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Ode to Oatmeal
Your taste is bland
You look like snot
You're easy to cook
When most food is not
Chock full of nutrients
But easy on one's tummy
New ingredients added
And your taste isn't crummy
A bit of milk for Creamy taste
A dash of sugar for taste buds embraced
A slice of butter from Country Crock
A bit of fruit to make it rock
A glorious product
Of a cereal grain
Oatmeal is perfect
In day, night, or rain
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Desktop 07.11.2010 by dragon-architect Desktop 07.11.2010 :icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 0 0 Sierpinski Triangle by dragon-architect Sierpinski Triangle :icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 4 8 Electronic Biologic by dragon-architect Electronic Biologic :icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 6 4 full adder by dragon-architect full adder :icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 4 3
Biding time,
Or sitting still;
Running idle,
Edgy, and ill;
Drumming fingers,
Or whistling tunes,
My, how boredom
     can be a pill.
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Do Not Enter sign
Thine door be closéd for reasons known.
Thou dost not open it lest ye be shown
a world in which chaos doth own.
-- Calyo Delphi
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 3 11
Bottled Up
Upon a shelf, high on a wall, I sit alone. I watch as the world passes by below me on lower shelves. Other bottles like me come and go. They fill up, then they empty. Some with aphrodisiacs. Some with common beverages. Others fill with poisons.
Those who fill with poisons empty their contents, and their contents go to me. I sit up there as the pains of many troubled souls transfer to me, their spirits cleansed of evil elixirs. I silently accept the darkness, as I am larger than the others. They care not where their contents go. They are pleased to empty themselves of death and darkness.
Time moves on without pause. New bottles come, old bottles go. Some old bottles return to be stored for a time before they, too, must leave for their contents to be used.
Not I.
I remain there, upon a shelf, high on a wall, sitting alone.
Slowly, I fill with the poisons of others. I hope that I may transfer some of what I carry to another, to help me bear the strain, but none come. No others are placed
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desktop 4.15.2008 by dragon-architect desktop 4.15.2008 :icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 5 11 devID - v01 by dragon-architect devID - v01 :icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 6 20
The Diamond in the Rough
It was a huge, cavernous area, and yet, it was only a nook compared to the main place. However, it had been chosen for the brief privacy that it would allow for the two. To human eyes, it was a pitch-dark area, treacherous and rocky, stalactites and stalagmites making it all the more hazardous. But for the draconic eye, it was like the sun shining on the inside.
The silver-blue scaled dragon stood as tall as a house, and a good deal wider, eyes eerily glowing slightly in the darkness as he spoke to the one other, having to lower his head a good deal to do so.
Calyo, a black-feathered dragon about the size of a small car, looked around to survey the area, making sure that what he saw would remain in his memory. He kept his bat-like wings folded casually against his body as his two tails idly swayed with his movements.
"The Council has requested your presence after one of Tiamat's surviving minions let loose that a black dragon was fighting alongside metallic dragons. They asked me, and
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 4 7
Every day, I go to class the same way:  I take the elevator.  I only go up one floor, but since the elevator is there, I use it.  Some days, the doors open the second I push the button.  Others, I have to wait several minutes for the elevator to get to the first floor.  I spent most of my semester waiting for that comforting little ding to tell me my automated chauffeur had arrived.
There was one day, though, that the elevator never came.  I waited and waited, but no ding greeted my ears.  Frustrated, I turned and looked into a doorway I'd ignored all this time and discovered something that changed my life.
Finally. No more waiting for doors to open or close.  No more waiting for that tiny moving closet to stop at every single floor.  No more annoying dings to snap me out of my reveries.  Best of all, I've never felt better about just 'getting there.'
I had discovered... stairs.
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 4 22
An Aloof Mind
As I leave the dorm in which I live, the cool air of fall chills my arms.  I wish I had remembered my jacket, but I forge onward; work beckons.
There is a red truck parked in the fire lane of the small drive in front of my building.  I have seen that truck many times before; it is a beat-up, red Nissan.  Of the many bumper stickers on the tailgate, the first one I always see is one that says “FUGAZI.”  I don't know what that means, but I see it anyway.
As I walk past it, I glance inside and see its driver.  We don't even acknowledge each other.  I just keep on walking; I keep on going to work.
I cross the road and look down at the curb on the other side.  There are sand deposits there.  The construction crews working on renovating the South Patio have been cleaning up.  I look up and to the left at the new South Patio and think, They've done a good job.
As I walk past the barricad
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 2 2
Halloween Costume TF
     The door flung wide open as a young man stumbled into his home from the bulk of a briefcase and a package box.  He was of a medium build and had a crew cut of black hair, and his dark grey suit went well with his green eyes.  He set his briefcase down and hung up his suit coat, then carried the package into the living room.
     He had to stop and take a breath, he knew what was in the package, and he was very excited.  He set the package down on the sofa and hit the play button on the telephone answering machine on the end table, and it stated, “Three new messages.”  The first of the messages began playing as he pulled out his pocketknife and began cutting the packaging tape on the box.
     “First message,” the machine began.  “Hey Benji!  It’s Allyn!  I was wonderin’ if you wanna go bowling sometime t
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 228 54
I was barely alive when the magic was cast, and my fate sealed.  The curse, it has held me within its icy grip for centuries.  Every day, pain.  Every day, anger.  Unable to feel, unable to laugh.  I was empty.  I was worse than dead.  The magic was ancient and arcane.  It was demonic.  It was all that kept me alive.  The runes on my back, they were the only known source of this magic.  For the longest time, I was unable to break the curse.  Then, I escaped.  I was free.  For the first time, I could feel.  I could feel the warmth of my morning coffee. I could smell its strong richness.  I could taste its bitterness.  It was all divine.  Most of all, the arcane magic that keeps me alive is under my complete control.  No one knows the magic I now use.  I am unstoppable.  I can do a
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 3 8
What if?
How would you feel if you suddenly asked yourself, “Is it all just a lie?”  What if the identity, the very core of your beliefs, that you had clung to in your darkest times suddenly felt like a fantasy, a construct of your mind in a desperate, subconscious attempt to escape the world?
I want to say that deep down inside, down in the very core of my heart, there lays the spirit of a great dragon; I desperately do.  But every time I say it, every time I say “I am the dragon within,” I feel that it is a lie—a lie not only to those who hear it, but a lie to myself.
Lies.  That’s all I had come to know in high school.  I had to lie to my parents to hide my true self.  I had to lie to my friends to tell them I was okay even when I was not.  I did not want them to see the pain deep within—the storm that raged not only in my head, but my heart as well.
Now, I feel as though I am lying again. 
:icondragon-architect:dragon-architect 6 14

