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Entry Closed, Pairings Sent

    Greetings fellow dragon lovers, welcome back to the annual Dragon Fanatics Halloween Exchange! Visual and literary artists, the beginners and those far on their artistic journey, any member who wants to participate is welcome to join! As part of my continuing goal to streamline and improve this event yearly, I'll lay out the rules of how to participate below, as well as an easy form to fill to ensure that everyone's personal goals for this event are clear and understood. After that, I'll lay out the rules and important notes you should read before filling out the form.

Premise and How it Works

    This event is essentially a Secret Santa, but better because it's Halloween themed instead! It doesn't rely on being better than anyone else like a contest, and it offers more interaction with other members of the group than challenges. The most important parts of the Exchange is to have fun and to make something for someone that they will hopefully love. Who gifts to whom is decided by the event host (myself), where I pair everyone up the best I can to make sure everyone finishes up enjoying their involvement according to the filled forms.

The Form

    Please fill this out in the comments below to join! It clarifies what kind of experience you're seeking from this event and makes it more likely to work with people who suite your interests better. Below the form I'll explain what each point covers if it isn't as clear as some may like.

  1. Link a character sheet
  3. I wish to participate as a (Visual/Literary) artist (OR) I am fine participating as either kind of artist.
  5. I would like to receive something (Macabre/Cute) (OR) I am fine receiving either.
  7. Advise / Pointers / Relevant Trivia for the one drawing for you.
  9. I want to make something (Macabre/Cute)
    OR I am fine making either.

Some quick clarifications:
    #1 should be relevant to the kind of art you wish to receive. A clear ref of colors and their whole body is needed if you participate as a visual artist, a clarifying bio should be present for literary artists. Make sure this reference is enough for someone who isn't as intimately acquainted with the character to make a piece from! Usually the more detail the better, but you don't have to go crazy.
    #2 is straightforward. Do you want to write for someone or draw for them? If you opt for either, it will be up to my discretion.
    #3  tells the artist what YOU want to receive. Enjoy horror films and ghouls? Macabre is your place! Squeamish about scary things or looking for fun scenes in the same vein as costumes or parties? Cute has your name on it! Or you can leave it to the artist and be surprised!
    #4 covers some important stuff. It lets the artist know what kind of things to include. For example, if you are hoping for something leaning more on the side of mysterious than macabre, this is where you let it be known. Similarly, let the artist know what kind of macabre/cute to go for- some people don't find overly “cutesy” things to be actually cute, and some people prefer psychological horror to blood and gore. Lastly, it is a place to tell the artist some relevant info about the dragon you want drawn- give them enough to work with, but try not to impede their freedom unnecessarily.
    #5 helps me partner everyone up relevantly. If you're open to either, I'll use my discretion, but if you want to draw one category specifically, this is where you tell me.

Rules and Important Information

  • Before you join, make sure you can follow through to the end! No one wants to be left empty handed.
  • If something unexpected happens after you have joined that makes you unable to finish your part, please let me know as soon as possible! The sooner I know, the sooner I can work around it.
  • Should you not be able to complete your part by the deadline, I can work around it- BUT you won't be allowed to join another Exchange until you have finished that part. Once you do, regardless of how much later it is, you can participate in Exchanges again.
  • Don't let the person you are gifting know who is making a piece for them, surprise is a key part of this event!
  • If you have questions for the person you are making art for, send them to me (MaskedDragonLin) via  note, and I will relay the information. This will preserve anonymity.
  • Don't have a character, or at least one with a good reference? Yes, you can still join! You may enter using a character from popular media, such as video games, movies, ect. The referencing rules are the same as those entering with OCs.
  • Put effort into your part! Sloppy sketches and lazy work will not be accepted. It's fine if you are still starting out skill-wise, if you put time and work into the piece, we'll be able to tell and we will appreciate it.
  • Be respectful. Don't harass people over the art, inappropriate behavior can get you banned from my future events.

Deadline to enter is October 2nd.
After this point, matches will be made and sent out so the art can finally start being made.

Art will be posted on October 31st.
To maximize the festive spirit, please post on Halloween! If that isn't possible, though, please aim for somewhere in the range of October 25th to November 5th.
Hey, guys! First off, I really want to apologize for taking so long to announce the winners. I've been trying to get my life back in order and this was unfortunately shoved to the wayside. Nothing financial, just personal.

Anyhow, here we have our winners! I chose them based on relevancy to the group's theme colors. :heart: Congrats to everyone! Because of what I have going on today (I won't be home too much and I'm working on projects), please contact me about your prizes via note. <3 Thank you, Everyone, for your wonderful entries and your patience!

1st Place:

Dragon Fanatics Discord Icon [entry] by biolumi

2nd Place:

Dragon Fanatics Logo, Contest Entry #1 by RoleplayDragon2000

3rd Place:

DragonFanatics - Discord Icon (ContestEntry) by Green-Dragon-Art


Discord server->

With the new discord, I decided to put together a contest to create an icon! Currently, super old artwork of mine is the temporary place holder. As much as I love it, the group icon is too wide for Discord.
So, without further ado, here are the rules!

