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ÿþChapter 1

Hi my name is Keleeya and I live in Konoha, the village of the hidden leaf ninja. However I was not born here. I was born a mile away from the village in a small town that no longer is even there. It all happened 11 years ago, I was 5. My father forced me into a chair late one night, tied me down and made me watch as he raped and killed my 3 older sisters and my mother. You see my father was like any other normal human, but my mother, sisters and, I were all what you would call a Lkami shMjo. After my mother s body was completely limp, he came over to me, untied the rope pulled me up drug me outside, and forced me to watch as he killed everyone else in the town. Finally he turned to me, I was crying and scared out of my mind, my father had just killed everyone I knew and cared for, so when he turned on me I thought it was my turn to die, but I was wrong. My father took my face in his hands and said, "you I will not be killing, you my pet, I will leave alive to suffer forever as the only one left of your horrid blood line." with that he pushed me down on the ground, turning and leaving me alone. I lay there crying, I had just lost the only family I had and now I was on my own. I stayed there in the town for a couple of years, until one day I saw this man, rather old. He came into the remains of the little town where I stayed, and found the skeletons of my fallen family. I watched as he walked around, not touching anything just looking. Surprised by all the remains. Then he walked into my house, or rather my old house. I followed keeping to the shadows. He looked around see more skeletons, and then what looked to be remains of a fresh fire. This confused the man, so I came out of the shadows. When he saw me he almost jumped outta his skin. "Little girl what are you doing here," the man said to me. I looked up at him and said, "I live here, this is my home." "Did you do all of this, to these people?" Looking down I began to cry, "These people were my family, and my father killed them all, but left me to feel the pain of losing them every day. I have nowhere else to go so that is why I stay." The man came over to me wrapped his arms gently around me and picked me up. He turned to leave the little run down house, "where are you taking me mister?" I asked. "I am taking you back to the village where I live, getting you some real clothes and some food, then I will figure out where you can stay, and you will begin school at the academy with the rest of your age mates, your 7 right?" I nodded. "And you may call me Hokage. What is your name my dear?" I looked up into his deeply sympathetic eyes, "I can t remember." It had been two years since I had heard anyone say my name and that memory I had blocked for it was my mother screaming for me to look away.

When we arrived at the village, there were several people running up to us, "Hokage, you know you shouldn t leave the village without your guard." said one of the people. The Hokage held one hand, silencing everyone. He looked to one of the villagers and said, "please take this child to the bath house, and make sure she is properly feed, and clothed, then bring her back to me, by then I will have arrangement for where she is to live.  When he sat me on my feet the crowed said nothing, I didn t even hear them breathing. I guess they have never seen a Lkami shMjo before. The lady the Hokage had told to take me to the bath house looked up from me to the Hokage, and said "Master Hokage, do you see this child she looks like she is part wolf." The Hokage looked from the crowed to me and said, "As true as that is it doesn t mean that she is not a child in need. Now do as I say, Mekio." The lady grabbed my hand and led me to the bath house. It had been two years since my last, non-standing in the rain, bath. The lady told me to take off my rags and to get in the water she would return with clothes for me to put on. As the lady called Mekio walked away, I took of my rags and eased my way into the nice hot water. When she returned she had a bundle of clothes and a towel. She looked relieved that I was in the water, my ears were wet and my tail was sticking out of the water waving happily, because for the first time in two very long years I was happy.

So, after everything was all said and done, Mekio took me back to the Hokage. "Master Hokage, the child as you requested, clean, clothed and feed." she bowed and stepped back. He looked up at me, "very good Mekio you may leave." to me he said, "word of you has spread throughout the village, and no one wants to take you into their homes, so my dear you will stay with me. Tomorrow you will be going to the academy to start you studying as a ninja." I looked at him confused, "you mean I am going to be a ninja!" "Yes me dear, you are going to train to be a ninja and when you are good enough you will graduate from the academy."

this is the story of the Ninja Wolf. It is a Sasuke Fanfic.
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Yay!! I am excited that she finally caught a break...soon she will be able to kick some serious ass!! :ninja:
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