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Dragon Lord by JonathanGragg Dragon Lord :iconjonathangragg:JonathanGragg 174 34 The dragon in the forest by Dimenran The dragon in the forest :icondimenran:Dimenran 330 7 Spring Dragon by verdantSculpts Spring Dragon :iconverdantsculpts:verdantSculpts 4,215 127 griffin/dragon mask concept art by CryingFifteenth griffin/dragon mask concept art :iconcryingfifteenth:CryingFifteenth 6 4 King of dragon by fhxms321 King of dragon :iconfhxms321:fhxms321 7 0 dragon speedpaint by FeralFacade dragon speedpaint :iconferalfacade:FeralFacade 36 7 Wooden Dragon by Seleylone Wooden Dragon :iconseleylone:Seleylone 27 13 Thire by CaraidArt Thire :iconcaraidart:CaraidArt 992 192 Garuuda: Hear me R O A R by Dajhira-Jo Garuuda: Hear me R O A R :icondajhira-jo:Dajhira-Jo 43 24 Dragonland by Brollonks Dragonland :iconbrollonks:Brollonks 25 2 Wind on Fire by Tikall Wind on Fire :icontikall:Tikall 685 98 Bleed by alicexz Bleed :iconalicexz:alicexz 31,139 1,899 Ryujin Dragon God by GENZOMAN Ryujin Dragon God :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 12,491 594 firedrakes by sandara firedrakes :iconsandara:sandara 5,584 256 Albino death in Dragontown by DJ88 Albino death in Dragontown :icondj88:DJ88 1,244 173
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Gallery Folders

