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GBA Pkmn Hack:Pokemon 6 -Vengeful Vagrant Vampires

By dragon-du-22
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"- ... I... I am back?
- Really? I mean... You have been away for pretty much one entire year. I didn't expect much anymore.
- Well, I'm talking to you right now. Isn't it proof enough?
- That's arguable. But still, why should I care? You left us in the dark for too long. I may not be able to trust you anymore!
- ... I have a bunch of new sprites to showcase... Is that good enough?
-I love you."

Ok, so... Past this somewhat schizopheric introduction, allow me to officially announce I'm back! Well, to some extent. I may not post frenetically as I did in the past, but still I have a few concepts floating in my mind & asking nothing more than being sprited. That being said, let's jump into today's presentation!

They are Vampires. Vampires are cool. Plus it's October, so let's assume it is halloween-related. Isn't it convenient?

To be honest, I don't have much to say about those expect maybe that I absolutely love Carnacula.

PS: They may not be flying-type, but they are bats after all. Therefore, they will have the "levitate" ability (To be fair, the 3rd stages will probably have an improved version of it which would also grant them a pseudo flying STAB. I'm still considering possibilities for this new ability's name. I might settle for someting like "Sky dominon", but if you have any better idea, you are welcome to share it ^^)

PSS: As you can see, the shiny versions of those sprites have far less vibrant colours. It is an hommage to 1930s horror movies ( especially to the 1931 Dracula starring Bela Lugosi) which were obviously in black & white.

Bonus: ULTRA SUPER Contest OF DOOM 3rd Edition: The person who gets the Videogame reference behind this evolution line gets a cookie! (Hint: The series celebrates its 30th anniversary this year... Welll, "celebrate" might be kind of an overstatement...)

(DISCLAIMER: the cookie is only metaphorical, there is no actual cookie. So don't come at me crying if there is nothing in your mailbox tomorrow morning)

Anyway, See you soon!
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A special ability for a vampire fakemon which has got to do something with flying?
1st thought that crossed my mind is "night flier" which is also the title of a vampire book by Stephen King.
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
awesome :D
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My boi,I was afraid that u abandoned it,hope u finish this ❤❤
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YESSSSS, glad to see you back. I've been following your project for a while and for a second there I was worried you abandoned it, but I'm so happy to see you didn't! The Vladini-line looks awesome btw. I like how he's hanging upside down and being held by bats.
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Shiron-the-WindragonHobbyist Digital Artist
This is based on the Castlevania series, right?
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
Welcome back, I was wondering what happened.  Glad to see this project is still in development.  Love the designs.

How have you been?
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AwansVaultStudent General Artist
Nice work and welcome back!
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Damn, I almost forgot I was watching you! Great stuff, right here!
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pokemorphOmegaStudent Writer
Maybe call the ability Sky Emperor?
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