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Bethany Hawke by ynorka
Cassandra x M-Inquisitor by ynorka
Tallis by ynorka
Morning Negotiations by ynorka
Player Characters and OCs
Elven Mage by yuhime
Warden by Nyaka-N

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Happy Valentines Day, Nyla! by ynorka
Reunion-s by yuhime
Companions and NPCs
Cancer Zodiac card - Alistair by yuhime
Never alone by yuhime
Cancer - Alistair Theirin by yuhime
Knight-Captain Rylen by yuhime
Groups and Scenes
Into the battle by yuhime
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Chibi Companions by Stuflox
Hinterlands by Sairped
Entropy mage by Gauntletto
Jossie and Nylus by yuhime

Mature Content

Isabela x Bethany by ynorka
Sunrise by yuhime
Battle Wounds by yuhime
The Dark Side
Cosplay Design: Magister Gereon Alexius by Pink-Skink
DA: The Sad Wolf's Jaws by Idokrasi
FA: Alduin vs Urthemiel + (with Speedpaint) by ShizukaTW
Dragon age - Falon'Din by xXxAnnaXx
Cosplay and Photomanipulations
Fenhawke - Modern AU by Yukilefay
Morrigan- The Swamp Witch by LauraJ94
Inquisitor Lavellan by RhavanielCreations
Don't tell Varric! by paszulyEstonia
Artisan Crafts
DAI Halla by Faietiya
Dragon Age Alistair Plush by TRFan1999
Cullen's Lucky coin by RhavanielCreations
DAI Solas sculpture by Faietiya
Last Journey 056 by yuhime
Offering by IrisSeptim

Mature Content

Laurelinad Hawke - 181, 182, 183,..., 189 by VermouthWorks

Mature Content

Laurelinad Hawke - 172, 173, 174, 175,...,180 by VermouthWorks
Discovering Deep Secrets by NorroenDyrd
The Fade by yuhime

