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[Collab] Secret Ingredients: Allergies by dragon-master-13 [Collab] Secret Ingredients: Allergies by dragon-master-13

It was a chilly night, the sky had been clear, the stars glistening along with the moon, illuminating the festive place Vayrons had been decorating meticulously all day. Every wooden pole had been carefully placed and the colorful banners attached to create a joyful party, inviting all kinds of Vayrons from around the globe to join in the festive activities. Donare and Rameses had been one of those Vays who were busy throughout the day to lend a helping paw wherever they could, enjoying the presence of all the cheerful people around and the elated vibes warming their minds. At the end of preparations, Confetti, the star guest, surprised everyone with a cake bigger than they could have ever imagined.

Time appeared to freeze, stomachs grumbled, salvia was dripping on the grassy ground and eyes were flashing, gazing at this splendid dessert. Don and Ram couldn’t believe their own eyes while Confetti presented her creation in a confident fashion. Unfortunately, Confetti only met Don’s deaf ears, who could not avert her gaze from the sugary beauty. All the other Vayrons gathered around Confetti, listening to her jubilant speech explaining the origins of this calory bomb. Don was left alone with the cake, glancing up and down in disbelief. The moon was shining brightly behind this pie, tracing the sweet curves of the glace, tempting Don into committing a deed she would soon regret. With stealthy speed and in the flash of a moment, Don had already turned her back on the cake and scuttled off with a piece solely for herself. Reaching the next table, she took a big bite, but could not contain her noises to herself.  “Mhmm.. Mhmm MHHHMMM” echoed from her table, disrupting Confetti’s still ongoing speech, attracting everyone’s attention. Ram cracked a smile, seeing what his mate had done while everyone stared in apparel, until Confetti’s shrieking laughter interrupted everyone’s glaring thoughts. “Ah, so THIS is how delicious my cake is, AYE” she exclaimed, “It’s not even finished yet! And you’re already getting your paws on it! Haha” shaking her head and shrugging it off, climbing on Ram’s head with a decorating bag already in her paws. “Let’s fix this for everyone! No harm done” and everyone giggled along, proceeding with their merry behavior the same way as before. “yknow” Confetti murmured, “who would have known that my secret ingredient would make my cake smell so enticingly” – Ram nodded slowly while the Chaser was on his head, approaching the cake. “Nuts are just perfect” and thus Confetti revealed to Don, who had been listening absently minded through her own exclaims of joy, her secret ingredient: Nuts. ‘but…allergies’ was all that snapped in Don’s mind before fainting dramatically. This, was a mere matter of seconds, as it took her not too long to realize that she suffered from no allergies. After that, she resumed her duties and helped to fix and finish the cake she eagerly had destroyed…… a little.

Collab with Barkyn ! Was superrrr fun
Probably going to do more, mwhaha

for Confetti's first prompt;
1 - Help Confetti deliver or bake a cake! What does it look like? What's the secret ingredient?
Included vays;

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July 9, 2017
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