I walked back to the table, and looked at it, it was an address. “Hikaru do you know where this is?” “Umm yeah, cool can we go there after?” “Sure” we had dinner and talked about English noble life and he found out I was not lying about the boring, so he asked about the other stuff I did back home, the fun stuff, so I told him. We left the restaurant, he paid, and walked to the address, it looked like nothing but an empty building, I opened the door and heard the sound of music being played, I walked in and Hikaru followed, we walked to another door I opened it and there were about 100 other teens dancing and having fun. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in. We danced and lost track of time, soon it was close to mid-night and so we left. We walked back to the school. “You are good at that.” “Good at what Hikaru?” he just smiled; I grabbed my dress, and slid it back on. We walked to my house. “Here is my cell number, text me when you make it home; I want to make sure you get there ok.” He smiles again. I kiss him gently on the cheek, “good night Hikaru Hitachiin. I will probably dream of you tonight.” He blushed. I walked inside closing the door behind me.

I woke up the next morning, and Mey-rin helped me prepare for the school day. I walked downstairs to the kitchen, and sat down to have my breakfast. Mother looked at me, “who is Hikaru?” “What mother?” “I passed by your room just before you woke, you were talking in your sleep again and said Hikaru, who is that my dear?” “Oh he is someone from Ouran. I met him yesterday while exploring the school. Hikaru Hitachiin.” Mother was pondering something, “Hitachiin, I know that name we have a shareholder by that name. I shall give him a call today and see if they are related, and if so they will be joining us for dinner tonight. I have no qualms with him formally courting you, if his father is a shareholder.” I was astonished, “mother they have different traditions than us…” she cut me off like normal, “I know that girl, but it would be wise of his father to invest in this union. Of course he will have to wait till you are 16.” Oi sometimes I really hate my mother. I finished my breakfast and headed down to the car. Mey-rin joined me soon after. We drove in silence. I got to the school early enough I went straight to the Host club. I wanted to talk to Hikaru about what mother had said, I found him easily, “Hikaru can we talk?” he nodded and we walked away from the rest of the group. “What is it Kay?” “My mother overheard me talking in my sleep, she heard me say your name. Does your father have shares in the Funtom Company?” “Yes, why?” “Then you and your family will be having dinner with mine tonight. My mother said that if your father did, than she would set that up, and that if you wish to be more than friends you will have to formally court me, and that this union would be a good investment for your father.” “That’s wonderful.” “No I am not of age you wouldn’t be able to court me until I was 16.” I was completely heartbroken I didn’t want to wait. I was hoping that my mother would ease up on the formal stuff at least while we were in Japan. I guess she doesn’t want the chance for me to be “ruined”.

I was sitting in Japanese Studies Class; it was a class for all transfer students, so it wasn’t very large. A young woman walked in and up to the teacher and they spoke to each other for a few minutes, then the teacher said, “Lady Kayleigh you are needed in the office.” I got up and walked to the front of the room, the office lady and I walked back in silence. When I got there the principal asked me to join me in his office. He offered me a seat and I sat down. “Now Lady Kayleigh, we have heard some unfortunate news from you brother. The car your parents were in was in an accident.” Wait did he just say, no it can’t be. “Sir are they ok?” “No they didn’t make it. The driver is in a coma.” I couldn’t believe it they are gone. No more hiding who I am, no more tacky clothes, I get to be me in my own home. He was saying some other things but I didn’t care, my torture was over. “Miss Holt?” “Yes I am sorry.” “Would you like to finish the day or go home to be with your brother?” “I would rather stay.” “Well, that is fine we have had it arranged for your teacher to have your assignments sent to you for the next two weeks I know there are things that you and your brother will need to take care of.” “Yes very well thank you sir.” I walked out of the office and back to class. Everything went by so fast that I didn’t even notice until the final bell rang and I was headed to the Club. I had to tell everyone what happened.

“Kay, hello.” “Hi everyone. I have some bad news. I will not be able to start hosting today, as I will not be in school for the next two weeks.” They all came running up to me, “why what happened?” Tamaki asked. “My parents passed away today, they were in a car accident, and I have to go back to England to make arrangement for their funeral and for changing over all the paper work of the companies, and over things. I am sorry guys; I did not plan for this to happen.” “Oh Lady Kay, we are so sorry for you. We will ask everyone for their forgiveness and patience as we await your return.” Kyoya said. Hikaru then asked, “Why did you stay today?” “I had to; I had to be able to tell you guys. I did not wish to just not show up.” I sat on one of the sofas, and Hikaru came over and sit beside me and all the other gathered around me. “Kay-Chan, are you going to be alright?” this was Honey asking, “I don’t know. I knew what I was going to be inheriting when my mother passed, but I didn’t expect it so soon, I might not be able to continue going to Ouran. I will have so many responsibilities, it will be hard to do them and go to school as well.” They all looked sad. I didn’t want this. Not now. I wanted to be me. Oi they always did this to me putting me through things that were too much for someone my age. I got off the sofa and walked out of the room, I heard footsteps behind me, “Kay wait please.” I turned around and it was Hikaru. “I can talk to my dad, come with you, so you don’t have to do this alone. Please I just found you I don’t want to lose you.” There were some more footsteps this time it was more than one person. “Yeah, we don’t want you to leave us. We can all go.” Tamaki smiled. “I nodded. I didn’t want to be alone in this. I knew I had Mey-rin and Jeffery, but they would be busy with other things now. I needed someone there for me. They all pulled out their phones and began making phone calls. After a few minutes they had all gotten permission to go with me to England. Apparently spring break was the second week I would be out and their parents always took them out a week early anyway. They would have to finish this school week but could join me in England afterwards. They even arranged it for Haruhi to be able to go.
this is an Ouran Host Club Fanfic
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