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Doing a "Let's make a dragon" adopt - Anyone up for one of these?
hey would u guys mind telling me where you make all your stuff and how you guys make it its all really cool.

All the artworks present here on Dragon Realms are created by many different artists. Dragon Realms is essentially just a "hub" where you can see works from many different people in one place. :)

I'm sorry I didn't reply to you any sooner, by the way. Eclipse makes it so cumbersome to manage messages. It's too easy to miss stuff, now. ;-;

Hey, I want to submit my pic to your group but sadly, I'm unable to because that stupid Eclipse just had to remove the 'type the group name' section and my group droplist can only go as far as 98 groups(I'm in over 300). Your group is not in it so I can't submit unless you can. >_>
This pic is the one I want to submit. Mermay: Dragon City Mermaid Dragon
Nevermind, I eventually found it. As a bunch of stuff that they didn't remove, it's unnecessarily kinda hidden. So stupid...