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Zulsh 'Bamgramee, a former heavy elite that once fought for the Covenant stood by the few that were remaining of her troops that broke away and would soon become the Covenant separatists during the Great Schism.
Though after it was over, when Zulsh manage to free and rescue as much of her battalion as she could that did not fall in line with the Jiralhanae and the San'Shyuum, she eventually broke away from her troops as well, to pursue her own personal quest for vengeance.
What drove her to make that decision was the first few days of quiet when the dust settled, left alone to her own thoughts when everything was set and done, she snapped and broke away from everything, honor, code, loyalty, regulations- she didn't care.  All that mattered to her was reckless and bloody revenge.
She would then say her farewells to her former troops as Zulsh 'Bamgram, before leaving her second in command Buze 'Vulkam, to lead them, knowing full well that her newly reckless drive would only lead them needlessly to their deaths.
As years had passed she would further lose herself to her rage, The High Prophet of Truth was initially her primary target.  However she would soon find herself searching for more targets, not just those that had remained loyal to him, but those that she would consider as potential recruits for him, abandoning her usual tactics.
This would all soon catch up to Zulsh, as she would soon realize that she's becoming something very similar to the Jiralhanae.  Losing her sense of pride and feeling ashamed, she would sometimes even consider abandoning her honored name.
As much as this would weigh her down, she would soon find herself standing up strong again, as three words echoed inside her mind... "make them pay!"

It has once again been too long since I've done a bad-ass animated GIF like this to add to my gallery, and not exclusively to my more mature accounts.
Though the intentions in the creation of this Sangheili OC are primarily for a future erotic comic and other works I have planned (being this is simply the "Thick Sangheilis" model with armor around it) I still wanted to at least try to give her a clean introduction.
Speaking of which, I owe a huge thanks to :iconred-eye-reborn: for fitting the bad-ass armor around this model and :iconcrescentpapermoon: for increasing the detail of the textures.

I hope you all enjoy this colorful GIF.
Me, I'm adding this to my wallpaper engine. :icondragonkekeplz:

Music that gave me this image in my head: Blue Stahli - Shoot Em Up
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God I miss halo 3's brief alliance between the UNSC and what I then thought was the remaining Covenant. If only it had become more solid.