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Watercolor Ink - Dragon x Crow - Die Wegweiser by PandiiVan
Venomous and Shizuka - The first encounter by PandiiVan
Commission: Los pretends to be a gargoyle. by PandiiVan
Reward: Wraith, the blue dragoness. by PandiiVan
Digital Dragons 8 -OPEN-
Lana concept by GelangweilterToaster
Calm by CynapsusArt
Karma 2 by Bickuribird
Smoky Malefor by HallofFangandClaw
Traditional Dragons 4 OPEN
Night of stars by AlviaAlcedo
Icecream dragon by AlviaAlcedo
Red currant dragon by AlviaAlcedo
Commission: Autumn Romance by PandiiVan
Dragon Reference Sheets
Thunder Ref by Jay-Kuro
30 days of art, Day 5, Sisu evolution by Frametoonsgames
Astrophytum by ScarletKnightReterns
Commission: Wyvern Reference Sheet Aulus Quinctia by PandiiVan
Dragon Anthros
Darcarian forest warrior by RynnElarion
[C] Riggs by Hynvale
Confidence as danger approaches - Uanyx by MBT808
Wagner by Domertizz
Pixel Arts
sfeasdwa by swegnweg
Basic Dragon Doodle Mspaint by Lunaria--Annua
How Lilac's Dad met the Magister by MickeeYoofers
Tempest by Queen-Clam
Dragon Animation
Cecil Sitting animation with link by Slasher12
Noochi Is Happy to See You by NaMoogly
Viridi flying test Krita by Lunaria--Annua
Possessing Cecil by Slasher12
Sketches, Linearts, WIPs
Billowing by Akrinias
Frightened (Sketches) by ScarletKnightReterns
Types od dragons by Crystal-of-Ice
shadows have energy by Jason12698
Dragon Stamps
Closed | polar Star by Topolok
stamp: DRAGON ELEMENT Nature by StephDragonness
stamp: DRAGON ELEMENT Dark by StephDragonness
Stamp: Dragon Trades Open by StephDragonness
Artisan Crafts 2
Little green by AlviaAlcedo
Pile of treasures by AlviaAlcedo
Ice mother and child by AlviaAlcedo
The birth of a dragon. by AlexCarving
Dragon Tutorials
How it's made:Daughter of the Night - Atherakhia by wolfzol
Open Dragon Adopts
[REDUCED SB | OPEN] Dark Dragon Auction by IcyBeat
Dragon Comics
Nightwing plan by RynnElarion
Dragon Literature
Winging It - Chapter 3What a DayAbby Drack skipped dinner, I made Ramen, he never skipped Ramen. Something is up, he’s been in the bathroom for a while now. I got out of my seat and walked up to the bathroom door. I knocked three times. “Is everything alright in there?” I asked. Drack let out a high-pitched squeak. “Yeah, I’m alright, open the door, my hands are full.” He said. I slowly opened the door to see a shiny dragon with a large brush in their hand. “What’s the waxing for?” I asked. Drack never waxed his scales, at least, not usually. “I have a date with Sam tomorrow.” He answered. He kept reaching the brush down his back, he was struggling because of his larger size. “Oh really?” I asked excitedly. “How did you even get into contact with him, I thought your POD was broken?” “Oh, my POD is still broken, I emailed him from a library computer.” He said. I almost laughed; this is something only Drack would do. He kept reaching the brush down his back, he’s really struggling. “Did I get everything on my back?” He asked. He turned around and sat down, there are a large area in the middle of his back that he has yet to reach. “You’re missing a big spot there.” I said. “Here?” He asked bringing the brush over a spot he had already gotten. “No.” “Here?” He asked again missing the spot yet another time. “No, just gimme the brush, you can’t reach it.” I said. Drack handed me the brush and I began getting the large spot on his back that he just couldn’t reach. “Thank you.” He said. “No problem man.” “What are you going to do tomorrow?” He asked. “I’m going to hang out with a friend from work.” I said. Rita invited me to the flower festival the city holds every year. There are supposed to be thousands upon thousands of flowers put on parade floats as well as stands all around to display how well people are able to deal with flowers. It’s going to be a nice day. “That’s nice.” He said. I finished spreading the wax over that last bit of his back and set the brush in the sink. Most scale wax kits come with a few different size brushes… he should have gotten one with a larger brush. “I’m nervous.” He said shyly looking into the mirror. “You should be, it’s been a few months since you’ve seen him. I’m also sure it will be fine, he’ll be happy to see you, man.” I said. I gave him a small pat on his arm, it would have been his shoulder if I could reach that, but the man is much larger than me. “Thank you.” He said. “Now I just have to wait a little for all the wax to dry.” “You do that, I’m gonna head to bed.” I said. I gave him another pat on the arm and left him alone in the bathroom. “G’night big guy.” “Good night Abby.” He said.