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GBA Pkmn Hack: Pokemon 6 - Teapot Elephants

By dragon-du-22
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This is the result of a collaboration with Toldentops !

Those two fakemons are actually the ones which decided me to propose him to work together! Such original and complex designs!
Maybe too complex for such small sprites to be fair ^^'

To Toldentops: I hope you like them ;)

Other side of the collab:

As always, give your opinion, advice, etc... ;)

EDIT: Toldentops gave me the authorization to use them in my hack: Thanks to him! ;)
I consequently gave them names & typing. I hope you find those adequate ;)

Tinphant (Tin + infant + éléphant)
Teaphant (Tea + éléphant)
Earlibal (Earl grey + Hannibal)

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Water typing might fit better because they are tea pot elephants. either that or grass for the tea leaves.
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I love Elephants so these look amazing (As is the whole game dex I have seen), amazing work! And I think the extra typing would be cool, though that is probably just my love of dual types.
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Emissary4PenguinsProfessional Traditional Artist
Omnis region has a pokemon similar to this.
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sourwyrmHobbyist General Artist
This Pokemon was made for the Omnis Region contest
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As I said, it is probably a rather common idea, but Toldentops, who désigned this line made à great work in my opinion by making them cute and full of détails at the same time.
That being said, can you send me a link to the said similar pokemon from Omnis région, please? I am curious, but unable to find it ;)

in any case, Thanks for your comment :D
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Au départ, je les pensait type normal, mais c'est vrai que le type fée leur correspond beaucoup plus ;)
Penses-tu faire une évolution avec pierre ou non ?
dragon-du-22's avatar
1) D'apres ce que GF fait avec slurpuff, j'ai supposé que tous les pokemons "bouffe" devait être des fées ^^
2) je ne pense pas. Simple évolution par montée de niveau. Pourquoi? tu as une idée? :D
Guillaume77's avatar
Ah oui c'est vrai, je m'en souviens haha ! 

Eh bien nion, je te le laisse faire, c'est juste que je trouvais que ce pokémon en avait le potentiel ^^
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
Teapot elephants huh?  Seems interesting.
dragon-du-22's avatar
Indeed the concept felt appealing enough to compel me to sprite them ;)
As always, Thanks :D
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.
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It's sooo cool!! I love their designs! *u*
dragon-du-22's avatar
Thanks à lot ;)
it required hard work and it is nice to have it rewarded with such kind words :D
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No problem! :)
It is very nice to know that my comment has encouraged him I am a dummy! 
dragon-du-22's avatar
it sure did help ;)
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AwansVaultStudent General Artist
I think I saw another set of teapot elephants from Tumblr..

But regardless,these look nice! What a collab c:
dragon-du-22's avatar
Well, I guess many people had this idea, pretty much like every fakemon designer already did or will do egyptian cats. But this very specific design was so cool I couldn't resist ^^

and Thanks for your compliment :P
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AwansVaultStudent General Artist
I see~ No problem!
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Jai-TiStudent General Artist
Lol I thought first you have them from :iconsteffenka:
But then I checked another time, and I saw that only the first one looks similiar and the elephant idea xd. 

Teapots from Steffenka
dragon-du-22's avatar
To be absolutely honest with you, I do prefer Toldentops' version :P
thanks anyway for your comment ^^
That being said, I invite you to check my other works in my gallery ^^
(Yes, my auto promotion could have been more subtle)
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