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Runes 1.0

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Wanted a simple place I could find ruins and use them for future endeavors in possible charms depending on how well things go...

...like the ones I'll be posting in a little while. XD

Thought it might be useful for you guys too. Might add the letter representation and object meanings later too.

Please note: I think the ruins are mostly right. I've looked at several sources and they seem to have similar meanings to the ones writen but most I've read are never fully the same as one another. I do plan to find an official book at some point. Till then, this is what I've got. ^^;
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Thank you for sharing this with us. It will be most useful to other artists it will be interesting to see how many runes we now start to see in other work. I've always been interested in runes as it shows the development of the Viking language. As you wrote in your piece they were just like us a thousand years ago and had the same sense of humour I'm sure. Runes I think have been miss used over the years as you wrote they were not always mystical writings as perhaps they were portrayed in lord of the rings and other sagas like the lion the witch and (Ikea) wardrobe. Sorry about that but as you are from Sweden I thought you might find that funny. Anyway it made me chuckle. Anyway really just wanted to say thank you for sharing.
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Hey there ^.=.^ I'm from Sweden, and I've got a document on rune rows that I aquired during a visit to Birka, the oldest viking city in Sweden. It details six different rune sets and their meanings.

What you've got here is the older samgermanic rune row, and according to what I've got, everything is mostly right. The phonetic spelling of the runes have been a bit altered, as have some of the meanings. You've done a nice job capturing the shapes of the runes as well as the general gist of each rune. However, some are not quite right.

I'll jot down what my doc says about the runes, and you can compare and contrast it to your research.

These are the samgermanic / nordic phonetic spellings of the runes and their meanings, according to Handfaste.

Feh (first rune) - The animal rune. Signifies wealth and prosperity.

Reid (second rune) - The wagon rune. Signifies protection and travel.

Hagal (third rune) - The hail rune. Signifies development and insight.

Eoh (fourth rune) - The yew rune. Signifies patiencs and endurance.

Tyr (fifth rune) - The spiritual warrior rune (Tyr is the god of honourable combat and war). Signifies justice and honesty.

Lagu (sixth rune) - The water rune. Linked to and signifies dreams and intuition.

Ur (seventh rune) - The wild rune. Signifies an ancient creating or shaping force, usually associated with Yggdrassil.

Ken (eighth rune) - The fire rune. Signifies fire and energy.

Naud (ninth rune) - The distress or need rune. Signifies destiny.

Pertra (tenth rune) - The cliff rune. Signifies confidence in oneself.

Bjarka (eleventh rune) - The birch rune. Signifies healing and care.

Ing (twefth rune) - The rune of fertility and spring. Signifies creativity and sexuality.

Thurs (thirteenth rune) - The troll rune. Signifies chaos and destruction.

Gifu (fourteenth rune) - The gift rune. Signifes harmony and balance.

Iss (fifteenth rune) - The ice rune. Signifies self control and calm.

Algiz (sixteenth rune) - The moose rune. Signifies harmony and protection.

Eh (seventeenth rune) - The horse rune. Signifies insight and communication.

Dagaz (eighteenth rune) - The day rune. Signifies insight and alertness, being awake.

Ass (nineteenth rune) - The air rune. Signifies spiritual inspiration.

Wynja (twentieth rune) - The happiness rune. Signifies happiness and peace.

Jara (twenty-first rune) - The yearly growth rune. Signifies fertility and karma.

Sol (twenty-second rune) - The sun rune. Signifies love and warmth.

Madr (twenty-third rune) - The human rune. Signifies self knowledge and insight into oneself.

Odal (twenty-fourth rune) - The goddess Sif's rune. Signifies safety, security and tradition. Sif was the wife of Tor and the goddess of marriage.


Different interpretations of the meanings of the runes can certainly be made in our day and time. Each rune had its significance to the vikings of old, and they were often used to read fortunes or determine the future of a person by using runestones. They were also inscribed on many stones and shelves in scandinavia, leaving a very interesting literary heritage.

Of course, being the rowdy bunch we were back then, a lot of the stones are in fact nothing more than grafitti. I've seen many stones that say things such as "Thorvald raised this stone (read: Thorvald was here)" or "Vigmund raised this stone in his own honour, the most skillful of men".

