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Wanted a simple place I could find ruins and use them for future endeavors in possible charms depending on how well things go...

...like the ones I'll be posting in a little while. XD

Thought it might be useful for you guys too. Might add the letter representation and object meanings later too.

Please note: I think the ruins are mostly right. I've looked at several sources and they seem to have similar meanings to the ones writen but most I've read are never fully the same as one another. I do plan to find an official book at some point. Till then, this is what I've got. ^^;
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Thank you for sharing this with us. It will be most useful to other artists it will be interesting to see how many runes we now start to see in other work. I've always been interested in runes as it shows the development of the Viking language. As you wrote in your piece they were just like us a thousand years ago and had the same sense of humour I'm sure. Runes I think have been miss used over the years as you wrote they were not always mystical writings as perhaps they were portrayed in lord of the rings and other sagas like the lion the witch and (Ikea) wardrobe. Sorry about that but as you are from Sweden I thought you might find that funny. Anyway it made me chuckle. Anyway really just wanted to say thank you for sharing.