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Pokemon fan art. Scyther. I hope you like it!!
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That's a Zergling, mister. But they wouldn't be out here unless ... oh sh!t.
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I love it sarge! XD
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Actually, it's really more of a hydralisk, but shhh. :P
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Naw, it's a raptor zergling. From StarCraft II.
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Eh, I can see it.
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Awesome, best art of scyther!!!
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Oh my gallifrey. This is AMAZING I LOVE it! Your art is wonderful. doing something translucent is so difficult but you did it amazingly asdfghjkl
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I think that I just shitist my pants
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I truly love this.
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I didn't think it could get cooler but you just achieved that!
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! You've done my favourite Pokémon! So much respect I have for you, sir/madan. <3
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the face has this almost bird-like quality, otherwise, awesome.
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Looks dangerous and amazing :clap: well done :nod:
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Creative Shit, not bad. : P
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 go back to facebook...
wow very nicely done
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