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Dragon Flying

I'm trying out new style. I plan to use sometimes painterly style since it allows to work many time less and therefore increses my productivity.

This artwork was made for Ahsaht.

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This is really cool! I love the textures.
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one critic if you like,woud be left wing narrowing more when its comes to body. Its only my thought or how i woud like to see it so.. dont take it that i woud not like this :) Sorry my stoneage english xD - Thank you for sharing nice work :)

Edit: now that i looked other your fhotos i get it :) so never mind

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Thank you for leaving a comment and your interest in my artwork. Criticism and personal opinions are always welcome, they allow me to understand better how others perceive my art. When designing the character it was considered to make wing membrane more narrow near the body but this reduced surface area too much.