~~~~~~~~~~~Drack My alarm clock blared its noise and I turned it off. I laid in bed for a little bit, my date isn’t for another while. I stared at the wall, I couldn’t really change my position on this small bed, I was just too big for it. I’d have a bigger bed, but this room doesn’t support anything bigger. I finally rolled myself out of bed and started through my morning routine. I put on a comfortable shirt, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast and… uh… I don’t do much else in the mornings. I sat on the couch and flipped on the TV POD, it was already set to the news. “Good morning folks, it’s a wonderful day outside with a low of sixty-five and high of seventy-two it’s going to stay the perfect temperature for the flower festival going on here near the University of Providence today.” The news anchor said, he almost talks too fast to really follow. “That being said I can’t say much the same about tomorrow, we’re expecting it to rain all day so please make sure to stay dry and safe while flying.” Flower festival? Maybe I could get Sam to go if he wants to see the campus. I can’t wait to see his face, I feel really bad for leaving him hanging for more than a month, I just didn’t have a way to reach him. Maybe he can stay the night, I could make dinner or something. I’m sure Abby wouldn’t mind seeing him either. I hopped off the couch, I can’t wait to see him! I’ve missed him so much! I grabbed a small snack from the fridge and headed out. I clicked on the button to call the elevator and sat down. I tapped my claw on the ground a few times before the doors opened and let me in. I clicked on the ground floor button and waited for the elevator to take me down to the lobby. I was always told that elevators had music but this one is completely silent, it almost made it feel awkward. The elevator finally opened up and I hopped out into the lobby. “You look happy today.” Azeil said. “I AM!” I happily shouted before running out of the building.~~~~~~~~~~~Abby Rita and I watched as the first float of the day inched past us. The float had a sculpture of a dragon made of flowers. So many blues it almost looked like Drack just without the chub. “They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Rita asked. She was staring at all the flowers. “They’re all very pretty.” I said. We both watched as more and more floats came down the street, each one with a different theme, each one differing in how well they were able to execute their ideas. I ended up leaning against Rita’s leg as we watched the floats pass. She’s so much larger than me, I guess that’s my body’s fault for never hitting that promised growth spurt. It was still very nice to lean up against her, she was just so nice to be around. A group of dragon themed floats passed by each of them a representation of a real-life person. I knew none of them besides a few very important people, but each one was masterfully made. The flowers they used just looked so pretty. “Hey Abby, isn’t this the flower you said you liked?” Rita asked pointing at the yellow flowers covering the edge of a float slowly passing by. “It is!” I said. A Mountain-Arnica, a small yellow flower related to the sunflower. It’s slightly toxic but flowers aren’t meant to be eaten, they’re meant to be admired so it’s perfectly alright. “They’re like a beautiful little sunflower.” I said. “Just like you.” Rita said with a smile. She placed the flower in my mane and smiled even wider. She looked back at the floats and I was left trying to process what just happened. Did she just call me… did she really just! Uh! Uh! She did! She did! I tried to say something but all that came out were small squeaks. She looked back at me and smiled again. I tried to say something, but my throat just wouldn’t make the right noises. I just smiled back and leaned against her arm. We both continued watching the parade, but I couldn’t take my mind off of the flower in my hair and what she said. She really did say that right? I’m not dreaming right? The flower is there, she had to have said that. I don’t want to pinch myself because I don’t want this to end if it is a dream. I just happily sat and watched as a float decorated with a rainbow of flowers passed us.