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Our Rules, Our Laws

Things You Shall Know


:bulletred: Refrain from using vulgar words (a.k.a cursing) in the areas where commenting is possible.
:bulletred: Do NOT submit any work that contain any sort of sexual or suggestive content. Also don’t talk about this sort of thing in the areas where commenting is possible.
:bulletred: If the dragon you draw (or other character) in the picture you are submitting is showing any genitalia your submission will fall under the rule of “don’t submit suggestive content” and thus it will be immediately denied. We don’t need to see your character’s “parts” to know it is male or female.
:bulletred: Bashing, insulting, harassing or doing anything that can offend someone, (be it personally, religiously, sexually or whatever) in the areas of the group where commenting is possible is strictly prohibited. If you do it by accident be sure to apologize with the person you offended.
:bulletred: Do NOT submit offensive works. Artworks that cause religious, racial, sexual or another sort of offense are not allowed.
:bulletred: Do not submit fetish-related artworks. If your work contains fetish of some sort but you think it is fine enough to be in the group, be aware that it is likely to be declined. Submit it at your own risk.
:bulletred: Art theft is strictly prohibited. If the artwork you are submitting wasn’t made by yourself, do NOT send it to us. If we find any art in our group that has been stolen from another artist, the person who submitted it to us will be permanently banned from Dragon Realms. (If you have permission from the original artist to re-upload their work then you are allowed to submit it to us, as long as you can prove it.)


:bulletyellow: Please submit your works to the proper folders.
:bulletyellow: Fan/original characters (OCs) do not count as fan art so please refrain from submitting them to any of the Fan Art folders.
:bulletyellow: Fan art must to be submitted to the proper folder. Examples:

- Spyro: Spyro Fan Art folder
- Pokémon dragons: Dragon Pokémon Fan Art folder.
- J-C’s Dragon Brothers: Dragon Brothers Fan Art folder.
- Dragons from Disney movies/shows: Disney’s Dragons Fan Art folder.
- How to Train Your Dragon: How to Train Your Dragon Fan Art folder.
- Other dragon fan art that don’t match any of the other folders: General Fan Art folder.

:bulletyellow: For now you can only submit up to four works per week.
:bulletyellow: Being a dragon group, we at Dragon Realms prefer if you only submit dragons to our folders. It is fine if your work is not dragon-related, though. As long as it contains at least one dragon that is evident in the picture. Preferably that this dragon is one of the main elements of the picture.
:bulletyellow: Artworks that contain violence or gore can be submitted. However, if we think it may be too violent/disturbing for the group it may be declined.
:bulletyellow: Works with the Mature Content filter enabled will be denied. If you think your work is in accordance to our rules, then please disable the filter. We want to keep Dragon Realm’s content viewable by everyone.


:bulletgreen: If you find someone or some submission that breaks any of our rules, please report it to pokeinuyasha or Mike-Dragon immediately.
:bulletgreen: Don’t break our rules yourself. You may be banned from the group permanently.
:bulletgreen: All art medias are welcome. Digital, traditional, photography… it matters not. As long as the image is clear and easy to see and identify the picture it should be alright.
:bulletgreen: If for some reason your submission expires before it is approved to be in the group, please don’t feel ignored. We may just not have had the time to review your submission in time. We’re only humans, after all! Just re-submit it.

Enjoy your stay! :icondragonnod1:

