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Charles Roberts
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Rachel human form
Rachel human form
TWAE World Cup Time Skip
World Cup Time Skip Nick Wide def Maw The Thylancine with his new submission move Wilde times lock (Reverse Boston Crab/Sleeper hold with use of his tail on his foe neck) Marco Diaz Def Po Chris Storm Def King JJ Tag Team Matches California VS Everyone Def Team Japan Team Italy Def Team Canada Team India Def Team South America and Team England Team Mexico Def Team China So We getting to the First Round of TWAE World Cup Trios Matches
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DownRiver River Otters Stadium
DownRiver River Otters Baseball Team Logo
Lola as Clair the Jewelry Sorcerer and her friends
Ace Armington and Lisa Simpson dancing
Cartoonia charture sheet
Full Name: Charles Roberts Age: 40 Species (Toon, Fur, or Skin): Fur Eye Color: brown Hair/Fur Color:  Red Height: 6’2 Weight: 230 Blood Type: Lean Outfit(s): Blue Shirt with U of M on it, Jeans and sneakers. Before and After the war US Army Uniform Sexual Orientation: Bi Personality: He is nice once to get to know him, will protect his friends and family form any evil and crack jokes too. Occupation: Ex-US Army Sargent Abilities (if any): Can Swim with his eyes open since he have Ferret eyes, run fast and can fight too. Physical/Mental Handicap (if any): Austuem Political Affiliation: Democrat Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Power Ponies OC Super Hero Background
FireStorm Bio Name Fireblaze and Doctor Whooviles Super Hero Name: Firestorm Attack: Fireblaze, FireBlast, Sonic Fusion Boom, Tornado Fire, Hadookenk Fire Ball and Fire Dragon Hoof Punch. Bio: When he was taking Doctor Whooviles class, a gas leak happen as he and Doctor Whooviles trying get every Ponies out of the class but the class room blow up as they got caught in the explosion but lucky chimicals and Magic Postions in the class cover them. Then Once the fire died down Fireblaze was alive but Doctor Whooviles was missing. Then he hearing Doctor Whooviles in his head as he wake up in the Hospitbal while he was confuse and once he was l
Typhoon Cat Bio
Name: Typoon Cat Age:: 23 Gender: Male Speices: Mobian Cat From: Christ City, Solenia Love Inserts: Blaze the Cat and Honey The Cat Powers: Water Powers. Attacks: Aqua Wave, Aqua Jet, Water Blast, Typhoon Blast, World-pool attack and Water Twister attack.  Some of Sliver Attacks. Physic Throw, Physic Shield and Physic lift. Chaos Emerals powers: Auqa Typhoon Chaos Emerals Attack: Auqa Storm, Aqua Teleport and Auqa Sword slash. In Most of my Fan Fic and RP: Have him as Recreation of Sliver the Hedgehog. Bio: He was form Christ City as a Guard for The King, Blaze dad and one day when the city attack he was knock out in the water whil
A Review on Squishy Terror Part 1
My Review on Squishy Terror Part 1 Ok the intro went weird The years went fast So I don’t know what year is this. Also It came up to these two doctors are looking at a squid. Also the first doctor put I don’t know into his ear while they talking and it getting way weirder. Even look at the Walking in the cartoon What the. Then Squids came out saying they are kings of Octoplanta. Ok I don’t know what that mean. Also it short too. So this cartoon is strange and weirder. So I give this cartoon short A C- they it a Improvement but they need to work on the Walking part and Tell us what year it took place. Rather going though t
Blue Storm Character Inspiration Meme
Mermay #1 Tory and Nate in the Sea
Pillow Fight!
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Mobius Brides (Not mine)
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