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What They Are In The Dark ch3
Many Nations refused to use  guns or bombs in their personal fights. Modern warfare had turned out to be too painful, caused too much death. The eldest among them often wished to forget those cruel battles of recent years, wished to remain in the glory of the past. But of course, there were so many whose lives had been lived completely in the era of bullets and gunpowder, of missiles and rockets. They could find no rest. It could also be said, neither could the ones who had lived before then.
Winter's cold energy thrashed in the air. Lithuania defensively held his sword up against the spirit, though such a weapon would be useless. Frost formed on the cold metal, and the peasant woman recoiled in horror.
"You, warrior, who are you to command a demon?" she accused, eyes casting a hateful glare on Mongolia.
"Foolish girl. I do not command Winter. He and I are, you could say, allies. And victory is upon us! Follow!" He turned, his frost-specked cloak whirling aroun
:icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 2 0
What They Are In The Dark ch2
Night was coming on quickly; the conference had lasted for most of the day. The building was  located far from any large cities for security reasons, and so stars were visible in the darkening sky. Ignoring the other Nations' company in favor of his friend, Poland led Lithuania in a direction that wasn't quite the proper way home, but being as he seemed to know what he was doing, Liet followed without complaint. There was little risk out here, but his boss had made him carry a sword, in case of an attack. The weather was cold but bearable, and a thin layer of frost and snow covered the ground. It wasn't long before the other Nations' voices faded into the distance, and the two were alone in the quiet wilderness. Poland chattered on about books and television and clothes, Lithuania listening obediently. He was glad to be free, glad to listen to his friend talk without fearing that Russia waited in the background. But his silence bothered Poland, causing him to wonder and fear
:icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 1 2
APH: What They Are In The Dark
"Everyone, your attention please!" England yelled over the ruckus. The Nations of the world continued with their personal conversations, and their arguments. Austria had spent the past five minutes trying to convince Hungary to lower the frying pan she was currently wielding in an impromptu swordfight against Prussia, who shouldn't have even been at the meeting in the first place.
"Everybody! We have a conference to conduct!" Seeing that he wouldn't get any response by this course of action, England turned to the one Nation who wasn't involved in the fights. "Switzerland, if you will?"
The Nation addressed nodded, and fired his gun into the air. Within moments, the room was silent.
"Thank you. Now then," England began, sitting in his chair and smoothing out the ink-blue tie he wore, "we have much to discuss. As you know, Russia and Denmark are not in attendance, as they are discussing trade issues." A couple of the more perceptive Nations rolled their eyes at this. Ivan and Mathias wer
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Not A Mary Sue by dragon-sigma Not A Mary Sue :icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 258 34 Giant Pen Components by dragon-sigma Giant Pen Components :icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 1 1 Giant Pen by dragon-sigma Giant Pen :icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 1 2 Judging Fandoms by dragon-sigma Judging Fandoms :icondragon-sigma:dragon-sigma 236 26

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Playing Mozart
Playing Mozart
Mr. Austria is a very strict man. He assigns me all these chores makes me sweep the floors of his big house every five minutes. It's so tiring! But, of course, I have no say in it. I just do what I am told. I mean, I don't want to get hurt, right? No, I definitely do not want to be stepped on again. Literally.
There is never pasta for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Well, except for this one time when Miss Hungary managed to convince Austria to treat me to pasta for my birthday. I remember savoring every bite and slurp. But other than that, whenever I ask if there will be pasta for supper, I am sure to be tied to a wooden post. Mr. Austria even takes the time to hang a "DO NOT FEED PASTA" sign onto my dress whenever I do something he disapproves of. It makes me cry sometimes, but that's nothing new.
Yes, Mr. Austria is a very strict man. But all of his flaws and cruelty go away once I hear the first note. That first, blissful note that floats around the music room like a
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HILTKR: Chapter One
How I Learned To Keep Rhythm, Chapter One
Or (Respectively),
Why Cooking Class and Coins Are Actually Really Important
Why either of them had chosen a cooking class was completely beyond Roderich. Why he hung around Gilbert all the time was even more of a mystery.
"Why are you moping? You said this would be an 'awesomely easy' class." Fixing his glare onto his partner, Roderich let the eggbeater go limp in the bowl. "Now come help me."
"You know how I feel about Eggs, Roddy," Gilbert murmured, turned away from his friend. "Just… I'll ice the damn cake. J-Just beat the eggs for me."
Roderich sighed, pulling his eyebrows down in an attempt to express the aggravation Gilbert was forever causing him. He really had no reason to hang around him, he reasoned. He was loud, brash, rude, and, for lack of a better word, stupid. Why Roderich had not gotten better friends was added to his list of mysteries.
"How are things, Roderich?" Came the quiet, polite voice of Mrs. Braginski, with
:iconkaliona:Kaliona 6 17
Hetalia High: Introduction
Warnings: Language, weirdness, fail humor, boy love
Pairing/s: France/England, Spain/South Italy, German brotherly love
Disclaimer: If Hetalia were mine, it would be rated Adult.
Hetalia High, an international school found in the middle of nowhere. Far from the bustling cities or any wild jungles, this school has almost everything. It is surrounded by a forest of tall green trees, the smell of pine mixing with the unpolluted air. Flowers bloomed all over; such a colorful site to see for the appreciative, such a sore to the eyes to those who aren't. It rarely rained in this part of the world and if ever it did, it would only be so much of a drizzle. The food is scrumptious, just one look and it will entice you into taking a bite. It is indeed a home to the many teachers who long for work that comes with peace and quiet.
But really, a school with peace and quiet? It seems so much to ask for, especially if this school is also home to the most deranged, the
:icondoodoodooprettymusic:DooDooDooPrettyMusic 43 65
Ragdoll portrait by FelisGlacialis Ragdoll portrait :iconfelisglacialis:FelisGlacialis 161 22 Wicked by Pen-umbra Wicked :iconpen-umbra:Pen-umbra 1,880 165 Just Wicked by Lil-R-Mena Just Wicked :iconlil-r-mena:Lil-R-Mena 1,625 196
It should have been an ordinary Monday. Yao should have gone through all his classes like he normally did, focusing completely on his work and going to Tai Kwon Do after class ended. Then, he should have gone back to his dormroom, done his homework, made dinner, and gone to bed, maybe hanging out with Kiku and Yong Soo somewhere in between activities. A normal day in the life of Wang Yao. This is what should have happened.
Unfortunately, it didn't.
The first clue that it would not be an ordinary day was the fact that Katya, usually a quiet, timid girl, rushed into the room, looking frenzied. She went straight to the teacher, Mr. Livonia, and began talking with him in a low, pleading voice. Yao couldn't hear what was being said, but after a minute or so she thanked him profusely and walked back to the door, beckoning something inside.
This was the second clue that it would not be an ordinary day. The something was a someone, and just the sight of them gave Yao a bad feeling. It was a yo
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