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Have Any Of The Following? :

:bulletblue: A comment/feedback?
:bulletgreen: A question
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:bulletgreen: A suggestion?

-->>Send us a note! <<--

:pointr: Sending the group a note is a good way to contribute! :dummy: Everything you have to say is important to us, so hearing your powerful voices will help us greatly in supporting you and making things better for the group itself.

Group Colors:

:pointr: Blue :bulletblue:, Green :bulletgreen:, & Black :bulletblack:

How to Join:

:bulletgreen: It's pretty simple actually. Anyone can join, but you have to make sure you read the rules first as to ensure your success in the group. Definitely, it's a list you should read before joining/submitting. :)

DF Rule Book:

~Please read them carefully. :) If your art does not follow these rules upon submission, it will be automatically declined. I know that there are a lot of rules, but they are pretty simple to follow. And feel free to ask any questions concerning the rules and what's allowed! Do not, however, ask why your work was declined. All the possible reasons are detailed in the rules.

:bulletblue: All submissions must be sent to the "Member Submissions 2018" folder and art for contests goes to the folders that indicate the specific contests. Do NOT submit to the "Featured Favorites" folder!

:pointr: 1) Group focus: Dragons only. Any art that we receive are only dragons or anything related to dragons. We Do Not Accept Art That Looks Like A Human In A Costume. Anthro designs that look more human than dragon will be declined. We do not accept dinosaurs. They are not dragons. We focus more on classic dragons (eastern dragons, celtic/nordic lore, etc), and their possible hybrids IF they resemble more like the classics. Dragons containing the elements/features of other creatures will be accepted. We'll accept hydras and leviathans if they contain evident dragon-like features. Humans and other creatures can be within the artwork, but the focus has to be on the dragon. Dragon can't be faded into the background.

:pointr: 2) 2 submissions per week. No repetitive images. Choose ONE

:pointr: 3) No art work that contains sexual themes or mocks other Deviants. ARTISTIC nudity is fine. NO vore. And please, NO over-inflation. Overweight characters are fine, but over-inflation is considered a fetish. Sexual fetishes in general will be declined.

:pointr: 4) Please ensure that your artwork is nice, neat, clean, and easily visible. If it's difficult for someone to see, please don't submit it.  No line paper from notebooks. :) Please only submit your very best works; The ones you are most proud of!

:pointr: 5) NO WIPS (works in progress, unfinished art). All art must be completed.

:pointr: 6) ART MUST BE MADE BY YOU! Art theft will NOT be tolerated. NO ALTERED IMAGES! To help us, please report any kind of stolen art that had/has been submitted to the group. Please only submit work you have made. Characters created by "doll makers" and etc won't be accepted. If there is an art piece a friend/commissioned artist made for you, you can request it be added to the group ONLY if it is the piece the original artist submitted. It cannot be added to your own gallery. This way the artist who created it can get the recognition they deserve.

:pointr: 7) Photography 1-> Made a trip to somewhere in the world and found a cultural dragon statue or a historical piece of dragon art!? Take a picture of your adventure/find and submit it. :) Just be sure to list the location and country of your discovery. (Photos must be based in public parks, buildings, and out-in-public-statues.) They cannot be tiny little statues found in shops. Must be somehow historical to the town/place it is found in. Be sure to describe everything you learned on the description of the deviation.

~Photography 2/Costumes/Fursuits -> Photography of anthrocon, comicon, and furcon dragons are allowed! :) Have a suit? Sport it in some creative photography! No selfies! Accepted based on quality and creativity.

:pointr: 8) Decided to allow pokemon and digimon again. Is not limited to type-age. If it looks like a dragon, go for it.


Adoptables Folder Rules:

:pointr: 1. Can be point adoptables, cash adoptables, and draw to adopt creations
:pointr: 2. NO HUMAN-LIKE ADOPTABLES (however,anthro is an exception, but if it's more human than creature, it will be declined)
:pointr: 3. They must be drawn by you.
:pointr: 4. Only dragon, dragon-like adoptables.
:pointr: 5.  All non-adoptables will be declined and asked to submit it to another folder!

------->>>> I, BipolarNonsense, will be the one overseeing this folder :) So, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! They shall be answered! :)

Please Note:

You have to be a member in order to submit. Do keep in mind that submissions are not automatically approved! Prove yourself worthy, Dragon Master!
Hello everyone! :wave:

I am live on Patreon now! :dummy: 

So... what do I offer on Patreon? As my patron, you will get access to my patron only feed, which contains different things like Work in Progresses
and SALE-Codes, when commissioning me. Depending on the reward you chose, you have further different Privileges and Advantages:
  • Free Egg Holding
  • Preview of the upcoming Egg Adopt Batch
  • Purchasing the Egg(s) of your desire in advance
  • 10% OFF from the regular price everytime you're adopting or commissioning me
  • Individual help with your drawings/paintings (ex.: Redlining, Sketches,...)
  • Cheap SPECIAL EGG ADOPTS. The Hatchlings can only be purchased by patreons!
  • Access to my new Dragon series "The Seasonal Dragons". Only available for patrons!
... and of course you can cancel the subscription every time!

