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Shady Greninja

I really wanted to draw this pokemon, but it took soooo long. But finaly it's here! Greninja (I love that one). Sorry to keep you waiting guys, you know I really appreciate your support!
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oh wow,   so crisp and pretty.   and great imagination - all of the parts look really cool and fitting.    It's things like this that get me to play the games with a little more imagination.
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Haha I'm glad you like it!
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Love this, love the detail
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That would be terrifying.
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Impressive!~ *0*
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Great Job!!
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oh awesome, I like the glorious pose
and I love all the small details uvu
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Looks impressive
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This is awesome, you did an amazing job <3 I adore Greninja :D
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I love it, Dragolisco! :D I've come to like Greninja a lot and you've given this specimen awesomeness in this piece of artwork!
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Whew, something about it has a sense of ... what's a good word for it... surreal.  A touch of mystery and elegance ^^
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I like Greninja, eventhough I dont really follow pokemon that much. Though does he ever show his mouth? 
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Nope, but I wanted to "imagine" how that mouth would be :D
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SPEECHLESS ¡!!!!!!!!!
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so welcome :)
This was soo amazing
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