Gallery Folders

The Sun by TrollGirl
Sakura Fairy Dragon by TrollGirl
Bird of Paradise Fairy Dragon by TrollGirl
Against Brimstone and Golden Scales by DragonArtist102
Chinese Dragons by Ezerfri
Dungeon queen OC by TYUKHEH
Blaze Portrait by Zorador
Peppermint Hot Cocoa Dragon! by BlueWyst
Guard on duty by TellerySpyro
The Shadow King by SilverSabotage-Draws
Morning in the new year by TellerySpyro
My Heart is a Furnace by GelangweilterToaster
Dr Whiteface, Herald of the Dark Carnival by LordMaddie
Pixel Skeleton Dragon by CynapsusArt
Dark hugs by RaymiF0X
Sky of Dreams by GelangweilterToaster
Sigurd vs Fafnir by Thrillosopher
The Tides on my Command by GelangweilterToaster
Cephyreara - Godess of Wind by GelangweilterToaster
 Stray stars: page 106 by Blitzblotch
Stray stars: page 105 by Blitzblotch
Stray stars: page 104 by Blitzblotch
 Stray stars: page 103 by Blitzblotch
Tactical Flashbang [Animation] by LordMaddie
Dragon Adopt FIX [OPEN] by StrangeRot
[OPEN] Adopt auction by Sunout09
Baby dragons Adopt Auction [OPEN 2/4] by StrangeRot
Sage: Of Gardens and Forests GreenIt was a fine day, until your master summoned you. As always, he makes you wait for him outside his office until he bids you to enter. Waiting is mandatory, he checks; you’ve been caught out before.You work as his apprentice, training in the mercantile arts. A profession that will open many doors eventually, and you reflect that the apprenticeship could be worse. Your master magnanimously allows you to sleep in one of his warehouses, where you’ve arranged some crates to allow yourself some privacy. A nearby bathhouse lets you in on the cheap if they’re not busy, and your wages are enough to afford food from the street carts around the city. “‘Prentice!” he calls (as ever referring to you as such - he says he will learn your name ‘when you make something of yourself’) “Come here!” You let yourself into his lavish office and stand (he affords himself a chair, but not guests) at his desk. About the wood-panelled room are pigeonholes for maps, records, and receipts. An ornate gold-chased globe stands proudly in one corner. At the window, a fine brass telescope pointed at the harbour, so he may watch the ships. Your master is a man past his prime; once a sailor but now too many rich meals have taken their toll. He makes a show of tidying away papers before speaking. “I have it on good authority that the West-tower Mages are negotiating a lucrative contract regarding the sale of exotic flora to a wealthy collector. I have recently secured a shipment of rare plants from the southern territories. I am sending you to meet this dragon-” “Dragon.” You repeat in disbelief. “I know you heard me!” He snaps, then continues. “The wealthy collector is a dragon. I have arranged for you to meet with it and discuss details of my wares. I want you to convince it to purchase from me instead of the Mages.” From a drawer in his desk he takes a satchel and a coinpurse, which he hands to you. “Here are the details and expenses for your travel. You are to leave now. Do not mess this up, ‘prentice. If I do not get that contract then I do not want to see you again.” With that, he waves you away in dismissal. He pulls a journal from the cabinet behind him and studies the tallies within, ignoring you and entertaining no questions. You let yourself out. It is coming up to midmorning as you hasten through the white-cobble streets. The sky is blue, clear, and through it wheel seagulls screaming their dulcet cries. You take stock of the money you’ve been given, and calculate that with the distance you’ve to travel it is not enough for a return carriage ticket. Thankfully there are the mail wagons, who are always willing to make a little extra taking passengers if there’s room. As you leave the city, heading inland, you review the documents your master supplied. For your client, a list of various plants, their descriptions foreign and beyond your knowledge. For you, details of the location the meeting is happening - you’re visiting it’s home - and information about dragons.The information supplied is basically a historical summary: long was there war between dragons and mankind. The losses for both sides grew too steep: dragons live long but breed slowly, and could not replace those killed by humans. For humans, the dragons razed whole cities, whole civilizations lost forever, obliterated. Thus, the Pact was formed: besides a few rare, sacred places, dragons must share their territory with humans. They must not harm humans without provocation. If entering human lands then they are bound by human laws. In return, humans must not provoke dragonkind, not encroach uninvited into the small area the dragon marks as its lair (where their hoard is kept), and humans must obey the laws of the dragon’s lair as stipulated by the dragon themselves. Of course, there have been a few examples of both sides violating the Pact and earning the consequences - if one side breaks the Pact, the other is no longer bound and free to retaliate - but things are mostly peaceable. Nevertheless you are nervous - you have never met a dragon before, and it does not help that your entire apprenticeship is on the line. You resolve to do your best, and hope things turn out alright.A proper day of uncomfortable travel brings you close to your destination, to a small crossroads town. The mail carriage is continuing north after changing horses, but you need to travel east towards a dense forest. Regardless, it is already dark and further travel would not be sensible (for you - the mail coaches are known for laughing at such petty concerns as ‘danger’). You have enough gold for a stay at the inn. Inside it is not too busy. You take a table and a pretty barmaid makes her way over to take your order. You order some stew. She returns with your food and makes friendly conversation. “Where are you headed?” She asks. “I’m taking the eastbound road tomorrow. I have a meeting with a, er, client.” Her face falls, and her whole demeanour changes. “Oh. I see.” she says “Please excuse me. I’m needed in the kitchen.” You didn’t hear anyone calling for her. Your stew is tasty, but you don’t think too hard about what’s in it. Inns like this usually have a perpetually-going pot, kept constantly on the fire and bubbling, topped up with water and whatever’s available. You had hoped to while away the evening people-watching and re-reading your notes, but the other people in the inn act oddly towards you. You catch them stealing glimpses, speaking of you in funeral tones. You resolve it would be best to simply get an early night and head to bed. When you pay for your room, the innkeeper does not meet your eyes. -You sleep well, and after a quick meal of bread and breakfast beer you head to the coachyard. However, after asking around you’re informed that nothing travels on the eastern road - if you’re headed that way, it’s on foot. Your master’s directions state that the meeting location is a “short ways” into the forest, so with nothing else for it you set off at a steady walk. It’s strange, as you approach the forest there isn’t the usual gradual gradient of small trees and shrubs. You’re on the road with meadowgrass either side of you, then a few steps later you’re surrounded by dense, mature trees, the air cool, the sunlight filtered through oakleaf. It’s a pleasant journey. The path is disused but not derelict, lined with Lords-and-Ladies and Herb-robert. Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, and Pipits sing from the trees. Somewhere in the distance a Jay complains angrily, disturbed from its roost. Eventually you come to a tree scored with massive, fresh claw-marks, as if a giant cat had scratched here. The intent is obvious: the tree marks a boundary. Just as you’re wondering how to proceed, someone clears their throat behind you. You spin around in an undignified manner, for you did not hear anyone approach. Before you: the dragon, and you suppress a sigh of relief to see he (oh-so brave of your master to disparage them as an “it” from the safety of his office so far away) has chosen to greet you in his human form. Though he’s clad in this guise it would be impossible to mistake him as kin - his skin speckled with willow-green scales, proud flaxen-yellow antlers, golden eyes, and - of course - the tail. He wears an assortment of clothing from various cultures, all in mineral-green colours, and rather odd to your eyes. Much of it is centuries-old fashion, and the combination is clearly chosen for aesthetic reasons rather than any symbolic meaning. There is a fey and wild air about him. It puts you on edge. You find your tongue “Um. Hello” excellent start, you curse yourself “I’m here on behalf of-” He waves you into silence, and offers a serpentine smile “I know. I received your master’s letter.” He speaks softly, which isn’t what you expected. “Let’s not talk business out here. Follow - we’ll have tea.” He moves past you and leads the way deeper into the forest. You move off the road and take a level, cleared side-path. Not long after, you enter a clearing. You practically gaze slack-jawed at the magnificence of it - you have entered a beautiful, lovingly-curated garden finer than that of any royal palace. Underfoot is not grass, rather creeping thyme and pennyroyal which releases their scent when tread upon. At the centre of the garden is a dome-shaped glass house, the entranceway clearly not made for humans. The dragon leads you into the greenhouse, past exotic plants hailing from faraway lands. In here it is hot, humid, but not unpleasantly so. Pride of place is a large, twisted weeping fig. Underneath is a wrought-iron garden table with two chairs of the same make. “Please, sit” he indicates a chair. “I’ll be a moment.” You take your seat, and the dragon disappears behind the fig tree, reappearing shortly with a tea set. He begins preparing your drinks. “I hate to speak of such grave matters so soon.” He begins. “But we must address this before all else. This place is my lair, and the Pact dictates you are bound by my law. You must leave this place before sunset. That is all.” You nod, mute, and he smiles again. “Don’t worry.” he says “”Now…” With some ceremony, he places before you a rectangular plate, a saucer, and a cup. All three are a deep emerald green, chased with gold. Into your cup he pours hot green tea. Onto your plate he places three small pastries: one in the shape of a fish, one round like half a ball, and one square biscuit. You notice he isn’t sitting. “Ah,” he apologises “my garden is in dire need of tending for a bit. Please, have your tea, and we’ll get to your proposition soon.” As he busies himself elsewhere, tentatively, with some trepidation, you try the fish pastry. To your relief it is not fish flavoured: rather a soft cake-like exterior with a delicate floral filling. The round pastry is similar but more savoury - it is filled with chestnut paste. Lastly, the biscuit is delicious shortbread, infused with orangewater. It dries your mouth, so you take a sip of the tea (which has cooled somewhat). It is fresh and herbal, slightly grassy, with a hint of chamomile and lavender. The dragon potters about your periphery, quietly managing his garden. From outside the greenhouse you can hear the soft sighing of the trees and the dutiful buzzing of bees. Periodically your tea is topped up, or a new delicacy is put on your plate. You are warm, and comfortable, and relaxed. The air is still, the garden is beautiful, and gently, you are lulled to sleep. -You’re awoken, startled, to the sharp rapping of papers on the table. The dragon sits across from you. He has taken the papers out of your satchel, and is now shuffling them back into order. It is dark. The sun has long since set. The moon and stars watch you from above.The dragon is grinning at you, flashing his fangs, his golden eyes glinting despite the gloom. “I am sorry to inform you that I have no want for your wares.” He does not sound sorry at all. “The… West-tower Mage Collaborate, they call themselves? Have items more in my interest. And you… You should be leaving, should you not?” You stand, and so does he. You back away, and he follows, still grinning, eyes still locked upon you. A deep, primitive part of your brain - that, indeed, had been vying for attention ever since you stepped foot into the forest - takes over. You turn, and you run.The night is not your friend, and though you are sure you should be on the path you came in on, the ground is scattered with hazards; brambles tear at your clothes in your desperate scramble, low shrubs and knotted tree roots trip you, and there is no sign of the clear road that should only be a short distance away. It is silent, absent of the usual night-creatures that should be present. The shadowed forest hides much. As you blunder through the undergrowth, however, you can see a large, sinuous shape following you. Herding you. Golden eyes tracking you. No matter which direction you flee, it is there, in front to stop you in your tracks, at your side to harry you onwards. A sudden lack of obstacles sends you sprawling, and you throw out your hands. They crush the plants beneath you, and you smell thyme and pennyroyal. You choke out a sob - you’re back in the garden, having run in a circle. Back on your feet, you turn, but the trees behind you are too close together to get through. Bars of a cage.Languorously, unhurried, the dragon emerges from the forest in front of you and crosses the clearing. He stalks towards you on silent feet, claws marking the earth as he passes. He licks his lips with a rose-red tongue, and rears his head to strike. You do not beg. There is no point....
commission info- heavily textured solid line by goulsome
The Wolf's Head- Ch. 3 by Diva-Dauntless
General Dragon Fan Art
Deep Cave Guardians by GelangweilterToaster
Stray stars: Weavers basket by Blitzblotch
Clooloo's awakening by Erno-Juhasz
Dragon Elf by Weeping-Jester
MLPFiM Dragons Fan Art
MLP and TMNT - Family of Mutant Apocalypse (1) by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Mutant Apocalypse in Equestria (Poster) by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
MLP and TMNT - A Dragon Friend by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
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How to Train Your Dragon Fan Art
Thunder VS Vetrix the Poison Dragon by masonmdaythetrex
Spyro Fan Art
Fight in a Watery Tomb by Ezerfri
Funny Stuff
Dragoning Intensifies by Mike-Dragon
Pixel Art
(CLOSED) Animated Monster Auction Robosnake by VoiDdraig
Reference Sheets
Spinetail | SkyWing Adopt Ref [open*] by Silentfire99
Ferellium by Frametoonsgames
Princess Aquamarine by SilverSabotage-Draws
Works in Progress
Terrormaker W.I.P by SilverSabotage-Draws
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By the River by silvermoonnw By the River :iconsilvermoonnw:silvermoonnw 421 36 Dragon Rider by Che-Crawford Dragon Rider :iconche-crawford:Che-Crawford 39 2 Week 25-Black Dragon by FuriarossaAndMimma Week 25-Black Dragon :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 177 35 Dragon by FuriarossaAndMimma Dragon :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 175 48 Week 37-Black Dragon by FuriarossaAndMimma Week 37-Black Dragon :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 167 37 Week 29-Blue Dragon by FuriarossaAndMimma Week 29-Blue Dragon :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 131 103 Black Dragon speedpainting by FuriarossaAndMimma Black Dragon speedpainting :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 153 41 Thoothy for Black-Dragon-Wing by FuriarossaAndMimma Thoothy for Black-Dragon-Wing :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 160 36 The Dragon by FuriarossaAndMimma The Dragon :iconfuriarossaandmimma:FuriarossaAndMimma 56 13 Hi! by Neboveria Hi! :iconneboveria:Neboveria 276 15 Daenonin by Nambroth Daenonin :iconnambroth:Nambroth 700 24 Pure Water Run by TheBlack-Arrow Pure Water Run :icontheblack-arrow:TheBlack-Arrow 404 55 Healer: Flame of Life by DrakainaQueen Healer: Flame of Life :icondrakainaqueen:DrakainaQueen 252 31 Brighten Up the World by SeaSaltShrimp Brighten Up the World :iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 1,126 161