Since I am pretty new on Patreon, the whole site and rewards are still in processing, but (!!) I got very good news for all Pandii-Egg-Adoptable-Lovers!
I know that many of you like my Egg Adoptables but cannot afford them. Therefore, I was thinking of a good solution for both sides and -hurray!- I found one :dummy: Let's call it:

The Pandii-Egg-Adoptables-Community-Project!

Well... shoot me, but I didn't found a better name for it, my apologies, haha :XD:
As a Patron with a pledge of only at least 10$ per month, you will get a special Egg Adopts Batch every month, I will create only for my "brave" and "generous" patrons (these are the names of the rewards).
You can vote in a monthly poll with my other patrons for one Egg of your desire, which I hatch into something you decide together in another poll. If you're the only patron, you can decide it on your own ;P

How it works in detail:
  • Become a "brave Hatchling" or a "generous Hatchling" on patreon
  • Every Month I will create a new Special Egg Adopts Batch and send it to you
  • Vote for the Egg of your desire. I will hatch the Egg with the most votes. You got 5 days time to vote.
  • I message you with the result, and you tell me your Hatchling ideas for the egg with the most votes. I will bring up every Hatchling idea in another poll.
  • Vote for the Hatchling idea of your desire in the 2nd poll. The idea with the most votes will be painted. I will message you with the results of course.
  • The Hatchling will be uploaded on DeviantArt and can be purchased in an exclusive auction ONLY from Brave and Generous Hatchlings.


If you cannot afford an Egg Adoptable from me, you can join and participate in my Pandii-Egg-Adoptables-Community-Project with only at least 10$/month!
Chose an egg and decide with the Pandii-Patron-Community what I shall hatch and if you like the result - get the hatchling in an exclusive auction here on DeviantArt!
For more information, just visit my page:

Furthermore, you may have noticed, that I put new outgoing links into the descriptions of my newest deviations.
I created an account on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr now, so feel free to follow and support me there either :aww:
Of course I highly appreciate every support. Feel free to share these links and journal to your friends and follower,
this would be much appreciated and helps me out a lot. :dummy:

... and as my friend used to say:

:la: Sharing is caring :dummy: :XD:

(he used to say that, when he's hungry xD)

THANK YOU ALL for reading and paying attention!

I really appreciate that and wish you all a nice day!
- PandiiVan

There is a group on Facebook that does not deem it a problem for people to post art without crediting the artists. There is stolen art on there as far as the eye can see. So, I started reporting the stolen art to the artists themselves if they'd like to do anything about it. Please, if you recognize any art in there, (or if it's your own), you can either report it to the artist or (if yours) report it as stolen property. It's a public group, so anyone can see anything in it.

Figured I'd do you all a favor. Happy reporting!…

(p.s. I got blocked from the group because I mentioned that I reported a decent amount of the stolen art in the group and argued with a repeat offender who obviously was defended by the admins)
Dragon Fanatics now has a facebook group!
Rules are a bit lenient compared to what I have set up here on DA. Be sure to read them. :) Anyone is welcome.…
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Here are our admins and they're in charge. :D
These guys are the ones who vote on the artwork and members coming in. They ensure that nothing goes amiss here. If you have any suggestions or concerns, they are the ones you should contact.

The Sovereign of the Realm


Second In Command


The Royal Advisers


The Generals



Here are other groups that may catch your interest and certainly deserve checking out. :heart:

Please visit their artists and galleries as well! :aww:

:bulletgreen: Affiliation Requests are open.


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hi, thanks for accepting me :D
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How do you join the group because I would love to join this group
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Magali-Mebsout Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Professional
Hello, I wanted to let you guys know about this currently kickstarted dragons artbooks.
If you guys like dragons you might enjoy checking out the art around the project.
Here is a collaboration I did with McGillustrator . I hope you like it.

Dragon's Pass by McGillustrator
Grace-Winters Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
One of my deviaitions keeps getting declined and I asked why multiple times with no reply. It's clearly got a dragon in it (wings, horns, clasd, talons) I'm a little frustrated because my question is being ignored every time I try to submit it. Sorry to be a bother but id like to know why it's being declined since it's a dragon and all xD
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DP-Flare Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017
Just letting you know that traced/stolen art has found its way into this group!… is claimed to be an original design but it's copied from… which can be found on dragcave.

Another traced piece is… which is also stolen from dragcave's Script Dragon…

I asked them to take the stolen art down and they refused.…
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Thank you accepted me!
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