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GBA Pkmn hack:Pkmn 6 - Entities of sin (III)

By dragon-du-22
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Third part of my sin-related fakemon!

[... I honestly find them quite ugly... Could have done way better... Sorry...

(To be fair, I probably will rework them in the near future. Don't worry. Be happy)]

As always gimme your opinion, advice, etc... Most of all, tell me if you think I should remake Invaritia!

That being said, Have a good day (Yes, I feel overly polite today)

First Part: dragon-du-22.deviantart.com/ar…
Second Part: dragon-du-22.deviantart.com/ar…
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LunarLemmingHobbyist General Artist
I remember seeing these a few years ago, they're still very good!
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I personally think that the Wrath Incarnate's the coolest one, so far. Maybe it's the fact that he's Ice/Fire-type, which is an unused type which needs more love. That, or the fact he's got a kickass "split sides with different themes" kinda design. Or maybe both. XD
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pokemorphOmegaStudent Writer
I actually like them. Is this a 64X64 roster?
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TheGoldenEagleStudioStudent Artist
I think you should have made Invaritia's shiny a Platinum color, cool sprites though!
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1) neat idea! I might try it ;)
2) Thanks!
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AwansVaultStudent General Artist
I actually love the 2nd one, getting an idea out of it haha, good work!
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Glad I could give you an idea ^^

Send me a link to it when it's done :)
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Woah.These look awesome,Invarita is my favorite one yet and Yokaira looks great too.
But shouldnt Invarita be Gold instead of Electric?Or does that have a hidden meaning?
I cant wait to see Envy.
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Invaritia is your favourite?! When that's something I didn't expect, but that's awesome! :D

And technically, I should probably have made it Gold-type, but Gameplay-wise i was not the best idea as it would have been far too overpowered compared to the other sins. So as it is yellow, I just chose the elctric type to compensate ;)

And Envy is coming, BUT it isn't alone!
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love the shiny version of yokaira looks pretty cool and invaritia has an interesting design both look rather good honestly but thats just me
dragon-du-22's avatar
1) I actually prefer it too, but unfortunately the typing wouldn't be as relevant if I made it this way ^^

2) If it is fine with, I guess it can be fine when me then :D
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DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah nah, Yokaira is freakin' epic! I really like the concept of having the incarnate of wrath being both ice and fire, it's like the two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to anger! And I do think that ugly is good when it comes to these emotions. But if you wanna rework them, they'll probably be even cooler! :D
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1) Thanks! ;)

2) I don't really have any issues with Yokaira. It could maybe have been more menacing, but let's assume it mastered its anger. It has some Japanese inspirations, so it would make sense and I'm more than OK with it.
On the other hand, Invaricia's sprite is not even close to what I wanted it to be, so that's kinda disppointing and here lies my issues with it.
DaPokemonMadster's avatar
DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
1) You're welcome!! :D

2) Haha! It's pretty menacing as is! Especially if it's already mastered its anger! Ah, Japanese inspirations. Gotcha. 
Oh yeah, I got ya there. Well, if you're not satisfied with it, rework it! You're in charge here boss! :D
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It is decided then! Reworked it will be!
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DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Can't wait to see it!! :D
dragon-du-22's avatar
I have many things to do before that though, so I may take a few days or even weeks ^^'
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DaPokemonMadsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah that's fine. I'll see it when you do it!
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
Since they are wrath and greed it's probably a good thing that they are a bit "ugly."

I think they fir their themes rather well and that's what's important.  I really like their designs.
dragon-du-22's avatar
1) Thanks ;)

2) Their design is fine to me too, I just have issues with the spriting I did (especially regarding Invaricia) as I didn't do it justice, but if you find it acceptable, then, fine with me ^^
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