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The Narrow Path - chapter 1
Title: The Narrow Path
Authors: olivegbg and Gaspode5
Game: Dragon Age Origins
Characters: Duncan and Riordan
Disclaimer: The world of Dragon Age and it's characters belong to Bioware.
We know how they died, but how did they live? A story of Wardens without a blight.
The End, part 1
Riordan leaned closer to the fire cradling his glass in his hands, he found himself searching the flames as if looking for answers, there was none, had never been. At least he was wise enough to recognise that now. Bitterly he tossed back the remainder of his drink.
Getting up to pour himself another glass he noticed that beneath the bottle was a crudely carved phallus. Gently he traced the contours with an inward smile. This table had been in another room once and Duncan's jab in his ribs had almost caused him to cut himself to the bone. He remembered that after the questioning, Duncan had added the initials of the current Warden Commande
:icongaspode5:Gaspode5 15 44
Ne Quaesieris, Non Dico Ch. 1 - Fugitive
He flees into the darkness, heart pounding, back aflame, sick and wounded, half-starved and more terrified than he can ever remember being in his life. The rain drenches him to the skin in minutes, ice-cold as it plasters his hair to his head and his thin shirt to his skin. He doesn't know if it's blood or rainwater running down his back.
Shouts from behind; they've discovered him gone already, templars spilling out of the doors into the rain and the night. He doesn't have time. He knows he won't get far in this state.
He slips on the rain-slick steps of the Chantry, plummeting headlong down, unable to check his fall. He sprawls upon the cold, hard stones, dazed; he rolls to his feet, bleeding and unsteady. The sound of armoured men pounding down the steps high above spurs him into movement; staggering a little, he picks a direction at random and runs.
He's free, but he has no idea where he is. Town houses, some of them mansions, loom out of the darkness on either side of the street. T
:iconrosegerard:RoseGerard 3 0
No Way Out
What have I done?
There is blood staining my robes and coating my skin, sour on my lips and flowing sticky and hot from the gash I sliced open across my palm. Blood is spattered on the grey stone floor, light catching and glinting on every red drop. Streaks of blood run down the armour of the Templars as they lie unmoving, thrown sprawling in all directions by the force of my spell. And there are flecks of blood on Lily’s face, flecks of blood that I cannot tear my eyes away from as she steps back, as she stares at me in horror and disgust and fury.
This is my fault.
I did this. I made this happen, all of it. I am the reason that everything around me is shining with blood. Lily is looking at me as if I have turned into a monster before her eyes, and she’s right, because I did this. They will take her, and it’s because she trusted me that they’ll do it. She could escape, she could come with me now - but I know she won’t. My reason for living i
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 19
Nothing Left Chapter 1
Beginning At The End.
It's been a year since the events that have drawn me to this decision. A year since I, against all odds, sided with the Templars and fought against the mages. It was one of the bloodiest and un-necessary battles I have ever fought within. Kirkwall had still yet to pick itself up from the ashes of the battle, signs of the war still linger everywhere.
I know I no longer belong here, if I ever did in the first place. I know now that try though I had, I only added fuel to the sparking flames of distrust and dis-loyalty. I only tried what I had thought best, but not even I can convince myself of that much longer. Even if I am now the Vicount and the Templars, mages and people of this city looked to me for leadership I can’t help. I’m no good unless I’m in a fight making rushed decisions that seem to find a way to kick me later.
I let out a heavy sigh as I walk through the empty dark streets. The slight rain that pattered from the sky seemed to somehow
:iconviolet-greenacre:violet-greenacre 2 0
Of Love and Death - Chapter 1
There was a particularly crisp breeze that evening in late spring; the wind was blowing from the east, alive with the smell of the sea.
Sitting on top of the walls surrounding Highever Castle, Liv Cousland suddenly recalled the days when she was just a nine year old skinny tomboy who enjoyed playing at war with her older brother Fergus. Her mind brought her back to the time they had assembled two wooden swords and had fought on the pebble beach having lots of fun. It was always she who spurred him to duel, but it was Fergus the one who always got scolded by their mother.
Liv smiled thinking back to those days. She was no longer a skinny tomboy, but she wasn't the graceful maiden clothed in velvet her mother had wished, either. Or, better, that she claimed to wish, because Liv knew that Eleanor, her mother, was once a tomboy like her, if not worse. Bryce had told her several stories of how Eleanor Cousland, in her younger years, had distinguished herself for combat skills and temper, wh
:icontheloneinquisitor:TheLoneInquisitor 15 27
The Price of Duty by yuhime The Price of Duty :iconyuhime:yuhime 25 8 Dragon Age: Progeny by Niksche
Mature content
Dragon Age: Progeny :iconniksche:Niksche 23 41
Property Claim - Ch. 1
“Fine,” a thick Nevvaran accent drawled in the darkness of the room. “So the Champion didn't deliberately incite the Tevinter mages into open conflict. I can accept that,” she paused a moment, stepping closer to the dwarven rogue that occupied the lone chair in the sparsely lit space. “...If,” she emphasized with a subtle lean toward his eye level. “You can explain what other reason she her entourage of misfits were in Tevinter in the first place, Varric.” She eyed him challengingly, as if daring him to come up with yet another contradiction to the reports she had gathered.
The dwarf glared at her, mildly annoyed that she had interrupted what he would have much preferred was a brief glancing over that particular piece of his recount of his travels with the Champion. “Must you be so rude, my dear Seeker? I was in the middle of finishing that sentence!” He chastised sardonically, barely repressing a grin of triumph
:iconemberfalcon:EmberFalcon 3 6
Mature content
Puppet on a String :iconwotan345:wotan345 114 24
1. Haunted [DAII] by WynBird 1. Haunted [DAII] :iconwynbird:WynBird 7 4
The Reliquary Mage, part 1
Title: The Reliquary Mage
Author: Yozzie (Roz)bourne
Game: Dragon Age 2
characters/pairing: Fenris/femHawke
Disclaimer: all characters belong to Bioware and EA I just take liberties with their words and actions.
***Contains naughty language, mild violence, and some sexual themes***
Anders has been the victim of foul magic. Hawke and her companions must rescue him no matter the cost.
This is a Fenris - centered fan fiction set just after the completion of chapter 1. It features a female Hawke, mage.
Fenris cursed to himself quietly as he scuffed a toe across the gravel path they were following.  It would be a long day tagging after Hawke, the mage, and that annoying prig Sebastian.  He couldn't fathom why Hawke wanted to bring them all along on these forays.  She didn't really need them, not when he was with her.  He'd seen her cast spells, terrible and powerful magic; it was a painful reminder of his own past and an eye opening example of how mag
:iconzara-arletis:Zara-Arletis 22 7
Dragon Age: Requiem - Prologue
Dragon Age: Requiem

Author: CelticWolfwalker
Rating: M (for future language and scenes)
Game: Dragon Age
Characters: OC Victor
Disclaimer: This is an original character that I created to write out a storyline that I had in mind. It will follow similar events in Dragon and DA2 but all from the perspective of another man that isn't the hero that saved Fereldan or the Free Marches.

