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Its sad that my Misfortune - Happy's Revenge Alt 1 which I believe was the one I drew Ranma as a centaur not really doing anything and was just topless, got removed today because it was 'sexually explicit' and yet that little art tracer thief found at who still has a tons of pirated and stolen work from me and across the internet is still doing anything he likes. It re-afirms why I don't to do nudes too often, especially of existing characters cause it doesn't often matter that the character isn't real, people will still get their panties in a bunch over it. Also, DA, you have the time for my one little picture and not a whole gallery of someone who has little to nothing original on his? WTF?

I'd say keep an eye on the Raven Chain - Art Class ones people. If the person who complained is still around, I imagine those among some of the others to be next...

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I'm glad that piece of shit is no longer one of my watchers, I just blocked him a few hours ago, mostly because he is an art thief and I no longer trusted him and partly, I want to see if he is going to do one of these […] to me, so I can rip him apart with a journal response. Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
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While art theft is a serious matter on this site, it makes you appear rather irresponsible to use them as a scapegoat when you yourself get accused of doing something wrong. It may not be your intention, but people might get the idea that they think you believe that you're somehow above the rules of the site when you make complaints like this. I just thought you should know that.
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Everybody protect yourselves O_O !!!
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oh mah god do I have to...... sheet I think......... good lord !!!!!
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i think you have to warn everyone about this f**king stupid forger, his art crimes need to be addressed and the crazy fool given the humping they deserve, ok?
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Damn it he put my username Dengar9999 my youtube on his page, he subscribed me and added me as a watch on deviantart but I blocked him as quick as possible!

My god all the art he taken 0_0
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okay, if a group of seven people, me and my sister and some friends, reporting him at the same time doesn't work, we'll need to double the number and keep going until it works
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I'm thoroughly convinced Alerkina's either stupid or insane, possibly both. No reasonable approach has put a stop to his antics: I've tried being civil, I've tried being forward, I've pointed out how his reason for hating and mimicking you -- that you're "killing Rukia" with the pieces you post with her in them, however that's supposed to work -- has no logical ground when 80% of his submissions are Rukia fanart of laughable quality... and nothing's changed his attitude. And of course, the Admins still haven't gotten rid of the twerp.
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Sexualized minor for my two, think they hit my Ranma TF and my Ukyou TF pictures....
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Yeah some asshat has been running through all ranma 1/2 images and reporting them, some that got deleted wasn't even nude/topless/sexual. All I can think of is they go by one report equals five hundred dislikes(sort of like the tv censoring board...)
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Just like the family guy episode about the FCC
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:/ Why don't they just accept a "Mature content-Sexually explicit" tag and move on?
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what can i say deviant art hasn't impressed me much lately
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Even better, that little fucker started watching me. I blocked him and removed his comments.
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as soon as you told us of his misdamenours i kicked him out of my friends forever!
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>_> That art thief's gallery is... pretty damn horrible. "Here's a screenshot superimposed ontop of a video game car! It's their car! I'm wild, I'm crazy and I'm a creative artist! But just in case, let's steal some more art."

Really makes me worry for the future of Deviant art with people like him around.
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everytime he pops up in either your journals or someone elses, i've reported him. i think this makes around twenty times or so now
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How do I report him?
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what i do is i go to all the images i know he has ripped off of some one and there's a little blue link on the right side of the screen as you scroll down that reports the image, and i keep including that he's done it with most of his gallery as well
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Too tedious, too lazy, I'll just be content with the fact that he can't look at the characters I made he said were "cute".
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I prefer to keep a close eye on him because he just favorited my stories. May end up deleting them here soon anyways, but alot of people like him never take a hint.
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I just decided to make sure he never tarnishes my girls with his worthless gaze ever again.
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