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Calyo Pereonis Delphi
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello there! I'm Calyo, and I'm a living liquid latex being who most often takes on the form of a black and blue-striped feathered dragon! I'm not terribly active here on deviantArt anymore, unfortunately, mainly because much of my literary labours have taken a lascivious turn for the lewd that is unallowed by dA's AUP. You can find much of my more recent (and better written!) work over on my FurAffinity profile at… :)
  • Listening to: RHCP
  • Eating: Leftovers
  • Drinking: Coke & Gatorade
Hello everyone! I'm finally coming out of the woodwork after several years of near total radio silence to give an update! A few notes I've received in the past couple of months have prompted this, mostly so that I don't have to keep repeating myself over and over again. XD So, here goes!

I've pretty much almost completely moved away from deviantART mainly because a lot of my writing has taken a turn for the kinky and lewd that's not really allowed in dA's Acceptable Upload Policy. You'll be able to find my much more recent work in my gallery over at FurAffinity under exactly the same username!…

I also exist on Twitter under the following two handles: (my SFW feed. I am generally unfiltered here, except for lewd and obviously 18+ rated content, so you'll see me in my best moods and my worst moods) (my NSFW feed; strictly NC-17! I don't care if the legal age where you live is under-18. The laws where I live will look at your age only and consider you a minor; they WILL NOT consider the legal age of where you live! Under-18 follow requests WILL be denied, and those who reveal themselves to be under 18 WILL be insta-blocked. I sincerely apologize, but for legal reasons this has to be my policy. I tweet pics tagged #CalyoIRL which necessitates this policy.)

Eventually I plan to develop and set up my own gallery over on my own personal website at (which is kind-of-sort-of still under construction and also in need of updating; a lot of what's there is a bit dated and inaccurate regarding Yours Truly™!)

If you like what you see on my FurAffinity profile, and want to encourage me to write more, you could also consider pledging a dollar or two (or five! *hinthint*) over at my humble Patreon tipjar:…

As a note: I do not use Patreon for exclusive access. Pledgers will get *early* access to my stories, but all stories will ultimately be published free and public for all to enjoy--especially those who can't or won't (on principle) make a pledge. ^^

As an update about myself for those who've been out of the loop for a few years, Calyo the online persona has also undergone a few fairly significant changes over the past couple of years. He is now a she, and she has become extremely shiny and squeaky and rubbery through & through as opposed to a flesh & bone meatbag. These are good changes for me, since they more accurately represent how I perceive myself. ^^

What does this mean for those of you who pursue me to where much of my activity has moved? For the most part a more confident in herself Calyo! Except for when depression strikes... But I've been learning how to cope with it since I can't afford mental healthcare. So you'll still see some rock bottom mood swings from time to time when it sneaks up on me. But in general I'm much happier with who I am online!


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