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The awesome dragon comic club!


First off, the number of deviations you can submit per day is UNLIMITED. Thats right!

If you are a new member, or have a new comic to submit, first you submit to the featured folder. Once I have accepted your comic, you will have your very own folder. Yes you understood right, you'll have your own folder with the title of your comic (if there is no title, i will call it 'comic') and your name beside it. Every time you submit in your folder it will be automatically approved.
If someone else, or you, have accidently submitted to the wrong folder, tell me immediately so I can fix it.
Only cover pages, and first pages of the comic itself, and first page of prologue will be left in the featured folder.
Have fun, enjoy reading, please keep updating your folder and tell me if you've decided to stop your comic.

Submitting to a folder that isn't yours repeatedly can result, after a few warnings, in your bannishment.

WARNING TO MEMBERS: I don't know when, but I know that someday we will reach the maximum of folders possible in a group . When that happens, the lonely folder called "Devious Folder" Will become the new folder for new comics. Then I will be putting stories made by the same author in the same folder to make space. After that I will be searching for people who have a very small amount of pages and have not made a new page of their comic since a year, and will be putting them in a separate folder for incomplete comics. I don't know when this happens, but I will warn you when it does.



Gallery Folders

Hello members!

As some of you might have noticed, I, the founder of this group, am extremely absent. Over the years, my hobbies and projects have diversified and expanded and the attention I've been procuring to this group has dwindled down to non-existent.
Indeed, I've come to realize I can no longer manage this group on my own.
So I'm calling out to anyone who would like to take over in my stead. I would give you complete control to rearrange and manage the group however you see fit.
I just think it would be a shame for it to close simply because I can't find the time to care for it anymore.

If anyone is interested, please send me a note!

Have a good day everyone :D
Alright! I've finished examining all the folders and sending notes!
Hopefully, I can continue this every year to make sure the group doesn't clog up with forgotten stories.

There are two new things that you might notice.

1) Any finished comics 5 pages or less will or has been been moved to the 'Small Comics' folder
2) Any finished comics more than 5 pages long have something added to their title to recognize them: +Title+ (yes its the plus signs)

That's all!

- For only 1:points: you can have a description in your folder!
- Only cover pages and first pages will be kept in the featured folder
- Finished comics (5 pages or less) will be moved to the 'small comics' folder
- Finished comics will now have fancy + signs surrounding the title! (+Title+)
- If you want to be a contributor and help out with odd jobs, note me!
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Blitzblotch Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I discontinued my first comic of Have Mercy Oracle and I'm re-doing it as Stray stars now under this new username. Could I have the name adjusted for my folder of do I need to ask for a new one entirely? 
Visrack Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello reader! If you could take the time to come visit my lovely wife and see her art and maybe even give her fantastic comic a read I will be most grateful! As will she ^^ she is too underrated on this site and I’m doing all I can to help her expand! I need as many people to help me as I can. Here is the link to her deviant art profile —>
if you could share this around to your watchers and or friends it would be helping a very talented artist reach the heights that she deserves ^^ Thank you! <3
WistfulGem Featured By Owner May 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does any one know how to upload a group avatar? I've created a group for my comic Dragon Legacy but I can't see how I can upload a group avatar.
Backpfeifenschelle Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Student
Uhm...anyone still here? Or is something not okay with ma comic?
Backpfeifenschelle Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Student
I hope i did contribute right Sweating a little... 
Hello Dragon Comics! Thank you for having me. ^u^ I have a question... I am SekoiyaStoryteller, writing from another account that I created just for my dragon comic Accidental Elemental, which I am converting from a fan-fic to an original story. I am starting the whole thing anew, and I would love to put the pages here when they are ready. But I see there is already a folder for the old version of Accidental in your gallery. When I share the new pages, should I put them in the old folder?

Thanks. :meow:
TheScorchingDragon Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Professional General Artist

Could i have a folder for My comic?
also i dont have a cover for it but it has about 10 pages so far, but i dont post pages very often but i try and it will never be abandon. Do i just submit my first page to 'featured' if so?

DreamScapeDragon Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi , I just joined and I need a folder And would like to pay the fee for the text in it as well.

i don't have a page to submit yet but I will wry soon.
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