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Dawn of a beautiful friendship. by Dragon-Soul117 Dawn of a beautiful friendship. by Dragon-Soul117
Well, I've made a bit of a return after a massive lax in art :( This is mainly due to school and having a rather large increase in homework. I've only managed to fit in a bit of digital here and there, which I was put of recently by not saving for a stupid mount of time, then losing 3-4 hours of work as my computer crashed. Me=Idiot=Repeat=More lost work >:( Damn windows 8...  Anyway, excuse it if I am a little rusty with shading. With it being the holidays now (almost 4 weeks. Whoop!) I should be making a bit of a comeback. This is dedicated to a dear friend of mine for their birthday. 

A small note: I did not do anything for the sky, as it is supposed to be a sunrise, and I do not know how to draw one with pencil (skywise) I know that objects are set in high contrast, casting long shadows etc. I could not find any tutorials on the internet. If anybody could give me some tips or direct me to a tutorial that would be wonderful. Thanks.

Drawn on cheap (although pretty good) paper with free pencils that came with the cheap, pretty good paper ;)
I really need to invest in some new equipment for sketching don't I?
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DragonicShadow Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lovely. ^^
Dragon-Soul117 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. :)
DragonicShadow Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome. ^^
Hantari Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Amasing work) And I feel very good felling, watches to this art)
But it is sad, that this work is uncolored(
Dragon-Soul117 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much :) Maybe... just maybe a coloured version...
Hantari Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
XenoWyvern Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Say what you want about that paper, it fits the mood rather well :D
Well posed, too. I also like the roughness of the texture, adds to the mood.

If you mean drawing clouds, well it's a bit hard to do. But you'd get something like this:…
The sky that is nearing the horizon will have dispersed light, hence the yellow haze.
High up, the colour will shift to the blue. With regards to shading, you could just make the horizon a bit hazier and slightly more shaded than the upper part of the sky. Plus you get a very narrow beam reflecting on the ocean.
How the light interacts with the sky really depends on the clouds. If you have a thick blanket, you will get some sort of triangular distribution of light. If there are only clouds at the horizon, then you will see them illuminated and some kind of kind of disc-shaped area of light will appear. You can see it here a bit:…
The real trick is to use your 'white' sparingly. The shading could be a bit darker; it would make the lighter parts pop out more.
Other than that, it's a bit tricky. I'd probably shade the skies with H1-H2 pencils and the dark parts with 4B+
The falloff area around the sun is what makes it pop out. The brightest parts in the drawing are the sun and its reflection. Those should be the parts that are most white, the rest would be a bit less shaded. Now the sky looks equally lit as the sun itself :D

Regarding equipment. I'd say, buy pencils when you feel like you're missing a shade. It's fine if you just have an all-round pencil for anything, one for deep darks (6B-4B) and a hard one for lighter shades, like 2H.
Dragon-Soul117 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much :) I think I'll go back to it soon and make those changes. I actually cheated with the paper a bit. It was(is) normal white, but in the windows 8 photo viewer, I changed the temperature so that it appeared more orange. ;)
I've actually gone back to that painting that crashed. I've added plenty of detail as it's set to a very high resolution. I think I need a new computer though... It takes a couple of minutes to load compared to the usual 3-4 seconds. :D
I have two sets of pencils. One came in a sketching kit, and the other actually came with an A3 sketchpad. I use both since the set in the kit has smaller increments, but lower range of pencil hardness (2H to 6B) and the free one goes from 4H to 8B, but misses some of the other grades in between. I probably just need to get a much higher quality set with it's own box and includes all different types...
XenoWyvern Featured By Owner Edited Dec 12, 2014
Tsk :D
Don't fall into the trap of buying expensive pencil kits. Really. You'll end up not using 80% of the kit at first anyway. Getting more expensive pencils is only useful if you really notice faults in the pencils you are currently using, like inconsistent leads or damaged graphite. The more expensive pencils usually just have graphite of a higher purity and a fancy box. But such things are nuances rather than a difference of day and night. (Then again, if the kit you're currently using -is- bad enough that it bothers you, then do get some, but start with a small range of pencils. You'll be able to learn them more focused as you gain experience and then expand your kit as you see fit.)

Oh well, tweaking it on the computer is fine, most scanners make everything very washed out and cold anyway. I always use a lamp with warm light to get that orange effect when I need it. But that's mainly because I don't like scanners xD (But sometimes, scanners are better because they suffer less from reflections on the graphite like lamps/cameras do. They just require a bit of editing in PS afterwards.)

Crashing programs? Boo, learn to love ctrl-s (save) a lot. xD
I've made a habit of pressing that keycombination every x minutes. But are you really sure the computer is that unstable? Did you try to google whether other users of artrage are experiencing similar problems?
Also, if the resolution truly is that high, try putting it down a bit, you might be on a memory limit. Like, don't leave it at 6949×4565! That's ridiculously high! Honestly, it gets compressed down to a smaller size on the web anyway. Having your original at 2560x1600 or something like that is already high. Scanners upscale the resolution in a raw way. Besides, if you don't have so much detail in your images, you won't need to have such high resolutions; they will only hog down your computer.
(To put it into perspective, most vfx-cinematics in the cinema have texturemaps of about 4k (4096*4096), so your 6k is highly overkill xD)
If loading times are your issue, it's most likely just your harddrive being a bit slow, if the program doesn't stutter/lag after you've loaded it completely it shouldn't be that much of an issue.
Anyway, whenever you get a pc, try to stay away from Intel Graphics...their processors are fine, but their graphics cards are bad. Dedicated graphics are much more reliable.

