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The Inquisitor and the Champion by ynorka
Where the Heart Lies by ynorka
Kaidan Hawke by yuhime
Alistair with mabari by yuhime
Player Characters and OCs
Two of Swords by yuhime
Captain Keeva of the Dread Wolf by yuhime
Ezmond Trevelayn - character card by yuhime
In my arms by yuhime
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Fenris - finding freedom by yuhime
Satinalia with Fenris by yuhime
Divine Victoria by yuhime
Cancer Zodiac card - Alistair by yuhime
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Into the battle by yuhime
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Chibi Companions by Stuflox
Hinterlands by Sairped
Entropy mage by Gauntletto

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Leliana x Josephine by ynorka
The King and his Lady by yuhime
Fenris by yuhime
Jossie and Nylus by yuhime
The Dark Side
DA: The Sad Wolf's Jaws by Idokrasi
FA: Alduin vs Urthemiel + (with Speedpaint) by ShizukaTW
Dragon age - Falon'Din by xXxAnnaXx
Fen'Harel by PurrfectIllusions
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Cassandra Pentaghast cosplay by yuhime
Fenhawke - Modern AU by Yukilefay
Morrigan- The Swamp Witch by LauraJ94
Inquisitor Lavellan by RhavanielCreations
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DAI Halla by Faietiya
Dragon Age Alistair Plush by TRFan1999
Cullen's Lucky coin by RhavanielCreations
DAI Solas sculpture by Faietiya
Last Journey 056 by yuhime
Offering by IrisSeptim

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Laurelinad Hawke - 181, 182, 183,..., 189 by VermouthWorks

Mature Content

Laurelinad Hawke - 172, 173, 174, 175,...,180 by VermouthWorks
Discovering Deep Secrets by NorroenDyrd
The Fade by yuhime

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Over the years I’ve watched how anything he was is fading. Going home is difficult for me. Every step is pain, plight, I wish to run but I walk slowly, like my feet are made of stone. I don’t want to be back, I don’t want to face the void that awaits me, there, where once was devotion and love.
  How often have I yelled into his face, forced him to open his eyes? How often I showed him the mirror only to watch how he is crashing it? I fight his fight, which he lost, for him. Something inside me brakes apart. I can feel it.
  I see the door, but I pass it. I cannot enter it. Still I can see his manifestos, burning in the fireplace, lying on the desk. Over the years they’ve became fiercer, bait writings, hate tirades. The thought frightens me.
  I stall, turn. No, I can not run away. I wanted it. I wanted him. I’ve known, what would happen, well, at least I sensed it. I took the warnings of my friends into the wind…
“You belie
:iconandauril:Andauril 3 7
Mature content
Cracks in the Mirror - Chapter 1. The Landsmeet :iconzenana83:Zenana83 5 0
Crow's Requiem: Part 1
The Challenge
Why does Ferelden have to smell so awful? Zevran thought as he stood in the shadows, staring out at the market district. The smell of wet dog was all over the place, and Zevran couldn't understand how the people of Denerim could stand it. Then again, Zevran had a love for the smell of fresh leather, which was a stink most thought to be worse than wet dog. Maybe Ferelden didn't smell so bad after all.
But it wasn't the smell that was bothering him. It was the reason why he was there in the first place.
Zevran lend against the building, its shadow concealing him as he watched the people run about. The market was busy just as it always was. It reminded him a little of the Antivan market making him slightly homesick. He had come to Ferelden by choice, though Ferelden was the last place he thought he would be going. He had put in a bid with his master to be replaced in a different country, he didn't care where: Orlais, Tevinter, he would have even gone to the And
:iconzelara80:Zelara80 2 0
Mature content
The Dancer and Her Knight:Chapter 1 :icongreenleaf1075:Greenleaf1075 3 0
Mature content
DA: Dark City 01 :iconcelticwolfwalker:CelticWolfwalker 14 7
De Intus Lupus 1
Anders didn't think twice when he saw the slaver break from the melee to dart into the nearby trees, dragging the girl with him. Hawke was too preoccupied with finishing off the two slavers he'd cornered, whilst Varric was picking off those further away. He saw no sign of the elf anywhere. The mage snatched up his staff and sprinted into the trees after the slaver and his prey.
He had reason to regret his impulse as he pushed further into the forest; the trees grew close together here, little of the overhead sun making it through the thick canopy - just enough to nurture the bracken and the sprawling brambles that rambled through the gloom, throwing up viciously thorned loops that caught unwary feet. He couldn't quite repress a shiver quite unlike that produced in him by the Deep Roads. This was a different fear; an older one. The fear of a child of the Anderfels who had been raised on dark tales of the dangers of the woods and the beasts within.
A soft growl somewhere to his right see
:iconthe-arkadian:The-Arkadian 9 4
Mature content
Dragon Age 2: Chapter 1 :icontyrna:tyrna 30 14
Edge of Paradise: Chapter 1
Fandom: Dragon Age
Pairings: Dorian/Lavellan, 
Warnings: Sick Inquisitor is sick
Disclaimer: All Dragon Age characters, languages, and storylines belong to Bioware. Scenarios and story were written by myself without the intention of making or distributing for a profit.
Summary: Dorian can be quite insensitive without realising it, so he takes it upon himself to try and reconcile with the Inquisition's valiant leader. But, it's not going to be as easy as he thought. Who knew elves could be so stubborn, and attractive?
Dorian was quite used to hostility. He’d endured it from his family, from his peers at most every college he’d wandered into, and now from nearly everyone in Haven. Most dismally it seemed, from the one man he respected most.
The Inquisitor.
True, it hadn’t always been that way. When they’d first met, Mahanon Lavellan had been nothing short of professional and courteous towards him, eve
:iconspudpretzel:SpudPretzel 13 10
Enchanted: The Road Before You
Game: Inquisition
Pairing: Solas and Lavellan
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Bioware, and the quotes to those who wrote them. Their name(s) will be listed at the end.