1. Color scheme: blue, black, and green (as seen in current group icon)
2. Must be a dragon
3. Must be 512x512 pixels
4. Adhere to the group rules.
5. Must have "Dragon Fanatics" somewhere on it.
6. 2 entry limit per person.
7. Deadline: June 30th, 2019 11:59 EST (EDT)

1st Place: $15 USD (paypal, points, or 3 months core)
2nd Place: $10 USD (paypal, points, or 2 months core)
3rd Place: $5 USD (paypal, points, or 1 month core)

(USD can be converted to other currencies through Paypal)

Gallery Folder:…

How to Join:

:bulletgreen: It's pretty simple actually. Anyone can join, but you have to make sure you read the rules first as to ensure your success in the group. Definitely, it's a list you should read before joining/submitting. :)

DF Rule Book:

(Fair warning. If we ask a question about your work, it's usually because the answer will give us the ok to accept it or not. If you don't answer, it doesn't get accepted. Don't even try to re-submit it. We'll just decline it again)

~Please read them carefully. :) If your art does not follow these rules upon submission, it will be automatically declined. I know that there are a lot of rules, but they are pretty simple to follow. And feel free to ask any questions concerning the rules and what's allowed! Do not, however, ask why your work was declined. All the possible reasons are detailed in the rules.

:bulletblue: All submissions must be sent to the "Member Submissions 2018" folder and art for contests goes to the folders that indicate the specific contests. Do NOT submit to the "Featured Favorites" folder!

:pointr: 1) Group focus: Dragons only. Any art that we receive are only dragons. We Do Not Accept Art That Looks Like A Human In A Costume. Anthro designs that look more human than dragon will be declined. We do not accept dinosaurs. They are not dragons. We focus more on classic dragons (eastern dragons, celtic/nordic lore, etc), and their possible hybrids IF they resemble more like the classics. Dragons containing the elements/features of other creatures will be accepted. We'll accept hydras and leviathans if they contain evident dragon-like features. Humans and other creatures can be within the artwork, but the focus has to be on the dragon. Dragon can't be faded into the background.

:pointr: 2) 2 submissions per week. No repetitive images. Choose ONE

:pointr: 3) No art work that contains sexual themes or mocks other Deviants. ARTISTIC nudity is fine. NO vore. And please, NO over-inflation. Overweight characters are fine, but over-inflation is considered a fetish. Sexual fetishes in general will be declined.

:pointr: 4) Please ensure that your artwork is nice, neat, clean, and easily visible. If it's difficult for someone to see, please don't submit it.  No line paper from notebooks. :) Please only submit your very best works; The ones you are most proud of!

:pointr: 5) NO WIPS (works in progress, unfinished art). All art must be completed.

:pointr: 6) ART MUST BE MADE BY YOU! Art theft will NOT be tolerated. NO ALTERED IMAGES! To help us, please report any kind of stolen art that had/has been submitted to the group. Please only submit work you have made. Characters created by "doll makers" and etc won't be accepted. If there is an art piece a friend/commissioned artist made for you, you can request it be added to the group ONLY if it is the piece the original artist submitted. It cannot be added to your own gallery. This way the artist who created it can get the recognition they deserve.

:pointr: 7) Photography 1-> Made a trip to somewhere in the world and found a cultural dragon statue or a historical piece of dragon art!? Take a picture of your adventure/find and submit it. :) Just be sure to list the location and country of your discovery. (Photos must be based in public parks, buildings, and out-in-public-statues.) They cannot be tiny little statues found in shops. Must be somehow historical to the town/place it is found in. Be sure to describe everything you learned on the description of the deviation.

~Photography 2/Costumes/Fursuits -> Photography of anthrocon, comicon, and furcon dragons are allowed! :) Have a suit? Sport it in some creative photography! No selfies! Accepted based on quality and creativity.

:pointr: 8) Decided to allow pokemon and digimon again. Is not limited to type-age. If it looks like a dragon, go for it.

:new: Other Journals Folder Rules:

~ This folder is for contest journals, raffles, etc. No commission journals. We have a specific folder for those. :)…

Adoptables Folder Rules:

:pointr: 1. Can be point adoptables, cash adoptables, and draw to adopt creations
:pointr: 2. NO HUMAN-LIKE ADOPTABLES (however,anthro is an exception, but if it's more human than creature, it will be declined)
:pointr: 3. They must be drawn by you.
:pointr: 4. Only dragon, dragon-like adoptables. NOt allowing eggs anymore! Anything can hatch out of them.
:pointr: 5.  All non-adoptables will be declined and asked to submit it to another folder!

------->>>> I, AvalynBastian, will be the one overseeing this folder :) So, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! They shall be answered! :)

Please Note:

You have to be a member in order to submit. Do keep in mind that submissions are not automatically approved! Prove yourself worthy, Dragon Master!
Come join the fun! :D (invite does not expire and has no limit)

Please read the rules before being active there! Thank you! <3
More Journal Entries


Here are our admins and they're in charge. :D
These guys are the ones who vote on the artwork and members coming in. They ensure that nothing goes amiss here. If you have any suggestions or concerns, they are the ones you should contact.

The Sovereign of the Realm


Second In Command


The Royal Advisers



Here are other groups that may catch your interest and certainly deserve checking out. :heart:

Please visit their artists and galleries as well! :aww:

:bulletgreen: Affiliation Requests are open.


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