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No Time for Pride by dragon-master-13 No Time for Pride by dragon-master-13

Iiro had been missing for some days, and most people wrote it off as a long hunt.  But a change of wind did not bode well for the missing hunter.  As far off as it was, the storm creeping closer to their homey section of Reoden was big enough to have its icy winds felt miles away. Reath knew it would not be so simple as Iiro overlooking the time and the signs. Having crossed paths with the hunter often since the first meeting, she knows for a fact he'd never do something as foolish as hunt in a snowstorm of this scale. 
With the courage nobody else seemed to have, she took to a steep cliffs she knew he frequented, hoping to bring him back before the storm hit and it was too late.  Per every time she leave's the safety of her home span of forest, she packed her bag with simple medical supplies and some provisions, opting to take more when pondering the likely hood of being stranded by the blizzard.
A check of the wind and sky informed her that time was running out, she had at most the rest of the afternoon to look.  If they weren't back by nightfall, it would become far to dangerous to attempt leaving the mountain.
On she climbed, winding among the rocky paths and skirting cliffs, scanning the rock faces for any sign of Iiro.  Even the prey he favored, the daredevil Ibex, were scarce.  She wondered how she would begin to search once reaching a better altitude, when she saw another figure- a vayron as well!
She rushed to them and couldn't help but feel her spirits soar to find it was just who she searched for, but in the same breath of a greeting her spirits plummeted.  
Iiro warily faced her, favoring one leg heavily and using the rocky walling for support.  The leg he held off the ground bore deep grooves of blooming red, and though he angled it away, his neck did too.  There must have been some kind of accident, from a glance she could not tell if he had fallen and been hurt by rock, or if something he hunted had done it.  Regardless, the injury was serious, and with no way to stop the bleeding there seemed to be a lot of blood loss.  She didn't bother with pleasantries, or waiting for him to allow her to help, she did not have the time for either.  Forcing him to sit down she opened her bag and pulled out some bandages, and a disinfectant pulp which would need to be smeared to the wrappings, she wasted no time doing so and began to gingerly wrap the wounds.  Iiro for his part, said nothing.  Merely watched her tiredly, only indication of his pain being the tenseness he held his body with.
She addressed him with a serious tone once the bandages where tied off
"Would you allow me to help you walk?"  Keeping weight off this leg would be ideal, but she was aware how prideful he was.
As predicted he simply shook his head and got to his feet, he didn't wait for her to continue down the path.  Quickly she put her supplies away and tossed the bag back on, hurrying to put herself between him and the cliff edge, he seemed to be motivated to keep pace with her, which was good, they would need to hurry.
Reath turned to look behind them, facing into the bitter wind, the sky was bright but a muggy, foggy kind of cloudy.
They had hours at most to return to safety, but she wasn't discouraged at all.
A few hours was better than none, and that's all the motivation they needed.

(can include literature bonus, above is 627 words)
Gosh sorry for the wait, thank you a ton for being so patient with me darkmoondancer !
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darkmoondancer Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ahhhh! This is awesome! And the written story to go with it is perfect too <3333 
dragon-master-13 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Happy you like it aaa <3
RavenHeart1984 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
good job
dragon-master-13 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!
RavenHeart1984 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
your welcome
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