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Never Part Ways by dragon-master-13 Never Part Ways by dragon-master-13

Iiro was not a very trusting vayron.  There was few who earned his respect, and fewer that earned his care.  Relationships, friends, even acquaintances where just a burden to him, ties- anchors to a place and a time and a way of existing.  Heavy and hard to ignore.  He didn't like any of it, all he needed was himself and the cold air of Reoden, the forests where simple to understand, simple to live by.  This was, until she appeared.
She, Hireath, challenged his opinions at every turn.  He couldn't find her company boring, she didn't drag on talking when she noticed his interest drift, and that didn't happen much, she always seemed to know just what to say.  She worked hard, she was dedicated to what she did, as much as he was to his hunts, her sense of responsibility was as graceful as the way she moved.  A constant air of pride, of enthusiasm, her aura bled good will.
He couldn't help but prefer her over anyone else.
And after she appeared in the mountains, like some guardian of snow and ice with medical supplies no less and the skills to use them, his interest could only grow.  He thought he'd die on that mountain, a bit too careless with prey, he forget the most important rule of this land; the foolish die.  But he didn't, and it was because of her.  The least he could do was give his full respect and more of his time.
Still he never found issue, it didn't feel like he was in her dept, it was a strange feeling, emotions he hadn't experienced, but as time passed something became more and more clear to him
He didn't want to leave her.
He wanted to be by her side, and wasted no time in that moment of realization to say it.  Of course she stared at him for a bit, and then laughed, because of course he'd bring this up so straight forward, why would she expect any different?  But even as she joked, he couldn't miss the trill to her words, excitement.  But her answer, he'd never forget as long as he lived
"of course" she'd said "I've known I would be with you till the end for a long long time, and I wouldn't have it any different"
No hesitation, pure conviction, it was fact; they felt the same

As they stood on the snowy banks, he mused this all fondly, he had never seen himself as the type who's be in a soul bonding ceremony, yet here they where.
A strange ribbon of some kind had appeared around them, it glowed gently, a steady deep color, and they both felt it fitting
A perfect reflection of their tie, and though it soon faded as the moon was consumed by mist and cloud, they remained in the snow.
Together as they would always be, from now till forever

Thank you again for being so patient!  I hope this conclusion is satisfactory, didn't want to send a wip this time so it would be a supriseee nyehehe
(can include literature bonus, above is 487  words)
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kbrg Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017
This looks incredible, the depth and lighting work so well! 
dragon-master-13 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!
katstica Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aahh! i love the depth of this piece, in both story and painting
dragon-master-13 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank youu <3
darkmoondancer Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my god. ;o; 
This is PERFECT!! T_T <3333 

I am ecstatic with how perfectly you captured them both in the story and the images. A++++ <333
dragon-master-13 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Happy to have gotten them right honestly
I wanted their bonding stuff to meAn soMEtHIng man
Not even my vays and im like "yes must world build'//shot
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