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Dedicated to dragon art, this group is for dragon lovers to enjoy dragon related stuff and share their own works with others, make new friends maybe and mostly... have fun!
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:iconmike-dragon::iconsays3plz: Greetings, my fellow dragon lovers! I still live! And so does the group, despite the apparent inactivity.
So a couple years ago I mentioned that I would start rolling out some changes, especially in terms of the rules but then I never got around doing that. I apologize. Having said that that, I have finally started to do just that, albeit I have not started by the rules. I will try to keep this very brief:
I have began the process of reorganizing the group's folders and I am finding a lot of stuff out of place and even submissions that should not be allowed in the group, as per the rules. I say "I am finding" because I have only started doing that. I still have a lot of folders to check and as of writing this journal entry, I've only managed to go through the folders Easterns, Westerns and Wyverns. Still have got plenty of content to verify, reorganize and possibly, remove. These removals, for the record, are happening without warning, this time. So in case you have any of your works removed from the group, do know that it happened because it was not in agreement with one or more of the group's rules. More removals will be happening soon. I apologize for any inconvenience, but rules are rules, and if they are being removed, then it means they shouldn't have been submitted in the first place. Please do follow our rules.
And speaking of rules, I will FINALLY be reworking them very, very soon. Most of the them are going to remain untouched, but definitely reworded and made far less clunky. So look forward to that.
And speaking of looking forward to new stuff, here's something you might enjoy. Dragon Realms now has its very own... wait for it...
...DISCORD SERVER! :dummy:
Yes! We now have a Discord server. And if you are a Dragon Realms member, you are absolutely welcome to join! The sever will be basically an extension of the group and a little more. At first, however, it won't be completely open to the public, so in order to join, you must be a member of the group (or a subscriber to my Twitch channel!).
So what are you waiting for?! Join now! ---> (please do not go around sharing this invitation link everywhere)
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Dragons are awesome, we all know that, right? So why not increase this ever growing community by visiting and joining our amazing affiliates as well? :)

