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Anthropomorphic Shark - Vapora



Shark Anthro Status: Mixed

Anthro sharks tend to be... a bit on the weird side what most people end up doing. Lots of anthro sharks for one reason or another are given cat like ears on their heads. Why? Because they want to add character I guess? I don't know. A true anthro shark is hard to find. An anthro hammerhead shark: near impossible.

This hammerhead anthro developed a unique skin tone compared to most hammerheads. As a result of it, she tends to spend her days on sandy beaches, hunting her favorite pray: hamburgers. Her fins have become more structured, allowing for upright walking on land, and her gills, while still functioning as her lungs, can process air above the water aswell, allowing her to spend several hours on land before needing to return to the water.

I said I'd do colorings of some of my more favorite anthros I draw and so I colored Vapora. I choose to go with sand coloring cause A; she's already an anthro so is sand/blond a huge stretch? And B; I don't have any characters with that color scheme. Plus I thought she just looked good in these colors.

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What kind of Hammerhead is she?