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He better not hit me with a wrench,

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3. And that marcus turns into a flying creature of some kind(dragon, or a bird) so he can fly without help from flying machines.
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Flying machines? while lighther then air transport have been known for some time it wasn't until 1893 that the Zeppelin, was put into production and became a common means of transport, this means that all wars prior to that is outrulled, leaving just one major conflict, 1914-1918 the Great War, aka WWI.

I suggest that our little lad here is a German, I know that the Germans have often been villainised but in WWI at least, their motivation was as pure as that of any other participant, they fought for their nations glory, under the doctrine of nationalism, just like the French, it wasn't the great battle of ideologies as WWII and the cold war was.

I really do think it is an interesting time with a lot of potential and is interesting. I also think that our princes should be German, there were so many small principalities in Germany, and it hits me that her "kingdom" was a small one.
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I like you... Thanks for not judging us for things we(or rather our ancestors) did during WWII ;)
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well I said WWI.

I consider WWII to be the natural result, when a proud people is humiliated by their ancient enemies, and left so desperate that they turn to a madman. It is really franch's fault

They were just mad for what you did in 1870, but that was peanuts compared to what they did.

What should have happened was that the allies accepted a peace with  the Kaiser, recognised that they were all equally responsible for the war, many today still believes that the Germans started WWI, but they didn't, the French were equally to blame, and the British butted in as always to keep the balance, but this time they failed to do that, as they allowed the French to go too far. Finally there was the Americans, and after they joined in favour of the French there was really only one way the war could go.
With France alone, Germany could have and would have won. With Britain butting in, a white peace should have been the result, but with a third heavy player on the same team, defeat became inevitable.

They should never have joined to begin with, world war one, should have been known as the second franco prussian war, and would have been much shorter and much less bloody.

But as it were, and as it went, Britain and America still made the horrible mistake of allowing the French to write the peace treaty. They forced a republic on a people that loved monarchy, they humiliated the Germans, and blamed them for the entire war, when half the blame was easily theirs.

Because of the French vengeance, madness took root in Russia, and later Germany. With no strong power being near enough to suppress. A strong Germany would have ensured victory to the white army, meaning no Stalin, no soviet union.

After that the Germans had no choice. They had to break the Versailles treaty, they were forced to find a strong man to lead them. And that is never good. If not Hitler and Nazism, then someone and something else, maybe communism, but the result would have been the same, a new bloody war.

The Versailles treaty made WWII inevitable. Without Hitler, it would have been different, but it would still have happened. Vengence is never the answer.

In post WWII germans were treated humanly, and where helped to get back on their feet. How different would our world not have been, if Woodrow Wilson had been a man of reason and understanding, rather then a stubborn fool fixating upon things that never mattered, while ignoring things that were critically important, all in the name of ideology. His 14 points is the most idiotic things I have ever heard, at least I can understand the French vengeance, even if it is dumb and blind. But if he had just been focused on that, instead of nonnegotiable demands.

That war, but especially how it ended, was the greatest travesty in all of human history.
Anyway, the cause was the interlocking web of mutual defense treaties, allowing a single person to plunge the entirety of Europe into war. It was not, as you claim, everyone hanging up on Germany. And the Germans made at least two major mistakes - sending a large segment of their army east towards Russia and then back west before it even got there, causing it to miss major battles on both fronts, and by resuming unrestricted submarine warfare, which brought the Americans in just in time to block it from overrunning the French lines.

As for after the war? That's how people thought and how many still think. If Germany had won, I doubt it would have gone for a "white peace" either, and the economic worldwide crash (the Great Depression in America), could easily have resulted in warmongers taking control in either France or Britain.

My point is that this is much less straightforward than you seem to think it is.
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What I said was that if Brittain and America had not joined, Germany would have won, at the end of the war Russia was practically overrun, and with no british and American Support Paris would have been taken.
Of course Germany made mistakes, their biggest mistake was to not having maintained warm relations with Britain and America, but even if they had done all that, it would have been very limited what Germany could have and would have demanded from France, properly a couple of colonies, I know they liked Madagascar, and perhaps some war reparations, but that's it, they couldn't make any further territorial claims, but they might have installed a king from one of the royal French houses, the house of Bourbon is the most likely choice as they didn't like the Bonaparte.
But they wouldn't be able to do much more even if they occupied must of France.

But my base point is not the mystakes that the Germans did, but the mistake that the allies did after the war. The Versailles treaty and the 14 points. Everything could have happened exactly as it did, but with a more lenient peace treaty, with a focus on German integration into Europe, rather then German punishment wwII could have been avoided.
Easy to point out things, nearly a hundred years after the fact. But you were not a product of those times. What seems so obvious to you was not nearly so to those closer to those events.

The amazing thing is that they picked up on it after WWII at all. The peace terms following WWI were not that much different than those following previous wars in Europe.
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Are you claiming that the rise of a dictator in Germany, wasn't and inevitable consequence of the Versailles treaty?
There are very few "inevitable consequences", you know. What gave Hitler his chance was the economic crash of the 1930s - which the Treaty of Versailles had almost nothing to do with.

I suppose you could say it (the treaty) was a precondition to Hitler's takeover, but he still needed the opportunity to actually take over. Not only that, but he could have been stopped and deposed several times afterward before building Germany up to the point where it could sustain such a war effort.
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Seems like someone dislikes the French...

The problem with your approach here is that you're ignoring other things which had just as much of an effect on WW1, instead trying to cast the blame on a convenient target.

The cause of the war was the
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was the... what?
I addressed this in a follow-up comment. Suffice it to say,I accidentally hit post comment before I was ready to post.
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This has got to be the most intelligent argument I ever found in a comments section! Seriously, if only other commenters would even have this level of grammar! 
Yes, admitting that I made a mistake when posting is quite intelligent.  Thanks for the compliment.
Bah, I hate using this phone sometimes.
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...I don't think you understand the point of fantasy ;)
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åh? well if it doesn't take place on Earth, then you have two choices, you can develop the history of a whole new world, like tolkien did. I think it took him about a decade, BEFORE he started writing the books, or you can use an already established setting.
I have developed one, or is in the process of developing one, and while I havn't finished any stories that takes place there yet, I would not mind that you use my world, you just have to listen to me for about 10 hours while I explain ALL the rules and aspects of the world that you have to know.

That is why I think that if you won't try to go with historical, you should just try fanart, because high fantasy is freaking lots of work.
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4 sounds good ♥
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