~~~~~~~~~~~Drack I walked towards where Sam and I agreed to meet, a coffee shop close to my apartment. Close was more of a relative term, it was still a long walk, but I bet Sam didn’t have any trouble finding it. Oh, I just can’t wait to see his fluffy face and smile. I looked for the fluffy white noodle of a dragon, he stood out almost immediately. He was sitting at a table right outside of the small coffee shop. “SAM!” I shouted. I ran up to him before he could really react and gave him a giant hug. I missed him so, so much. “Hey Drack.” He said hugging me back. “It’s been a while.” I smiled and sat down at the table. He hasn’t changed a bit, he’s still the fluffy white noodle; he actually looked a bit fluffier than usual. He must have gotten his fur done. “Did you wax your scales?” He asked. “I sure did!” I said excitedly I rubbed my shiny scales; they’re going to be looking this nice for a week or two. “You look very good, how’ve you been?” He asked. “Oh, I’ve been alright, college is just what I thought it would be, a whole bunch of work but it isn’t overwhelming yet.” I said. “Abby already found a job and she’s saving up for her own things, I still haven’t found any place to work yet but that scholarship has the apartment covered for a while so we’re fine for a bit.” “Oh, how is she doing?” He asked. He always was concerned with other’s wellbeing, that’s one of the reasons why I just like him so much; he’s genuine, honest. I had to keep myself from getting lost in his green eyes. “Abby is doing just fine; we’re living together pretty well.” I said. “How have you been?” I asked. “I’ve been doing alright… I started working at my parent’s shop again, that’s been taking up some time.” He said. His parents ran a little family carpentry shop, they sold basically everything woodworking, Sam was pretty handy when it came down to whittling some wood. He made many small sculptures, one of them was of me, I have it set up in my room… I claim it’s a bit too chubby, but Abby says it’s too thin; Sam always said it was just right. We’re nearing up on our three-year anniversary, man I was such a mess when I asked him on a date that first day. “How has the woodworking been going? Do they still have you making cabinets?” I asked. Sam laughed a bit; he always had that sorta laugh you could easily pick out in a crowd. “No, I’ve been able to make more things now that I’m ‘old enough’ to decide for myself.” He put ‘old enough’ in air quotes, his parents always babied him. I mean he was an only child, but they did too much sometimes. I sat back a bit and stretched. “I haven’t done any big projects yet, but I’m getting some ideas.” He said. “Like what?” I asked. “hmm… I larger sculpture to set up in front of the shop, I still haven’t really thought of what though, maybe I can just make it a large charm.” He said. “Oh, that sounds very nice!” I said. We slowly drifted into more and more casual conversation. A lot has happened in the months I’ve been gone, man I wish I could be there. Mom and dad have been adventuring out a bit, they haven’t really been at home. I wish I could call them… I really need to get a new POD. “Our three-year anniversary is coming up, should we think of something special to do?” I asked. Sam looked towards the tabled and started twiddling his thumbs. “I need to talk to you about that.” He said. “I uh… I…” “Sam?” I asked. He continued to mess with his claws. “Drack I…” He trailed off before picking back up again. “Drack I cheated.” “What?” I asked quietly, my happy smile vanished in an instant. My stomach felt like it was crawling up my throat. “Drack I’m sorry. I’m sorry but I don’t think I can handle a long-distance relationship. You left that day without even coming to say goodbye and then you didn’t respond to any of my messages or anything.” He said. I feel sick. I-I feel really sick. “I thought that… I thought that I wouldn’t… I found someone else. I found someone else because I thought you just left everyone, you just left everyone and ran…” I tried to say something, but my throat was too stiff to even try, if I did manage to push anything out, I would have thrown up. “I’m sorry, Drack, but I just can’t… I just can’t.” he said. I slowly stood up and turned around. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I took a few steps. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I started to run. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. My run turned into a sprint. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I slammed myself through the doors of out apartment building and ran up the stairs as fast as I could.~~~~~~~~~~~Abby I quickly walked into the apartment building; it was starting to sprinkle outside. There wasn’t any rain in the forecast this morning, bah, they’re always wrong. I shook the small bit of water off myself and clicked on the elevator button. “Hey, Abby.” Azeil called. “Do you know if your friend is alright?” He asked. “Uh… he should be alright, why?” I asked. “Well, he ran in here crying… I went to go check on him, but he didn’t answer the door.” He said. Crying? “He was on a date with his boyfri-” I stopped, it clicked. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I basically flew up the flights despite my wings being next to useless. I shoved my key into the keyhole and flung the door open. “DRACK!” I yelled. I could hear him sobbing in his room. I moved to the fridge and grabbed a tub of chocolate ice cream from the small freezer bit. Drack likes ice cream, he’s the only reason we have some. I grabbed a spoon on my way to his room. The light was off, his room was dark. He sat up against his bed too busy sobbing to notice I even opened the door. I poked his side and set the ice cream tub down in front of him. “You’ll be alright big guy, sometimes things just don’t work out.” I said. “T-h-hank-k y-y-you.” He wept. He opened the tub of ice cream and shoved a large spoonful into his mouth. “I ju-u-st-” He didn’t finish his statement, his cries just got louder as he continued to eat more of the ice cream.“It’s ok, just let it all out big guy, just let it all out.” I said. I leaned up against him as he continued to weep. I feel so horrible for him. He was so excited; he was just so excited. “I w-a-as so-o-” He muffled the rest of what he wanted to say with ice cream. “Do you want to tell me exactly what happened?” I asked. Drack sniffled before telling me how his day went. He’d keep talking even when eating, I wasn’t getting everything he was saying but I’ve got enough to understand what had happened. “He had no right to cheat on you.” I said. “You’re going to be better off without him.” I said. Drack set down the now empty tub of ice cream and wailed. “B-U-UT I-I-I-I LO-O-OVED HIM SO M-U-UCH!” “I know big guy, I know, I liked him too, things just don’t work out sometimes.” I said. I really did like Sam, he was a good kid, but this… I don’t think I could ever forgive him for making Drack cry like this. I pat Drack’s back and gave him a hug. “D-do we ha-a-ave any-ny-nymore ice c-cre-eam?” He asked. “I don’t think we d-” A knock on the door cut me off. “I’ll get that really quick.” I said getting up. I wandered to the door and opened it up not even bothering to get my stool to look through the peep hole. There was nobody at the door but there was a cylindrical object sitting at the foot of the door with a note on it. I picked up the object, it was freezing cold. I pulled off the note to reveal that it was a tub of chocolate ice cream. I read the note attached to it. I think he’ll need this. I sure did. There was no name on the note. I closed the door and went back to Drack with the new tub of ice cream. “T-h-hank yo-o-ou.” He said. I sat up against him and continued to let him cry. I wish I could do more to cheer him up, but I’m here for him no matter what.
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YCH Auction/ Any feral creature [CLOSED] by LiitAlles
Digital Dragons 1 FULL
Digital Dragons 2 FULL
I dont think he is kidding by RedZedEMo
Digital Dragons 3 FULL
Blade the White Dragon by BladeTheWhiteDragon
Digital Dragons 4 FULL
Xtreme Champion Tournament promo by Chaos-Draco
Digital Dragons 5 FULL
Commission for miidniightsuun by TurnipStewdios
Digital Dragons 6 FULL
It's a good day to be a dragon by StealthCat15
Digital Dragons 7 FULL
Under the Stars by SKSpitzkopf
Traditional Dragons FULL
Charizard by demolitionfoxX
Traditional Dragons 2 FULL
Lefeudeglace's First Snow by The-Chronicler-Croi
Traditional Dragons 3 FULL
Rose Watercolor Dragon - Rose Garden by PandiiVan
Artisan Crafts FULL
Year of the Dragon by Len-Corcino



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