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Have Any Of The Following? :

:bulletblue: A comment/feedback?
:bulletgreen: A question
:bulletblue: A complaint?
:bulletgreen: A suggestion?

-->>Send us a note! <<--

:pointr: Sending the group a note is a good way to contribute! :dummy: Everything you have to say is important to us, so hearing your powerful voices will help us greatly in supporting you and making things better for the group itself.

Group Colors:

:pointr: Blue :bulletblue:, Green :bulletgreen:, & Black :bulletblack:

How to Join:

:bulletgreen: It's pretty simple actually. Anyone can join, but you have to make sure you read the rules first as to ensure your success in the group. Definitely, it's a list you should read before joining/submitting. :)

DF Rule Book:

(Fair warning. If we ask a question about your work, it's usually because the answer will give us the ok to accept it or not. If you don't answer, it doesn't get accepted. Don't even try to re-submit it. We'll just decline it again)

~Please read them carefully. :) If your art does not follow these rules upon submission, it will be automatically declined. I know that there are a lot of rules, but they are pretty simple to follow. And feel free to ask any questions concerning the rules and what's allowed! Do not, however, ask why your work was declined. All the possible reasons are detailed in the rules.

:bulletblue: All submissions must be sent to the "Member Submissions 2018" folder and art for contests goes to the folders that indicate the specific contests. Do NOT submit to the "Featured Favorites" folder!

:pointr: 1) Group focus: Dragons only. Any art that we receive are only dragons. We Do Not Accept Art That Looks Like A Human In A Costume. Anthro designs that look more human than dragon will be declined. We do not accept dinosaurs. They are not dragons. We focus more on classic dragons (eastern dragons, celtic/nordic lore, etc), and their possible hybrids IF they resemble more like the classics. Dragons containing the elements/features of other creatures will be accepted. We'll accept hydras and leviathans if they contain evident dragon-like features. Humans and other creatures can be within the artwork, but the focus has to be on the dragon. Dragon can't be faded into the background.

:pointr: 2) 2 submissions per week. No repetitive images. Choose ONE

:pointr: 3) No art work that contains sexual themes or mocks other Deviants. ARTISTIC nudity is fine. NO vore. And please, NO over-inflation. Overweight characters are fine, but over-inflation is considered a fetish. Sexual fetishes in general will be declined.

:pointr: 4) Please ensure that your artwork is nice, neat, clean, and easily visible. If it's difficult for someone to see, please don't submit it.  No line paper from notebooks. :) Please only submit your very best works; The ones you are most proud of!

:pointr: 5) NO WIPS (works in progress, unfinished art). All art must be completed.

:pointr: 6) ART MUST BE MADE BY YOU! Art theft will NOT be tolerated. NO ALTERED IMAGES! To help us, please report any kind of stolen art that had/has been submitted to the group. Please only submit work you have made. Characters created by "doll makers" and etc won't be accepted. If there is an art piece a friend/commissioned artist made for you, you can request it be added to the group ONLY if it is the piece the original artist submitted. It cannot be added to your own gallery. This way the artist who created it can get the recognition they deserve.

:pointr: 7) Photography 1-> Made a trip to somewhere in the world and found a cultural dragon statue or a historical piece of dragon art!? Take a picture of your adventure/find and submit it. :) Just be sure to list the location and country of your discovery. (Photos must be based in public parks, buildings, and out-in-public-statues.) They cannot be tiny little statues found in shops. Must be somehow historical to the town/place it is found in. Be sure to describe everything you learned on the description of the deviation.

~Photography 2/Costumes/Fursuits -> Photography of anthrocon, comicon, and furcon dragons are allowed! :) Have a suit? Sport it in some creative photography! No selfies! Accepted based on quality and creativity.

:pointr: 8) Decided to allow pokemon and digimon again. Is not limited to type-age. If it looks like a dragon, go for it.


Adoptables Folder Rules:

:pointr: 1. Can be point adoptables, cash adoptables, and draw to adopt creations
:pointr: 2. NO HUMAN-LIKE ADOPTABLES (however,anthro is an exception, but if it's more human than creature, it will be declined)
:pointr: 3. They must be drawn by you.
:pointr: 4. Only dragon, dragon-like adoptables. NOt allowing eggs anymore! Anything can hatch out of them.
:pointr: 5.  All non-adoptables will be declined and asked to submit it to another folder!

------->>>> I, BipolarNonsense, will be the one overseeing this folder :) So, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! They shall be answered! :)

Please Note:

You have to be a member in order to submit. Do keep in mind that submissions are not automatically approved! Prove yourself worthy, Dragon Master!

LOOK AT THIS!! Dude is making a MULTIPLAYER DRAGON SIMULATOR GAME! It's currently in progress and I think they're trying to set up a kickstarter! They are raising money on RedBubble with DINOSAUR MERCH!


In-game WIP footage: Draconia - Improved movement + head controller by LeviaDraconia

Their redbubble:…

Halloween Art Exchange Folder is Open!