The clang of steel echoed off the corridors of the student level, as he fought another abomination. It seemed an endless battled of corrupted mages and demons but he had to push on to the master’s level and face Uldred! Cullen, a young templar knight, was at his side protecting his flank and following his barked commands.
“We need to get to the stairs!” He yelled; sweat streaming down his face and trickling down his neck under the armor.
“I hope Gregoire was able to find reinforcements.” Cullen grimaced as he pulled his sword out fro
:iconcelticwolfwalker:CelticWolfwalker 3 8
Mature content
Dragon Age Inquisition: Riding the Bull Ch.1 :iconphilliwolf5:Philliwolf5 57 20
Semper ad Meliora - Prologue
Title: Semper ad Meliora
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Pairing: Dorian Pavus/Idhren Lavellan, Idhren Lavellan/Tainan Lavellan
Prologue; Endless Possibilities
And His Word became all that might be:
Dream and idea, hope and fear,
Endless possibilities.

     - Canticle of Threnodies 5:1
Vyrantium, Tevinter Imperium, 9:27 Dragon
The first time Idhren set foot outside his master’s estate he was thirteen years old, and he was to be granted freedom. Freedom was something that Idhren had never contemplated before, at least not seriously. He had been born a slave, and until a handful of days ago he had fully expected to live the rest of his life that way. That fact had never bothered him at all. In fact, Idhren thought that he was incredibly lucky. His master was not cruel; did not harm his slaves without reason, ensured that they were fed every day, and even allowed them a half-day of rest every week. Certainly, Idhren could h
:iconerandir:Erandir 4 0
Mature content
A Shattered Amell - 1 :iconfoxfacegaming:FoxFaceGaming 30 7
Shifting Paradigms - Chapter 1
Shifting Paradigms: The Definition of Nobility
Title: Shifting Paradigms: The Definition of Nobility - Chapter 1 Origins
Author: MerlindaDragon
Rating: PG-13
Game: Dragon Age: Origins
Characters: Myranda Cousland, Bryce Cousland, Rendon Howe, Duncan, Roland Gilmore, Nan, Baby, Eleanor Cousland, Fergus Cousland, Oriana Cousland, Oren Cousland
Disclaimer: Dragon Age and all characters from it belong to Bioware.  Except for Myranda.  She's mine.
Chapter 1: Origins
It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness."
~Thomas Jefferson

Myranda Cousland pushed open one of the side doors to the Great Hall quietly so as not to interrupt the two men talking inside.  She stood inside the doorway for a few moments, emerald green eyes blinking as she tried to acclimate them to the gloom of the Hall after the bright sunshine.  When her eyes
:iconmerlindadragon:MerlindaDragon 55 39
This collection features the first chapters or prologues of multi-chapter stories featured in this group as well as some exceptional single chapter stories. :)


Veil by eluari
Into the fire by eluari
Revas by eluari

Mature Content

Dragon Age Official Artwork
DA:I - Cave by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - Sunrise by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - Coronation by MattRhodesArt
DA:I - New Home by MattRhodesArt
Dragon Age Screenshots
After the Rift by amoebae
Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon at Haven by micro5797
The Iron Bull by amoebae
DragonAgeInquisition 2014-11-20 12-03-17-44 by yuhime
Stock Photos
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sera by lAmikol
Sera Dragon Age Inquisition by Arenoth
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Sera by lAmikol
Dragon Age ~ Inquisitor by Daiyame
My Brushes by HoustonSharp
Arcane Circles-Symbols Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock
Splat Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock
Stone Texture Brushes by nathies-stock
Writing Tutorials
I definitely need someone to help with the admin duties -- at least the regular accepting of work but occasional features and journal entries are good too! I just have a lot going on -- but most of it is positive now! I have completed my Ph.D. in cellular biology and have excepted an exciting position in research! :dance: :dance: :dance:

If you would be willing to take on a leadership role in this group, please let me know! And if there are changes that you would like to make with that, I'd love to hear them. :)

The contest had to be cancelled due to lack of participants. Perhaps it is too long after DAI came out or perhaps scheduling it around the holidays was not the best idea.
More Journal Entries










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