:bulletred:If you have a dragon or fantasy related group or related and wish to affiliate, send us an affiliation request and we'll decide for approval or not. Bear in mind that be mainly dragon-themed is our major requirement, however.


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hey would u guys mind telling me where you make all your stuff and how you guys make it its all really cool.
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All the artworks present here on Dragon Realms are created by many different artists. Dragon Realms is essentially just a "hub" where you can see works from many different people in one place. :)
I'm sorry I didn't reply to you any sooner, by the way. Eclipse makes it so cumbersome to manage messages. It's too easy to miss stuff, now. ;-;
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This pic is the one I want to submit. Mermay: Dragon City Mermaid Dragon
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Thanks for submitting for me. I am so sorry for the trouble and I felt really bad asking you to do it if it wasn't for that Eclipse crap. No wonder people left this site.
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Like I've been saying from the start, I am fine with how Eclipse looks, but I definitely am one of the many who HATE it. Not because of how it looks, but because of how it functions. That issue there that we just had, that's only one of the many thing that used to be really simple and practical to do/use but have been made cumbersome and therefore, time-wasteful. And if there is one thing that really angers me is wasting time when I would otherwise not need to.
No trouble at all, Faerie. It is fully understandable. Glad we could sort that out. :) You're welcome!
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Hello !

Is this group still active ?
I've been looking around for a dragon group because the one I was already in doesn't seem active anymore and I no longer get answers from it ... If yes can I formulate the request to join ?
Mike-Dragon Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But of course! We don't normally host events (contests, etc.) and the such, but Dragon Reals is pretty much alive. You can join us whenever you'd like! There's no need to request membership. Just smack that Join button. :) You will be very welcome! Just remember to follow our rules. It's all we ask. :)
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Nice, don't worry I don't care about events and contests (especially because contests rely too much on popularity IMO but that's something else) ...) and I've read the rules it should be alright :)
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Thanks ^^
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I understand if you decline.
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