The futhark was commonly used as a way to perform magical rites which is reflected on runestones by the use of the phrase "interpret the runes", essentially meaning that the reader should take into consideration what the runes signify and know what the spell or runerow was intended to do.

If you wish to know more about the runes or perhaps discuss meanings and interpretations of individual runes, I'd be happy to oblige. I hope I've been of assistance, and not just thrown a monkey wrench in your machinery <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/w/w…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>
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KerbsanHobbyist General Artist
Not sure but I once heard that Thurisaz(Thurs) and Isa(Iss) were sometimes considered evil runes but after searching a bit even thurisaz the rune of destruction also is a rune of protection. Both of then Thorn and Ice are one of my favorites are there any original true meanings or it depends from interpretation to interpretation?
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JargonTheRedHobbyist Writer
Thurs is the name of a giant (or troll, if you will) on old norse mythology, and can probably be considered an "evil" or negative rune. "Tursas" is also an entity associated with thunder and war (Tor's equivalent for most intents and purposes, but with a more negative ring) in finnish mythology.

Iss, on the other hand, is not so much an evil rune as a rune of static and immovability. Self control, standing still and resistant to change. It's a fixing rune, something that is seen as both positive in the aspect of self control and calm, but also negative in the respect of symbolizing resistance to change.

Of course, original true meanings are twisted by time and many, many retranslations. Thurs is mostly associated with trolls, destruction and chaos while Iss is a little more ambivalent and largely depends on context.
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KerbsanHobbyist General Artist
Interesting some interpretations of Thurs also mention that even though the rune looks like a thorn and thorns most of the time hurt they also can protect although I could say that this rune is more like a double edged blade/sword. It can protect you but at a price. 

Would really like to hear an opinion on someone who wears that rune around his neck.

Iss is great for stability I agree with that but it really depends for what purpose you want the rune to be used if you want to ground your emotions it should be great but it should never impede your progress and change for the better. But then again old habits die hard.
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ruins are indeed a method of communication


   Trestria by david-tomlinson   D by david-tomlinson   Judge by david-tomlinson   Icon by david-tomlinson   00 by david-tomlinson
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Liz-H-AlexanderProfessional Digital Artist
I used your chart as a reference for a pic.  Will update this comic with said art once I upload it.  :)  
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yay TBoI theached me something
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SlushCasketHobbyist Digital Artist
glad to see someone cares about other religions out there.

what is yours? 
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bastian1990Professional Digital Artist
Pretty interesting, it's nice to find people who works with runes and ancient wisdom.
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ShulkieloverStudent Writer
Aren't these used in the Pokémon Adventures manga and called Star Glyphs?
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PsychoCyclone95Student Writer
Did you know that the game Jotun named all their bosses after the runes; specifically Fehu, Hagalaz, Isa, and Jera?
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NevermoremistHobbyist General Artist
Very cool I've been looking for many rune book (my bag of runes have disappeared as well >_<) and I don't see wyrd, the magic rune, mentioned. I know it's a blank stone but it should still be included in the description otherwise the set is incomplete.
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This is wonderful, I wanted to create a collar with celtic artistry and saw one with runes on it, so this helps. Its a collar for a Hell Hound ( but a nice one, not scary(unless you are a demon)) and it is a companion for a 'Guide Angel' (lesser angel of death). 
Is there any particular order that the runes i choose should be placed? or can it be random?
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SonOfRasputinStudent Traditional Artist
Yes yes just what i needed
ADIGITALSM1LEYHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey man, mind if I base my tattoo design on this?(I won't upload the design to here) Thanks in advance! :D
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McFaolHobbyist Digital Artist
very useful, thx!
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TheMoonlitPrinceHobbyist Writer
Do you mind if I use these runes in a deviation weapon I am commissioning from a friend?
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Dragon-FangXProfessional Digital Artist
Go for it.
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BlackNastopian Traditional Artist
I love old school and ancient cultures and writing
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Love the feel of the Runes :)

Thanks you
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No rune for failure, sadness, despair, cruaulty ?
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thaaank you for this :D
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It's awesome! If it helps in any way, there's also the Empty Rune...
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