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Dragon Vore Throat Tongue Add On



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Did you know you can add a tongue to the throat? :0 Yup, you can do just that for just $50 bucks. It saves you $10 bucks instead of purchasing the tongue itself. Want to learn more about this throat, here is the link to the original toy posting.

Link to the toy:

Choose Your Predator!

So, you managed to win the (creatures) pleasure by playing with his/her tongue. Now the (Creature) wants more and so do you. That passion of sticking your head inside the (Creatures) mouth burns within you. You look down the (Creatures) gaping maw and see the flexing throat. You know you want in! The (Creature) moans for you to go for it, so you do. You feel your head slowly go through the (Creatures) soft throat, the soft walls that gently squeeze against your head, then your cheeks are next as they slowly surpass the throat. Then, You don't see the light anymore, your head is fully engulfed in the (Creatures) warm slimy throat which then begins to flex and suck your head like a lollipop, fluid then also builds up taunting you to go even further. You begin to rotate your head embracing the flexing throat. You know you want in!

Lets Talk Safety First: Cause we have too. We Don't want anyone getting hurt.

1: The toy has about 2 inches of head space for you to breath.
2: The Hole in the back of the throat is much larger.
3: The outer shell of the silicone is much firm so that it won't collapse on you.
4: The opening is a super soft stretchy Silicone 10 times softer than a fleshlight, but very durable. It won't put up a fight. In other words, it won't choke you.
5: We have tested about 7 times and made it out alive. lol
6: Clean your toy after use so that it will not build bacteria.

Other than that, understand that we are trying to make fantasies a reality. But safety comes first for both the customer and the manufacture. So don't be stupid and abuse the toy other than what it was intended for. You must be 18 to purchase the toy.

So the fun part:

The silicone we use is platinum cure silicone. Yes, that stuff is expensive. So What does that mean? The silicone offers a realistic feeling of skin. It is very strong, flexible, and stretchy. Your toy will last for ages, possibly your whole life.
The throat was designed for you to shove your preying head inside of whatever creature you wish to be consumed by. Inside you will see that we designed ridges to offer even more realism.

So the throat opening. Judging by every picture of throats we observed, we decided that this was the closest we can come to a throat. We kind off created a hybrid. We didn't stop there, designed other throat opening designs for you to choose from. Such as the, 'I am seeing stars,' design (Which is the one that looks like a star simulating an orcas opening throat) and the 'Tight squeeze' design (The one that has our hand sticking through it, and no it isn't really a tight squeeze, so it won't choke you.) You can even ask us to do a custom design for you for free. Just let us know.

SO WHAT COMES WITH THIS VORE INVENTION? Starting at $200 as the basic price.


1. 3 day satisfaction warranty. When the toy arrives at your house, you have three days to decide if you like the way the material feels or not. BUT! You must not use the toy for what it was intended for. That would be an automatic voided warranty. If you haven't used the toy, then the warranty will cover you to return the toy for a full refund. We have a way to know if the toy was used or not.

2. Attach a tongue to the throat. That way you can slide your head from the tongue to the throat, a sexy addition recommend for the toy.

3: Custom colors.

4. Head space, the toy's frame inside does not squeeze your head. The throat opening is the only one that gives off little pressure.

5. Realism of oral flesh. Soft and stretchy.

6: The soft ridges inside.

7. Since the silicone is flexible, you can simulate flexing of the throat when you squeeze the outside with your hands.

8. Sounds vorish slimy when you flex it. Sound is a plus to vore lovers.

9. The saliva pump. Pump saliva to lube up the toy before squeezing your head inside.

10. 30 day warranty. If the toy breaks within the 30 days we can repair it.

There is a limit we make per month, so once that limit is reached, we have to close our doors until we finish the customers toys that ordered for their month. Then, we will accept orders again.

Go to our webpage to order, click on the page button that says, "The Throat Order." Find the button that says "Order form," and fill it out. But please people, read every question the form asks, you don't want to add something you didn't want in the first place.


Thanks and Have a Voreiffic day!

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