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Quest for the morning coffee

Dedicated to the :iconsilence-is-gold:. An award winning lady who holds the record for most cups of coffee so far. Twenty cups in six hours and slept like a baby all night.

:iconjademacalla: Ninja ........................... :iconintergalacticstock: Lady (holding head)
:iconlongstock: Lady (pink robe) ......... :iconpink-stock: Tea cup (pink robe)
:iconwookiestock: Sleepy couple,Man hat :iconsenshistock: Men in underwear
:iconhatestock: Mug (right man) .......... :iconkaotiksymphony-stock: Mug (left man)
:iconshiver-stock: Lady (blue robe) ......... :iconbobbistock: Lady (Light blue robe)
:iconrammkitty-stock: Lady (gown) ............... :iconobliteratedstock: Tea cup (gown)
:icondazzle-stock: Lady (sleeping) ........... :iconischarm-stock: Cup (sleeping)
:iconfantasystock: Lady (jean) ................. :iconfaestock: Lady (rope), Desert
:icontarafly: Lady hang (left) .......... :iconkime-stock: Lady hang (right)
:iconsilhouette-stock: Lady hang right (legs). :iconpepstock: Lady blind
:iconlisajen-stock: Lady (ladder) .............. :iconro-stock: Mug (ladder)
:icondouble-crow-stock: Man (long hair) ........... :iconwolfcatstock: Lady (ground)
:icondrake-stock: rope (top knot) ........... :iconfairiegoodmother: rope connections
:iconfelicity-mhstock: Ladder (top) ............... :iconcorvi-stock: Ladder (bottom)
:iconacidsourgirl: Stick holders ............... :iconmystockphotos: Coffee
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TaeYoongJoongSa's avatar
 20 cups in one day ...  that's not healthy

 Heard from magazine that you shouldn't exceed more than maybe 21 to 24 cups of coffee in a week.  In other words ... 
 better less than 3 per day 
Haily742's avatar
WOW. That must of taken you hours! I love the ninja too. =D
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
It was after my morning coffee so it was ok! :)
RatofSpring's avatar
everything fits so perfectly :D The ninja is my favourite :XD:
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
more than the coffee?
RatofSpring's avatar
Unfortunately, I'm with the tea drinkers :XD: Though I love the smell, does that count? ;P
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
Judgess say yes, after all I don’t drink coffee either I just like the creamy top
RatofSpring's avatar
AngryPufferfish's avatar
This is one of the most creative and clever uses of stock I have ever seen. XD
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
Glad you like it. Have a cup :coffeecup:
Miha3lla's avatar
I ve never seen anithing more amazing than this since i ve been on DA
i love it :heart:
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
Spoken like a true coffee lover
Miha3lla's avatar
actualy i hate the taste of cofee :D i like the smell thow... :))
your edit is amazing because of how u made it and the ideea ig cool..... so nice job :P i love it even thow i deslike coffe :))
bloodonthemoon5's avatar
Holy shit.
This is freaking amazing! The idea is GREAT and I usually hate photo manipulations; but this is PERFECT :D Nice work ;D
FantasyStock's avatar
LOL! This is how I feel today! Good job with adding so many stock photos into a coherent piece of art. Well done!!
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
What can I say. Coffee is a crowd pleaser.
Jateshi's avatar
I need a cup about this size every morning...

Wonderful and a great way to see stock actually. COFFEE!!!!
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
People like you have another name for coffee.
“The elixir of life”
Jateshi's avatar
Yes we do. *eyes her cuppa joe which is sitting next to the computer as we speak* It's only got 4 shots of expresso, that's not much right?
ChatLunatique's avatar
Ahhhh, yes.
There may be life without coffee, but who's awake enough to care?
This is great, I'm in awe of your photomanipulation skills.
Silence-is-gold's avatar
i totally is holy, especially in the mornings.
JadeThePredator's avatar
I don't like coffee or tea... but I LOVE this picture! This photomanipulation is like the best one I've seen so far! So many people, and they all look like they belong in this picture! I think you did a fantastic job! I seriously LOLed when I looked at this. XD
Dragon-Kiss's avatar
I am very flattered. Usually when I put a lot of people together they dent to stand out. Your enthusiasm gives me inspiration to make more like this
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