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[7/8] Dragon sitting in the chair



After figuring out how to use the chair (or what left of it) it is time to try to do something useful while sitting in it. This also helps to solve other issue - since the table designed for humans it is too tall but when sitting in the chair it is possible to use it, for example, for soldering PCBs. The iron feels a bit too large but after practicing a bit it's good enough.

In this image I experimented with lighting to simulate limited dynamic range of typical camera and added slight lens flare. Direct sunlight is very bright so becomes overexposed and areas which are not well lit such as under the table are almost black.

This artwork was made for Ahsaht.

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Okay, never thought I'd see a dragon soldering, but I guess someone had to do it eventually.

This put a smile on my face.

Thank you.