Dragon Design Auction #18 [CLOSED] by Trioza
Dwarf Dragons by thedancingemu
Fire Dragon's Treasure Chest by TrollGirl
BRO LAB 1 by juliakrase
Line Art
Free NightWing base by Bengaltigeress
Spot by xDunkelseelex
Stripes by xDunkelseelex
Dragon 2 by stillarebel
Digital Art IV
Finished YCH by vertigoxxxx
Syfrinn by Garlegas
nice to meet'cha! by KaiserMeowser
Scientist at work by TellerySpyro
Traditional Art II
Resilience by Farphyni
Bigger than expectation by ZhaKrisstol
Groseid - Pictish Fur-Dragon 2022 by ZhaKrisstol
MirianaSarana - Fantasy - Dragon by MirianaSarana-MS
Mixed art
Dragon 1 Adopt [open] by HyolSW
AB bonus icon by RavenCorona
Dragon Lightning Adopt [closed] by HyolSW
ZRBoss Artworks by ZRBoss
Crafts and Sculptures
The Chronist by Farphyni
Dragon en las rocas by Lakrenix
The line of the horizon by Lakrenix
Listo para volar by Lakrenix
3D Sculptures
Azulia by Rurik-Redwolf
Royalty by Rurik-Redwolf
Platinium gold dragon by MagicPath
final touch by MagicPath
Literature and Writings
The Greedy Dragon - Chapter 1Everyone has heard at least once, maybe around a campfire like in more ancient times, or among the written black words of a book, some story of a terrible dragon lying in an enormous lair of gold and jewels, for apparently no reason at all but pure greed. Stories were such dragons are not above burning down entire villages and forests in order to satisfy their endless thirst for the glittering products of the underground. You heard about them, in a mix of horror and deep fascination.The truth is a bit different, though. As every well estimated dragonologist will tell you, the dragons who behave like this are only a small loud minority; but as with every small loud minority, they end up representing all their fellows. But it is still true that dragons need a certain quantity of precious minerals to survive. It is not completely known why, but a dragon that is deprived of them for a prolonged amount of time will slowly weaken themselves until death. However, most of them are quite content with a handful of jewels found in the depth of their caves once in a while. A dragon that hasn’t found any may try to steal from humans in a violent fashion out of survival. But sometimes it happens that one dragon just steals gold and jewels for the sake of them, even after accumulating enough to survive dozens of thousands of years.This story is the story of one of such dragons: Bleddyn the Terrible, so was the title given to the humans who had the misfortune of living the closest of everyone else to the dragon’s lair. His dragon name is different, but dragon names are impossible to be pronounced or transcribed, therefore this story will refer to the name given by his victims.Why would they live where they knew they would be assaulted no less than once a month? Simply put: they had nowhere else to go. In mountainous places like that, it was a miracle to find another plentiful valley that still hadn’t been occupied by another community, and migrating would be too harsh of a challenge for most of those poor families. So the men had to make sure they could use all their resources to find any kind of jewel that would appease the dragon’s thirst, whether by mining or by buying them on those rare occasions some merchant dared go there (granted, it was always merchants who had no idea a greedy dragon lived nearby). This activity had the priority on everything, even farming or anything else that was essential for their survival, so that the next time Bleddyn assaulted them, he would destroy only half of their straw huts.However, in that village also lived an old mage called Galain, who after joining for long decades the most important events of the Mage Council, finally retired in that village to spend his final years in isolation. One may wonder why he decided to live in a village tormented by a dragon; his answer was usually “to have a bit of movement in my life, I have taken part in too many expeditions for saving the world to desire a life of plain nothing.” However, he was still compassionate enough to want to help his poor fellow villagers from the permanent wrath of Bleddyn.But he wouldn’t do it in a glorious combat, no. Mages do not act like that: they act behind the shadows, with means too mysterious to be understood by normal folks. Epic stories of good triumphing over evil always involved at least one bloodshed, and there was no place for the intellectual and diplomatic ways of those who know magic. His solution was simple to act for him, but also possibly more cruel than a gruesome death in its simplicity and in its effects. All it took for Galain was taking one object made of gold from his personal collection, which usually was safe from the talons of the dragon, and applying an enchantment to it that would activate once the dragon would enter in possess of it. That day, many villagers stood next to the mage’s house, wondering what kind of terribly sorcery he was at. “Salazam garudam hona tem! Alduben Sorisen Kombappem!”As Galain pronounced these arcane words to the golden goblet on his wooden desk, he did not even realize of the apprehensive eyes in front of his window. Only after the goblet glowed for a short moment of a sinister blue light did he turn back and realize everyone was looking at his work. “Oh good morning folks. May I help you?” “What obscure plan are you planning, mage?” An old toothless man said, pointing his finger at him. Galain knew him: his name was Craunkor, had about twelve children and even more nephews, and it was said it was having so many family members around his farm that had caused him his unbearable character. “It’s enough already to deal with a dragon once a month without having a mage troublemaker!” “Do not worry!” Galain proclaimed with soft and authoritative voice. “I am expert enough not to cause any trouble. I always know what I’m doing.” “What were you doing then?”Although he could have easily explained, mages are not to keen on sharing their knowledge with unmagical folks: a mage has enough intellect to be more of a free spirit, and it’s more often than not hard for them to explain their intentions. This time, it was something quite easy to explain, but habit had the better. Besides, as said before, mages are above any frivolity about public glory. “One of my experiments. You don’t need to know anything else.” “If only your experiments helped us in our harvest or in defending ourselves maybe you’d make a pair of friends here too, mage!”Everyone laughed. Galain sometimes wondered why on Earth had he decided to retire himself there among those desolate mountains, but he knew it was what he had looked for, so he didn’t complain. He just made a half smile to the villager. “They may or they may not. You will see.”It was only two nights after that Bleddyn the Terrible flew on the village to take again as much precious objects as he could. Everyone closed themselves inside their huts in the hope they wouldn’t be the ones taken by his fire this time. “I’ve come again!” The voice of the dragon resounded through the valley. Uncountable times had he provoked avalanche that had buried some families alive before they could even take out anything shining to save themselves; luckily, now it was summer. “You know what you’re expected to do!”The villagers immediately moved around in a hurry like bees, rushing to put in front of their door all the gold they had managed to mine that month. It was impossible to predict the terrible dragon’s humor: sometimes it was a satisfying amount for him, sometimes it wasn’t, and in these last occasions he would take down one hut or two, and maybe even gobble up his residents if he felt like doing it. That time, however, he seemed to be in a decent humor. “Mm, yes, that will suffice...could be better, but it’s still more plentiful than last time…” (And here a family shivered remembering their neighbors burning alive just one month ago) “...uh, what do we have here?”He had just noticed a man with a long white beard and a brown hood standing in front of him with something in his hand. He was the only one who wasn’t shivering. “I know I haven’t given you the right tribute previously” said Galain solemnly “and the reason is I wanted to give you something that was truly worthy of a magnificent dragon like you. Here is therefore my gift for your majesty.”As every well estimated dragonologist will tell you, dragons cannot resist being praised, no matter how good or evil they may appear to human eyes. The golden goblet the mage had in hand was nothing special for dragon standards, yet all those compliments had played the trick on the dragon. “Well well” Bleddyn said amused, moving his tail and making seven or eight villagers move away screaming “your devotion is certainly remarkable. Usually it’s always some raw golden nuggets, I appreciate there is someone who gave actual time for this...naturally, since you do have time for it, I except everyone to forge your gold into a proper object next time!”And he flew away with his fat loot. In the very moment the dragon had disappeared between the stars, the whole village again let their frustration on Galain. “Nice plan, mage!” Shouted Craunkor, once again. “You just made our lives even more difficult!”Galain, once again, smiled. “Maybe” he commented “or maybe I made the dragon’s life more difficult.”Meanwhile, inside a large cave in the highest mountain of the region, Bleddyn added his new loot to the already immense shining pile that was his bed. “Mmm yes, join your brothers! You’ll be glad to be my new bed and smell of me.”He was particularly fond of the goblet the old man had given to him with so much devotion. Although too small for his paws, Bleddyn took a certain pleasure in caressing it with his smallest talon. He wondered if maybe next time he should demand the village a bigger, more awesome golden object, and in a handful of moments he concluded that yes, he definitely deserved one. With daydreams about what they could fabricate for him, the dragon fell asleep on his pile of gold, with the goblet in his talons. The next day, the first thought of Bleddyn was where to get some juicy deer for lunch. Although he preferred humans, he knew that adding them on his diet too often could cause them to rebel against him, and their weapons could be very sofisticated, as he had learnt in his youth. He tried to get up and stretch his wings as per his usual morning jogging...then he realized he had no wings at all.“What?”He finally opened his eyes. The golden pile looked bigger...much bigger than he was used to. His body felt funny, like if he did not belong to it. There was almost no smell coming to his nostrils; he sniffed, and sniffed, but the familiar scent of his lair was gone. He looked at the goblet: it now perfectly fit his paw, but then quickly realized it was no more a paw. It was pink, with five fingers and talons so short, they could not be considered talons anymore.Finally, he looked at his reflection in the golden gift, and the horror descended on him like a vulture.“! I have become...a human!