[Reason for edit: Saw the original resolution size and edited opinion.]
Dragon-Soul117 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, when I first get the images from the scanner, you can barely see them on the screen. Usually all I do is darken them, adjust the warmth if I want to, and crop it to get rid of the bindings. My primary problem is the lead snapping within the pencils. I even bought a relatively fancy sharpener to try and prevent this. A fancy box would be nice though. :D It's not the program crashing, but windows itself. It reports as a windows error, comes up with a cheery blue screen saying that they'll restart your computer then send you on your way. I really should use save more... I guess I just get so focused on the picture... I'm not even sure if it supports ctrl S on artrage... it should, but I don't know. I don't see anyone else having a similar problem. The program crashing, yes, but the entire OS? 
I did a bit of research into some PCs. There is a decent priced one with an intel core 2 quad processor, nvidia graphics (2gb) which is pretty hefty, 1tb hard drive, and 8gb of ram. it's around £220. Do you think that's any good? I only have experience with AMD components. Funny how we are discussing computers on an art site. :D I suppose it's related to digital art. 
Thanks ;)
XenoWyvern Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014
Ouh, well if the leads are snapping get some pencils from faber-castell or bruynzeel. You should also be able to buy them one by one if I am not mistaken. Otherwise just get a kit.
My main point is that you shouldn't burn like 20 bucks xD Save yourself some money then.

AMD/Nvidia is a matter of price/performance.
But unless I can see the type number (8800GT/gtx260/gtx450, etc) I can't really tell.
The memory on a card says the least about its performance.
hmm, the core 2 quad processors are quite old already, but honestly for 220 pounds it is a steal, depending on the brand (!), the case and the graphics card.
(I put the case there because small cases/small form factors tend to overhead rather quickly.
What does the bluescreen tell you? Any error codes? (Win8 should say something like:
: ( blablalba error blalabalba restart; search for this error: DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT
(The driver_ part is just an example, can be eany error.)
Out of personal preference I still need to say that custom built PC's are superior to branded ones, but for that price there's barely competition because the cheapest custom built is still going to cost around 400 pounds ._. and then you also need to go through the hassle of building it yourself.
Is your current PC old and perhaps full of dust? A lot of problems are caused by too much dust building up in the pc leading to stagnant air and thus overheating issues. Do crashes occur after an arbitrary amount of using the pc for intensive tasks?
Oh don't worry about discussing computers ^-^ I built mine too.
Dragon-Soul117 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I only have a two year old laptop with a dual core notebook processor... I can't remember what the error code is now. If it happens again I will write it down. The only desktops that we have ever had in the household are ancient monoliths of the past with barely 200mb of ram and crumple under their own weight. They can't even run internet explorer smoothly. You can see why I am desperate for a decent PC. :P Here's a link anyway:  I'm pretty sure they are trustworthy. There's a 1 year warranty included. The problem is that they give very limited details on the actual computer.  I might consider constructing my own PC in the future, but I think I'll have to save up for that. I'm spending too much on airsoft gear at the moment :D 
XenoWyvern Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014
I'd say, save up instead and build one when you have enough. Really. Otherwise you're just investing in hardware that doesn't grow and you'll basically end up in the same position in a year or so. These systems look refurbished. I don't think it's bad,  for the price it can be pretty good. But it all depends. Especially the power supply unit. I really have the feeling they're going to put in a cheap PSU in that pc that's going to shit the bed. Again, don't get scared and put much value to my rambling xD
For the price it seems fair, given it is an older model. But whether to take it or not is a decision you need to make for yourself because:
1. Invest now and have less to invest later.
2. Have more to invest later and deal with issues now.
I'd say, try to see what the problem is with your monolith. Maybe try to combine parts of the monoliths. That's how I survived mine. I took memory and other parts from one case and stuffed them in a single one which made that one better.
But my main point is that imho it's better to get something you'll use for 3-6 years. I built mine in 2010 and it's still able to perform top of the line:…
And I too started with a monolith xD Pentinum II, grey box. After that, dell dimension 8300, pentinum IV, darker grey box.
Then I found out about building computers and I've decided never to buy a branded pc again :D

The step from 250 pounds to 450 might be a bit steep for you now, but it pays off in the end because the system will last much longer.
Dragon-Soul117 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I prefer to have something that will work better in the long run. I don't like throwing stuff away if it seems like it can be fixed. I like the prospect of being able to upgrade in the years to come without having to get rid of the entire thing, but rather replacing a few select components. It's quite similar to airsoft really. I bought a reliable bolt action sniper rifle instead of a more complicated automatic electric design. Mainly because you can disassemble the entire thing, buy replacement parts for broken ones, or get better upgraded parts. May not make much sense, but the concept is similar. Anyway, my laptop is what I use for everything from digital art to skyrim and web browsing. I haven't dared use my parents older pc for a long time (3 years roughly) A year of that was when we did not have internet. Then when I had my laptop, I never looked back. XD My only issues that I have with my laptop is the occasional crashing and funkiness from windows 8, and the somewhat limited processor. The ram is pretty good at 6GB though. I'll put a bit of research into building PCs. Sounds better than buying something that you have no idea of what is actually in it. I don't think I'll buy anything until my laptop bites the dust though :) Thanks again.
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