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Once more... by DragomirEmil Once more... by DragomirEmil
The song floating around is a rough translation of Gackt's Last Song. "Mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete" roughly means hold me tight just once more.

This is Mneme. She's in a storyline I roughly thought of when I had a misunderstanding with one of my friends....a few weeks back. I drew this in math class cause I couldn't focus on much of anything right then, other than how bad I felt...and the words "mou ichido tsuyoku dakishimete" kept churning in my well as "gomen nasai! yurushite kudasai!!!!!" (i'm sorry, forgive me) ... um, about Mneme:

MNEME—Means "memory" in Greek. In Greek mythology she was one of the original three muses, the muse of memory.

Cool huh! well, here's info on my Mneme. She's one of the main characters...around 24 yrs old or so. She doesn't like to talk outside of concerts, talented artist/singer, no social life. Lead singer in the group Ikenie (meaning offering/sacrifice)...Hates her fame…enjoys singing, drinking, drawing, and spending time alone with her two Doberman pincers. Why dobies? cause they're cool dogs and I like them. My favorite dobie ever is Dreizehn from Petshop of Horrors...cause he was so cute! Dobies are cool dogs in general, though...and are adorable if you don't cut their ears...big and floppy! They're also pretty loyal. anyways, yea. that's mneme...

About this picture: I dislike the background, the chains, and her left hand (the one holding the beads).
I like: the feathers, the hair, the boots...and you can't see it, but she has lips! OMG! I put lipstick on her!!!!!! What's wrong with me!!!!! (its subtle, so don't look too far into it.)

OKI! Now time for more tea!
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