Submit your art and literature here:…

Can't wait to see them all and I hope you guys had fun!

Entry is now closed.

Hello fanatics, it's that time of year again! Last year we debuted this event, and seeing how well it was received, we have decided it would return this year! And this time, it won't be a month late, which is even better! It'll work the same as it did last year, but I'll lay out how it works for newcomers and past participants who've forgotten, since we do have some new stuff this year.

   Unlike in contests, the point of this event is for everyone involved to have fun interacting with one another and reveling in the spooky spirit, similar in many ways to Secret Santas. Any member of Dragon-Fanatics may join, but once you do, remember that it is a commitment.

To enter, read the rules and comment on the journal in the following format.
   1. (link to a character sheet)
   2. I would like something (cute*/macabre) OR I would be fine receiving cute or macabre.
   3. (some light suggestions of what you'd want and/or pointers)
   4. I would like to draw something (cute*/macabre) OR I would be fine drawing cute or macabre.
   5. I am fine receiving a literary piece from this event OR I would not like to receive a literary piece for this event.
   6. OPTIONAL: I would be open to making a written submission for this event OR I would not like to make a written submission for this event.

*If you choose cute, you must say what you believe is cute. Example: I don't find pusheen to be cute/ I find less simplified styles to be cute.

*If not enough people enter, the two categories may be discarded for the sake of carrying out the event.

   Make sure to use the above format for entering your dragon. It makes it easy to follow and uniform, which helps it work better on the admin end and on the artist end! It also clarifies what you hope to make for someone else and receive from others in this event, since we have two art categories present. Halloween is enjoyed by a great deal of people for different reasons, and in order to include more people, the Cute and Macabre categories were made. For those who enjoy the scary, gory, sinister aspects of the night, there is Macabre (please, use mature filters where they apply!), and for those who enjoy the light-hearted activities like chasing ghosts and dressing up (or are uncomfortable with the horror aspects), there is Cute! If you are happy with either, you can opt for that as well. Once entry is closed, participants will be matched accordingly to optimize the experience.

   :new: After a wonderful question asked by one of our members and some discussion among the admins, we've decided to accept literary entries for this event. You can opt in or out of receiving a written entry in the 5th question of the form, but if you would enjoy a receiving written entry, opting in is welcome! There is also a 6th question that I've added about if you'd prefer to make a written piece, but if you choose not to include it I will assume that you would want to make a visual piece instead.

   For those who want further clarification on how to format, I'll explain. In 1, link a character sheet. Picture references please! Written descriptions can be helpful, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and many find the guesswork to be stressful. Colors and anatomy should be clear. In 2, state what you want to receive- in other words, what do you want someone else to draw for you? In 3, you can give pointers and suggestions (such as likes, personality, powers), but remember to not be overbearing- this is voluntary and they don't have to follow this. In 4, state what you will want to make- which category would you like to draw for someone else? In 5, you can clarify if you would be fine with someone making a written piece for you or if you wouldn't. (For an example, look in the comments)

Important Notes
   This event is run like a Secret Santa- you won't know who is making art for you until they post it, and matches will be made by the admin running the event (in this case, me). Don't tell your match that you're making art for them, it'll ruin the surprise~ If you have questions for them that you feel are necessary to be answered, note me (MaskedDragonLin) and I'll handle it.

   All levels of skill are welcome! If you think it would be fun to be a part of, then we'd be happy to have you join!

   Be sure to put effort into your part. It's okay if your style isn't as developed as others, but it is important that you try either way. No sketches or sloppy pieces. At least have a half-body of your match's character, preferably full body.

   If you don't have a character or would prefer not to enter them, you can still join! You may use a dragon from a movie, game, comic, ect. If they're someone else's personal character, you need to ask the owner's permission first.

   If, after you enter, something happens that prevents you from completing your half, let me know as soon as possible. No one would like to be left high and dry in this, so the sooner I know, the easier it will be for me to work around it.

   Remember to be courteous- no harassment or hate art will be tolerated. It's ok to have questions, but remember to be polite.

   If you have questions, comment below, I'll help how I can.

Deadline to enter is October 1st.

After this point, matches will be made and people can start working on their parts of the exchange. You will have the rest of October to work on the art.

Art will be posted on Halloween, October 31st.

In the spirit of the event, please post it on this date, but if that is not possible, it's fine to post as early as the 25th and as late as the 4th of November.
More Journal Entries


Here are our admins and they're in charge. :D
These guys are the ones who vote on the artwork and members coming in. They ensure that nothing goes amiss here. If you have any suggestions or concerns, they are the ones you should contact.

The Sovereign of the Realm


Second In Command


The Royal Advisers



Here are other groups that may catch your interest and certainly deserve checking out. :heart:

Please visit their artists and galleries as well! :aww:

:bulletgreen: Affiliation Requests are open.


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If you guys like dragons you might enjoy checking out the art around the project.
Here is a collaboration I did with McGillustrator . I hope you like it.

Dragon's Pass by McGillustrator
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