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Dragon Sword

Loved making this sword, mainly because i ingraved a dragon all along the blade lol.
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just a what might sound like a weird question , everyone says dragons in
truth dont exist. but if you look around the world to every established
colony or group of people, have you noticed that in some way all around
the world , each and every one of them have something or some version
of a dragon. so fantasy or  shared memory? just something to think about
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Certainly something to think about. But for those who see deeper into things ... it's a completely different story!
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a very nice piece, correct me if im wrong, but isn't the dragon image from the Dragonology cover? (been years since ive seen the cover so i could be wrong) though again a very nice sword. 
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It does look similar hey but when I made this piece I didn't own the book. Maybe they stole it off me! (Not likely haha)
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haha, well it was only a curiosity for that part, it's still a very nice blade 
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Is it functional? if someone were to actually use it, could it be?

I am of the mind something needs to be used as the tool it was made as. 
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If only there were things to slay with this weapon, with the right tempering it could be functional but in its current state no its only mild steel. Still a pretty piece yes? :happybounce: 
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Do you watch Man At Arms?
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Yes! those guys are insane!
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nicely done looks epic 
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Magnificent engraving.
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Now that's pretty frickin' Sweet!
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Thanks! took a bit to make but was worth it in the end =D
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Definetly... If I had the money, I would buy it!
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