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[Collab] Double Chocolate by dragon-master-13 [Collab] Double Chocolate by dragon-master-13
“OMG” echoed through the woods, along with hysterical but cheerful laughter. “I can’t believe you just said that”, shouted Amber, full of joy and entertainment. Kat had been laughing along, adding onto the conversation with another joke whispered into Amber’s ear. The Puller could not contain herself and again, loud laughter erupted from her throat. “It’s funny, isn’t it? Yknow, I heard that from…” Kat broke her gaze and stopped midway, narrowing her eyes at the sky while sniffing tentatively. “What’s wrong?”, Amber asked, turning to her conversation partner as her laughing ceased. “Nothing’s wrong, just.. do you smell that?”, Amber lifted her maw, inhaling deeply, “Oh yea, I do”. The two Vayrons got up from their sitting position and followed the scent, curious as to where it possibly came from. “gosh, it’s getting more intense, what is it!” impatiently, Amber pushed forward, speeding up as Kat joined her side, breaking into a run. They both came to a halt at a clearing, staring at a plate with a cupcake on top. “Is it hovering?” – both squinted at the dessert presented in front of their eyes, “I don’t care if it’s floating or not” Amber retorted, and continued her approach, already licking her lips. “Nah, this ain’t floating, this is for you guys!” exclaimed a voice underneath the plate, “chocolate fudge cupcake, dedicated to you as it reminded me of you both. Chocolate coat colors have always been very inspiring to me!” Confetti chuckled while she continued to hold the plate up. “I’m gonna try this first”, stated Amber, who was already just a few inches away. “Nah, you won’t”, and Kat giggled, already opening her maw to claim the entire cupcake for herself." 

Collab with Barkyn

for Confetti's second prompt;
2 - Confetti likes to make her creations perfect and sometimes adds a little twist - She wants to bake a cupcake based on you! Help her out - what does the cupcake look like?
Included vays;
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July 23, 2017
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