Chapter 1.                                                                
                                                                      ~Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end.~ 

Dawn peaked on the horizon, the sky lighting up above the trees and swirling clouds, gently waking the Dalish from their slumber. Eowyn stretched on her pallet, a fur blanket tucked beneath her arms. Her golden hair draped about her head as she slowly awa
:iconclassynerd16:ClassyNerd16 7 0
Dragon Age: The Ferelden Chronicles (1)
Chapter One
It was a fairly warm day in western Ferelden, given the time of year. A chilly autumn breeze occasionally blew through the changing leaves on the trees, serving as a reminder to those who ventured outside to enjoy the sun as the coming winter was just around the corner. Children ran about the small town while their mothers bartered for supplies they would need in the months to come, while others sang and danced and drank in celebration of the bountiful harvest the Maker had seen fit to bestow upon them.
A few people continued to work the fields of the local farmstead despite it being so late in the season. There were pumpkins and other squashes to be harvested before the first frost threatened to claim them, after all. Most of the workers were human, but a few elves had been passing through looking for work and the farmer who owned the land was more than happy to have the extra hands – even if it did bother some of the more closed-minded residents of the town.
:iconpariswriter:ParisWriter 58 44
Mature content
Fleeting Relief :iconwotan345:wotan345 3 1
Fool's Errand 1: Interrogation
Title: Fool's Errand 1: Interrogation
Author: R2sMuse
Game: Dragon Age 2
Characters: Cullen, Marian Hawke, Varric, Anders, Leliana
Disclaimer: Dragon Age and its characters belong to Bioware. Includes DA: Inquisition speculation and mild spoilers
Summary: Three years after allowing Marian Hawke to escape Kirkwall, a disgraced Cullen is sent on a desperate quest to find her. Can he earn her trust in time to regain what he's lost and finally redeem them all for the role they played in igniting the mage-templar war? Set in 9:40, after the events of DA2 and Asunder. Rated T, but eventually a little bit M.
9:40 Dragon
Kirkwall Gallows
Free Marches
The heavily armored men dragged him roughly down a long half-lit hallway. The surface of the ancient stone floor was uneven, having been worn down by the feet of countless slaves and prisoners. He didn't bother trying to keep his feet any longer, preferring to let the guar
:iconr2smuse:R2sMuse 4 14
Mature content
The Grey Path - Chapter One: A Day for Celebration :iconthephoenixking:ThePhoenixKing 22 22
This collection features the first chapters or prologues of multi-chapter stories featured in this group as well as some exceptional single chapter stories. :)


Veil by eluari
Into the fire by eluari
Revas by eluari

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Dragon Age Official Artwork
DA:I - Cave by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - Sunrise by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - Coronation by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - New Home by MattRhodesArt
Dragon Age Screenshots
After the Rift by amoebae
Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon at Haven by micro5797
The Iron Bull by amoebae
DragonAgeInquisition 2014-11-20 12-03-17-44 by yuhime
Stock Photos
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sera by lAmikol
Sera Dragon Age Inquisition by Arenoth
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sera by lAmikol
Dragon Age ~ Inquisitor by Daiyame
My Brushes by HoustonSharp
Arcane Circles-Symbols Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock
Splat Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock
Stone Texture Brushes by nathies-stock
Writing Tutorials
I definitely need someone to help with the admin duties -- at least the regular accepting of work but occasional features and journal entries are good too! I just have a lot going on -- but most of it is positive now! I have completed my Ph.D. in cellular biology and have excepted an exciting position in research! :dance: :dance: :dance:

If you would be willing to take on a leadership role in this group, please let me know! And if there are changes that you would like to make with that, I'd love to hear them. :)

The contest had to be cancelled due to lack of participants. Perhaps it is too long after DAI came out or perhaps scheduling it around the holidays was not the best idea.
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Leliana: Shoes (what else?) 
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