Mature Content

Forgotten Memories: Chapter 29, Light's Radiance by Rurik-Redwolf

Mature Content

Forgotten Memories: Chapter 26, Thanatos by Rurik-Redwolf

Mature Content

Forgotten Memories: Chapter 24, Reclaiming Avalar by Rurik-Redwolf
Ref Sheets
[Adopt Auction] Sink Melphoy by Shiegal
Jade by Kalia24
Axilmeus Custom by billowbeast
Saerie refsheet by Garlegas
Pixel Art
ADOPT (CLOSE) Cursed Star by Quinnmanellen
ADOPT (CLOSE) Night Hunter by Quinnmanellen
Enolis Sprite by Ivaalo
GIF: Zaeray Icon by Lakrenix
Dragon Comics

Mature Content

Death of Dawn - 10 by Phomeen
Dragon Doodles by KaiserMeowser
Digital Art III - FULL
.:Krypto 2019:. by Kryptangel
Digital Art II FULL
Welcome to cookie world by Skaizek
Digital Art - F U L L
Sekmet by Lycandra
Traditional art - FULL



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The contest's theme is draw/write/craft/whatever yourself as a dragon. The winner will get signed paperbacks (Dutch or English) of the Lilith trilogy by Kim ten Tusscher. Those books are about a dragon shapeshifter, so it fits the theme quite nicely. Kim is a well-known Dutch fantasy author and I really like her work, so I hope the rest of the world will get to know her too.

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