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Mechanics of War - Childish Surprise

It is a bit jarring to go from 30s-40s to probably less then 10.

~ Brunhild tries to fight back but she was too young and too small. ~
~ Blythe is surprised when Brunhild leaps at her and manages to actually land a hard hit!~
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Brought to you by yoshiegg64
If you're interested to help out and see this move forward, let me know.

Characters, Story and Art by Dragon-FangX
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You should now try number 1
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Uh Oh! The Magic isn't working.
2. I think she's had enough endings where she gets her way.
yoshiegg64's avatar the snake from Unicorn Trail was a Temperance Viper?

Wow, wonder if there are more than one of him or he is the last of his kind?

If he is the last of his species, it would make sense why he cared so much about his survial.
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*Temporal viper
Temperance means "abstinence from alcoholic drink."
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Has she tried to monetize this?
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Ah, the snake finally gets a name (well species anyways)
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2.  Definitely 2.
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IF the second one is selected... I'm just gonna go with this pretty much being what happens:…
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