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GBA Pkmn hack: Pokemon 6 - Fakedex

By dragon-du-22
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I guess it's time to get all of my current sprites altogether! I even added some sprites I didnt showcase yet on this profile (be glad!)

Not much to say, except that some of those sprites are getting pretty outdated, so I may rework quite a few (Gastaclysm family, Baskerwolf, Ugly Kecleon evolution, I'm looking at you!) and that sometimes in the future, I may increase the amount of fakemon on this chart, because I will probable outnumber my original expecations...

Of course:
1) this fakedex will be regularly updated.
2) Please give me your opinion.
3) do not use those sprites without permission! But your are free to use the fakedex template as long as you credit me ;)

EDIT 1: Added n°95! {08/03/15}
EDIT 2: Added n°97! {09/03/15}
EDIT 3: Added Icii and Orenicii (n°31 & 32) {11/03/15}
EDIT 4: Added Poisargo and Napalzer (n°33 & 34) {12/03/15}
EDIT 5: Added Akhenion (n°37) {14/03/15}
EDIT 6: Added Momeow, Kataver, Nefaryen, Primabulla & Starbelle (n° 35, 36, 37, 39 &40) {19/03/15}
EDIT 7: Added Prismini, Prismagol & Anteprism (n° 41, 42 & 43). Edited Primabulla & Starbelle's palette {21/03/15}
EDIT 8: Added Fawnther & Reinther (n°44 & 45) {23/03/15}
EDIT 9: Added Minerys & Misarpy (n°46 & 47) {27/08/15}
EDIT 10: Added Colibio, Biove & Songbiord (n°48, 49 & 50) {29/08/15}
EDIT 11: Added Neneiko & Geidolon (n°51 & 52) {01/09/15}
EDIT 12: Added Pyen, Pyron, Pyrain, Shazu, Shazurin & Alianru (n°53-58) {05/09/15}
EDIT 13: Added Tendremort (n°75) {06/09/15}
EDIT 14: Added The mega evolution section & Mega Tendremort (n°M1) {06/09/15}
EDIT 15: Added Sluid & Inx (n°59 & 60) {08/09/15}
EDIT 16: BIG UPDATE: Extended the fakedex, revealed the Gold type & added Fenwir, Sovnvolf, Achtuldia & Zuperbia (n° 61, 62, 94 & 95) {12/09/15}
EDIT 17: Added Gargula & Malixurira (n°96 & 97) {13/09/15}
EDIT 18: Added Mirmine & Evermine (n°63 & 64) {15/09/15}
EDIT 19: Added Yokaira & Invaritia (n°98 & 99) {17/09/15}
EDIT 20: Added Bricod & Orcadense (n°65 & 66) {21/09/15}
EDIT 21: Extended the fakedex & added Tinphant,Teaphant & Earlibal (n°67, 68 & 69) {24/09/15}
EDIT 22: Added Inariel, Weepriel & Luciriel (n°70, 71 & 72) {27/09/15}
EDIT 23: Added Vladini, Lucardin, Carnacula & Carnamilla (n°73-76) {14/10/16}


Special thanks to Lucrian for allowing me to use Pyen, Pyron & Pyrain.
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If you ever make this officialy a pokemon rom hack please let me know i would be extremely happy to play a game with those pokemon more so than actually playing gamefreaks games. 
Aeyhi's avatar
Great! When can I play this game?
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omggggg i cant find even 1 that i dislike all designs are perfect and i prefer this sprite type kinda reminds me of old
final fantasy. If you are making a custom pokemon game please tell me when it will ready and thanks. !!!
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You do have some interesting ideas here. My problem is in the execution - quite a lot of them are too bright and lack the sharp outline invoked in the official sprites. From what I can tell you don't use pure black even where it should be, and sometimes have the shading itself spread out across too much area as opposed to following the natural lighting source. Take Gargula - one of your best designs. You need black along the currently darkest-shaded areas on the back-end, along the underside of his left arm, and possibly beneath the jawline. The mouth itself is fantastic. Then we come to Colimbo and Sirehacht in particular, who don't have a good contrast between the silver palette and need more natural curves to the shading pattern.

I'm not trying to be rude or mean. I think you can tune these up and come out with some really fantastic final pieces. But for the moment they need some improvement done.
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SoulWolf306Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! I love it! Tell me when the game is ready to download it. Sparkly Eyed 
dragon-du-22's avatar
1) Thx!
2) Sure thing!
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Wouah ! Il est tout simplement génial ton fakedex ! J'ai hâte de voir ce que donnera la démo ;)
dragon-du-22's avatar
Merci du compliments, je vais essayer de garder le niveau pour mes prochains designs/sprites ;)
Guillaume77's avatar
T'as intérêt ! Je compte sur toi, ne l'oublies pas :p
DrakoS3npai's avatar
Amazing as usual.Every design is unique and
Interesting,but I think there should be more water pokemon and psychic pokemon,there are too few and its hard to make a full-type team
dragon-du-22's avatar
I actually agree. I will work on those types ;)
DrakoS3npai's avatar
Also,a question that's kinda not related to this subject.Have you got the back sprites done or are you leaving those for the last?
dragon-du-22's avatar
Most of them are done. Not all of them though. Making them isn't the most fascinating task ever...
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DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow!! How come I haven't seen the fakedex before?! WOW!! Amazing!! This one's going straight to my faves! :D
dragon-du-22's avatar
Happy to read that ^^
You can expect regular updates!
DaPokemonMadster's avatar
DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay!! :D
DrakoS3npai's avatar
Muramalice reminds me of Ryuko Matoi from KLK.I love its design,definitely on my team.
dragon-du-22's avatar
... That's actually... true ^^
It was not intended though
DaPokemonMadster's avatar
DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
DrakoS3npai's avatar
Pyan is making my starter decision harder.
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cecikinsHobbyist Digital Artist
this is filling out real good, i've picked my team already XD
dragon-du-22's avatar
Really? I'm curious! What would be your team?
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