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Pokemon Infinite Fusion - My Team

By dragon-du-22
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I have been kinda hooked on the fan game "pokemon infinite fusion" lately & as such I felt like sharing with you all the custom sprites I realized for my team. Of course, feel free to use them for your own playthroughs :D

Arcanine + Marowak
Machamp + Rhydon
Clefable + Gengar
Gengar + Magnezone
Zapdos + Vaporeon
Dragonite + Tyranitar

Bonus: Porygon-Z + Missingno... Ok, I actually used yet another gengar. Sue me.

PS: Big big BIG news may drop soon concerning Pokemon Version 6, my long-awaited hack.Who knows?... ;)
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Quick question, what is the number for Porygon Z in the files? I can't seem to find it
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OroshibuHobbyist Digital Artist
thatsa a lot of dithering
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I would name the Vaporeon + Zapdos fusion Zapordos
Ragnarok-Dragoness's avatar
oooh I like Magnezone and Gengar combo! x3
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I'm amazed Gen VIII hasn't introduced the concept of Poke-Fusion Yet I mean fuck Evolution and Mega Evolution might as well be Digivolving.
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RSC-Cooper-IncHobbyist Digital Artist
Technically they have ;) look at Kyurem and Necrozma
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
awesome O.O
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YusufErcanHobbyist Digital Artist
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luckygirl88Student Digital Artist
This is crazy good. I love the sprites still looking in game, but also having their own unique design.
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iGretzHobbyist Digital Artist
That sure is really good, dude. I really like the idea of remaking the shitty fusions that game makes.
I'm lovin' it!
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salyssongHobbyist General Artist
Is it possible to make Oddish fusion look cool?
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Blueart14Hobbyist Digital Artist
holy crap these are cool they make mine mediocre compared to yours 
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chanizard1Student Digital Artist
Hey, the Marowak Arcanine one reminds me of another pokemon game :V
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this is impressive. i feel that people like you should make sprites like this to use for actual fusion generators
Drac0pyre's avatar
is there a link for infinite fusion? and how good of a game is it?
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AstralnekoHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, you're making a romhack? Can't wait! ^^
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KingZanderSanchez-iHobbyist Writer
This seems wild and awesome!!!! I should totally play this myself. Also, can you really fuse MissingNo. or is it just a speculative thing?
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