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Hey there reader o/

With the holidays approaching I would like to get more of my friends into the group if possible, my first MYO slot already given and funds tight, I am wondering if anyone would allow me to buy more Esks via art
This is an experimental journal, I don't know if anyone would be interested, I'm not too troubles if nobody is
I figure, someone may want to get gifts for their friends too and we can both win, who knows
  • Payment would be full illustrations like above
  • Amount done would be equal or greater than the price of the esk (My commissions for this type of image are 50$)
  • Characters included can be any type of animal like creature, not just esks, and it can be for others

What I'm looking for

Any esk!
I love these little ghosts and don't have any single bunch of favs, my favorites don't matter anyway since the ones they'd be gifted to have varied taste too.  I am looking for more than one esk so if someone DOES post an offer don't be afraid to post yours too
The characters would not be going to people that are prone to trade them or resell them

What I'm NOT looking for

  • Other closed species offers
  • Other Arpg species

Thank you for reading and considering!
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